Friday, June 17, 2016

~ ~ mooooooo

Well, I had an absolute blast painting a cow  with a lot of my family...

 Kathy (DIL), pouring us a little taste of Blackberry wine
to get our creative juices flowing...

 Nothing could be more fun than spending a fun evening with GRANDGIRLS...
Bailey...Jessica...Andrea shown here.

Here's Lacey Jean, her mama and that pretty girl in the back...

See the outline of the cow on the canvas...
they had all our canvases prepared and our "pallet" of paint and brushes....

this is what we were painting.....
a highly colorful and comical cow....
 and I loooove cows

 Cheese and summer sausage to nibble on with our wine

 This is Micah...grandgirl by marriage....
and mother of Great-Grand, Graham

Lacey Jean...her cow is already looking amazing

 Thanks, Jessica (blue shirt) for getting us all together..

I see that tongue sticking out, Bailey Kay....xoxo

While our canvas was drying so we could finish it,
they had a little contest painting on paper plates...
we were supposed to paint one of the gals in our bunch...

See the cute aprons they are wearing....

I just HAD to be WONDER WOMAN for the evening....

They all looked different...and yet, the same....
Notice Andrea's cow with a halo....a HOLY COW...

Somehow, my little cow took on a mournful look...
a little sad...

I think I'll add a little white to her eyes...the left eye has white too low on the eye...
I'll try to give her a more happy look...
but all in all, I am thrilled with her...
and can't wait to do the Painting with a Twist again...



  1. Happy Pink Saturday, my cow painting friend. Such a great time shared, and I love all of the cow paintings. So much fun!

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  3. Oh, wow, that looks like so much fun!!!

    God bless.

  4. BJ, That looks like so much fun. I loved everyone of the picture, especially the Holy Cow. LOL Wouldn't it be fun to make those for your friends. Glad you went along. You rocked your Wonder Woman apron. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Love, Love, LOVE this bj!
    What a fun time for you and your "grand girls!"
    And your MOO Cows are wonderful . . .
    Isn't fun . . .
    Same subject and everyone has a bit of a different twist . . .
    Good idea for the "Holy Cow!"

  6. That one line should read . . .
    Isn't it fun . . .

  7. Love it. I want to paint a cow. What fun you must have had! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. That looks like such fun! I LOVE your apron!!

  9. Looks like a fun time with your pretty family of girls!!

  10. I knew your cow would be great, bj! What a fun evening. I think that halo for Holy Cow was a very creative touch!

  11. Very cute! I love these painting sessions. They are really fun...Christine

  12. What fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Who is off with the faeries...)

  13. BJ I enjoyed this share and I love your cow! Happy weekend,

  14. I've been wanting a cow painting for my kitchen, might have to give it a try. So glad you like my chicken wire cloches.

  15. This looks like so much fun!! Love the Wonder Woman apron!

  16. How much fun!! Your painting looks fantastic. You did a wonderful job. Love your apron. When I paint, I paint with my tongue out also. LOL


  17. I love ALL the cows - but especially YOURS!!! Fun! FUN!!!

  18. I have painted too and loved it:) ALL of the cows are awesome! Nothing better than having fun with those we love! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  19. That looks like so much fun! The cows turned out really good... ya'll are a talented bunch! :) ~Rhonda

  20. Your Wonder Woman apron rocks and so does your cow painting!

  21. What a fun post and what a FUN time it looks like you girls had! We have a couple of paint/wine places around here but I've never worked up my courage to actually go to one of them. Maybe I'll have to round up some wine-liking friends and give it a try. Your post got me MOOving in that direction anyway. . ;-)

  22. Hey, BJ.... I went to one of these fun outings with some friends a few years back, and we did have a blast. I painted a funny chef with a tray of treats. Your cow looks excellent!

  23. I have never had more fun in my life than painting class. Every Wednesday for years. Our teacher has to quit for awhile, just waiting for her to return. You are a the finest Wonder Woman I have ever seen.Go girls. Proud of you

  24. Well now, didn't they come out cute! This reminds me of my evening with my daughter about a year ago. I still don't care for the paintings we did, but we sure did have a happy evening and I can tell that you had fun with your tribe, too!

  25. LOL, I love this post. You and the grand girls have the best time! Those cows look awesome and like they had a sip or two of the wine :) Great post!!!!

  26. Such a fun can see how much you all enjoyed it. All the cow paintings turned out so well and I love the expression on yours! Happy weekend, bj!
    Helen xox

  27. BJ so much fun. You have a beautiful family. By seeing all these smiles I can tell it was a blast. We don't have that wine around here. I bet it's awesome


  28. You ARE Wonder Woman, bj! What a fun evening and all the cows turned out great!!

  29. They are wonderful! How fun that looked and what a fun get together. Can't wait to see where your little cow ends up!

  30. Adorable! And I can tell you had a fabulous time with your sweet girls. Where are you going to hang your cow painting?

  31. Happy Pink Saturday! I'm not posting much while I doing a year long writing course, but I still love to visit. Wonderful night. LOVE the cows!!!

  32. Oh my word bj, How fun it had to be painting cows.I think they are all amazing. I admit I do love the "holy cow" but everyone did a great job. I love this post and the blackberry wine. Yum.
    Love, Jeanne

  33. What a special and different way to enjoy time with family and friends. Never knew you could do so many different things with a cow. Sip another wine and you might catch up Wonder Woman.

  34. that sure looks like fun and the paintings turned OUT GREAT!! Love yours. I cant do cow would've turned out looking like a bird or a plane or something....ha ha

  35. This is awesome ! I shall try drawing a cow and painting it !

  36. It's a blast to paint but painting in a group is so much fun! Everyone did a great job!

  37. That's a great cow. Well done to you all. Looks like a super duper fun way to spend the day. Everyone did such a great job.

    I have a Wonder Woman apron (but it's a tad differnt and not in white), that was gifted to me. It's part of the 20 percent that got to stay because I still use and love it - but the rest of the 80, all out the ding dong door.

  38. Oh fun! you did great, my daughter and daughter in law are going to one of these parties. Looks like you were having fun!

    Joy @ Books and Life

  39. You are having too much fun, girl!!!!


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