Tuesday, May 24, 2016


A pool party for all the college kids and parents
and it all happened beneath clouds, threatening rain....

...just beginning to set things up...

 the heat pump on the pool had been on for several days and,
OH, BOY....it was such a delight.

FIESTA was the theme of the party...
lots of bright, beautiful colors...
this is a ring toss that was fun, especially for the little ones.

...things are beginning to come together...

Our oldest grandgirl, JESSICA, with her PATRICK
and his little cute cuzz, HANNAH..

they enjoyed the small hot tub more than getting in the big pool..


more family

 then the sparklers came out....

 that's CATE the GREAT...

and her little bro, PATRICK

At one point, it started to sprinkle..
some folks headed for home...
all the teens and young ones moved one table under the porch
and had a few games going...

 David grilled steak and chicken for fajitas ..
we had homemade salsa...
peppers and onions...

I had 2 crock pots going and they sure were good...

David was also the MARGARITA MAKER....
I didn't get a picture...in fact, I didn't get many photos at all...

the cake was one of the cutest I've seen....
HAHHAAA....so cute.

There were chocolate chip cookies...

and, of course, we had to have a CHERRY PIE.... 

I'm not sure but somewhere around 30/40 people were here having a great time...some left early...some came late...

lots of family here..which makes for a wonderful time...ANYtime...

When the twins have their high school graduation, the senior class is heading for Colorado for a few days on a 

When Brynna graduates, she, her family and about 8/10 friends are heading to the lake for fun....


I'm heading to lie on the sofa, for 1 whole day...
getting up for only what comes naturally and to eat...



  1. Looks like my kind of party. So much fun!


  2. Looks like my kind of party. So much fun!


  3. this certainly looks like a fun day.

  4. Sounds lot of fun!! The fake flamingos and cactus are so cool!!!
    Have a great day

  5. AWWWW Sweet. WOW. YUMMM. OHHH, MYYY. Pretty. What FUN!!

    And back to the satisfying AWWWW of a perfect day with your Lovies. What a happy, beautiful family, and what a happy life you've created for these lovely young folks.



  6. What a beautiful and festive party! Y'all sure know how to make good times sparkle!!! This was a marvelous post BJ...congrats! I have an honorable mention of you today for the lucious bread! I just love your colorful photos!!! Big hugs for sharing your beautiful family!

  7. Looks like a great party! Love those big green floating lily pads in the pool!

  8. Oh bj, it looks like such fun. You are lucky to have such a big family to celebrate your events. We did a Mexican themed graduation party too. Love those margeritas! You deserve a long naptime after partying so hard.lol

  9. It looks like it was fabulous!

  10. Way to go. Your family knows how to celebrate in style. Loved seeing the sparklers. That was my favorite on any occasion. I have not seen them much now. All those scary fire crackers. You are blessed.

  11. What a fun party and nice to see young kids having fun. Blessings BJ. xoxo, Susie

  12. Lovely fun time!!!!

    And the pool area, was the perfect spot.

    Even took care of things, when the sprinkles began.

    And the food and the drinks! Oh Baby, as you say!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Rest BJ. Rest! :-)))))) Even fun stuff, takes more out of us now, than it used to. :-))))

    But that's ok! It's perfectly normal and we deal with it. :-))))) With a bit more "recoup" time!!!!

    Hugs, Tess

  13. Fun was had by all. Great pool party. Have a blessed day and a good rest. Madeline

  14. Our weather is not ready for a pool party yet. Graduation is over but one grand is in Peru studying so no pool party until all are home and it is warmer. Your party looks very festive and colorful.

  15. This looks like the best time! My kind of family event!!

  16. WOW what a great looking party. Oh how Id love to have a pool for entertaining. I bet those kids think your the coolest. Hope you enjoyed some relaxation after the mess!

  17. Oh such fun, bj! Your family knows how to party!

  18. Now that is one fine party for sure! I'm glad you could crash now that it's over!! My sister and her hubby are headed to Texas to day for a graduation of a niece tomorrow night. Tis the season! Blessing bj!

  19. Just wonderful to have that beautiful back yard and pool to have a graduation party. Fun for all ages and the food sounds yummy. Cute cake too and I know who baked the cherry pie. The little pie bird told me.
    Audrey Z.

  20. What a lovely outdoor setting for entertaining & partying! I'm glad the rain held off for you for as long as it did. Last you, TX was begging for rain!!
    You are blessed to have such a loving family so close, BJ.

  21. Looks like a very fun party.

  22. Looks like it was a great time for All, dear Lady...

  23. What a lovely setting BJ and what a wonderful family you are blessed with - love seeing your time together.

  24. Enjoyed the cyper swimming pool party at your place. Have a great week-end.
    JM, IL

  25. Bj, I had a niece and a nephew graduate, seems like time is flying. Your pool party for the grads looks like so much fun, I've always thought I'd like to have a pool, now I know I would, the food looks and sounds so good. And I'm with ya girlfriend on the relaxing for a while, doing some sofa and some porch sitting. :)

  26. What a fun time! That pie looks so yummy too. Sheila

  27. You sure do know how to throw a party, bj. Looks like a ton of fun.

  28. What great fun this must have been with all your family and friends to celebrate together! These are always the best of times in my book too. The food all looks so good and the cake really is cute, BJ. That hot tub looks mighty good to me. Yes, these times are fun. I have to admit I would probably be ready for at least an entire day's rest afterwards too. Wishing you a happy and blessed Memorial Day weekend!!

  29. Such a special and lovely time. Thanks for sharing.


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