Sunday, April 3, 2016

PRAYER REQUEST....and a German Pancake

Dear Friends...
Our son, David Conklin, is having prostate cancer surgery
 4/4/16, tomorrow morning.
I am coveting prayers that the cancer is contained in the prostate and when
the doctors remove the prostate, our David will be totally free of cancer.
Thank you so very much....
we all know how powerful prayer is.


cooked either in a regular, round CAKE pan
or, as I did,
in a cast iron skillet..
It rises...
then falls into
light and delicious ! 

...almost like a CREPE...
and you can add just ANYthing to them to make a really special treat.
I hear MAPLE SYRUP is a really good choice...
(Mr. Sweet's favorite

I'm thinking
creme cheese and pecans, with a tiny bit of crushed PINEAPPLE..
LEMON and Powdered Sugah...

Sweet cousins gave us these pretty dishes, napkins, napkin rings
a few years ago
and I love using them.


The pink, market flowers look so pretty with the blue dishes.

Since CHERRIES are one of my very favorite fruits,
this is what I added to our pancakes.
Sweet, yet tart and,
I buy the cans of TART CHERRIES (not the pie filling...never the pie filling)
add a tiny bit of sugar, a little flour and water...
gently boil for a few minutes...they will thicken a little.

I think the dishes look....DANISH..SWEDISH..
maybe even a little GERMAN..?

Sweet and spicy apples are good, rolled in the pancakes, so I've heard.  

1/4 cup butter
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup milk
6 eggs, lightly beaten
1/8 teaspoon salt
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter in a medium baking dish. In a medium bowl, mix flour, milk, eggs and salt. Pour the mixture into the prepared baking dish.

 Bake on center rack in the preheated oven for 30 to 40 minutes, until golden brown 
Then, add whatever fruit you like and 
sprinkles of delicious, white, fluffy POWDERED SUGAR
NOTE..I used my large cast iron skillet to bake this and it worked beautifully.

LOVE, bj

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After posting this, I remembered I had fruit in the fridge...
I made another GERMAN PANCAKE
and this time....

I filled it with tangerines and fresh pineapple.....
and covered it all in luscious, sweet WHIPPED CREAM... delicious.

I may have had a post recently with these pancakes but if so,
please forgive mind is on other things at the moment.
and THANK YOU for prayers. 


  1. Praying right now for your son David and that the the cancer will be contained in his prostate. Hugs...

  2. Pretty post, BJ. David is in my prayers. Take care, Hugs, Deb

  3. You all are in my heart and in my prayers, my sweet friend, and especially I'm praying for your David tomorrow !
    Sending blessings of love


  4. I can feel your anxiety. I'll include David to my prayers. Stay strong and positive. Hugs.

  5. Praying for David, and the family.

  6. Lifted David, the medical staff and your family in prayer.
    Cheeries on my shopping list.

  7. Dear bj - I can only imagine how scared you all must be - please know my humble prayers are being offered up for you and your entire family. I pray for a steady-handed knowledgeable surgeon, no stress or troubles during surgery and a quick recovery and being FREE of all cancer going forward for your loving son.

    Know he is in The Good Hands, and fear not. Keep the faith.

    Your pancakes look amazingly tasty. Hugs. ♥

  8. Praying for your family and the physicians doing the surgery.


  9. Keeping your son in my prayers......

  10. Praying for your son and his surgery. Lovely pancakes!

  11. Dear BJ, sending caring thoughts for you and all the family as you face this huge hurdle together. Love the pancakes, and a beautiful flower to brighten your day.

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  13. Prayers for your son David. ♥

  14. bj I will keep your son in my prayers. God is there for all of you.
    The pancake looks so yummy. Hugs!
    (I had to delete 1st comment fingers on the wrong keys).

  15. BJ, I will pray for your son .I will pray for all of you. xoxo,Susie

  16. I am praying right now for David. Love you.

  17. You know I will - for you and for David. May he come through the surgery to good news and complete healing.

  18. BJ,
    Lifting your son, David and his family up in my daily prayers, dear friend!
    Adding you and Mr. Sweet, too!
    Please keep us updated as you have news!
    The German Pancake looks divinely delicious!
    Much like the Strawberry Crepe I enjoy at our local Village Inn!

  19. BJ I will send up my prayers for your son's surgery tomorrow. I wish I could give you a hug and be there for you. Wow that's one pancake I'd love to eat!

  20. Sending love and prayers your way for David.

  21. Dear BJ, of course I'll be praying for David that all will go well in his surgery and God will take care of everything. I pray peace for him and all of your family. I do believe in the power of prayer. Now there you go feeding me again and I've got to choose. Maybe just a little bit from each.
    sending love and a big ole hug,
    Shelia ;)

  22. The pancake looks fabulous each and every way. However, most of all, Prayers will be lifted up for your David, bj. God bless him and all of you.

  23. I am praying for David, for you and your hubby and for his whole family, dear friend. God hears and answers prayer and He will hold David safe in the palm of His hand.

  24. I hope everything goes well with his surgery.

  25. My prayers will include your David for a speed recovery and no cancer.

    Those pancakes look so good. Thanks for sharing.

    Please keep us informed about David's progress.

    Prayers your way.


  26. Lost a few Good people to cancer... Wishing the best for your Family, dear Lady.

  27. Prayers coming your way! Stay positive!

  28. Yummy. I've never made these. I've wanted to. Lovely Blues. I'll be praying.
    Sending you and your a hug!

  29. May your son David be surrounded tomorrow by healing light and love. Wishing him all the best!

    And THANK YOU for that German pancake recipe. I adore German pancakes and there is not one single restaurant in my current city that serves them! Whenever I'm in my former city, I always go to this one special restaurant just to have one. I love mine with freshly squeezed lemon juice and powdered icing sugar.

    One question though -- how large is your large oven-proof skillet? How many inches across? I will have to buy one for myself before attempting to make my own German pancake!

  30. Sending prayers your sons way. Hoping all turns out well for your family.

  31. I will be praying for your son. Take care.

  32. Done! Healing prayers for David sent !!!!

  33. Sending a prayer for David! I know you are worried. Those pancakes look yummy!

  34. Dear Sister friend, Our prayers are for David and will be said throughout his recovery. There is much success with this cancer so lighten your dear heart.

    I do LOVE German pancakes sooooo much. Mostly with powdered sugar and lemons squeezed on them. I confess that I would probably love them in every way you shared them. Yummmmmmmm.

    Thanks for joining Blue Monday.
    Much love to you and your family,

  35. We just -- in the last month -- had a scare with J's prostate - blood tests and MRI's and finally the doc said it isn't aggressive cancer (cup half full!) and if it is the slow growing kind, they'll check again in the fall (cup half empty). I can feel your anxiety and know it will. You all are in my prayers! Hugs to you~

  36. Prayers for David and all the family. We have been there and done that. Praise God all cancer was removed and didn't even require radiation or chemo. God is still in the healing business.

  37. Bj my prayers are for you!

  38. Dear BJ
    Prayers are winging their way to you and your family from New Zealand.
    I too believe in the power of prayer - we just need to have faith and leave in the hands of the Lord.

    German pancakes look so delicious - thank you for the recipe sweetie - I'll try it out in the weekend!
    Sending warm hugs and love

  39. Yes, we will remember your son in prayer. Surgery is such a scary time. My hope is that all goes well and he recovers to good health. Hugs to all. Now...on to that delicious just top yourself over and over...divine!!!!

  40. Prayers for your son...and you! It's hard on moms no matter the age of the kid. The pancake recipe ideas look delicious too sheila

  41. Prayers all around... One of those anxious mornings when emotions are on a roller coaster. Praying for the comfort of the Holy Spirit to surround you and for an excellent report.

  42. Praying for your SON right now! Have a blessed day and let us hear from the surgery! HUGS and PRAYERS coming your way!

  43. What else is going to happen! You and Mr. Sweet been going trough some bad times, and now your son. Mercy, it is time things get better in your world. Wishing you and family many healing blessings,

  44. Sending prayers up for David, a very scary time facing cancer.

  45. Praying for your son, David, this morning. Hugs to you.

  46. Praying for your son and for all of you who love him so much. Keep us posted.


  47. Thoughts and prayers for your son, David, today!

    Thanks for the recipes, Girl, if I lived nearby I would come by so often to visit, and hope to be invited to dine with you, you share the best recipes!

  48. BJ, I am saying a pray for your son David right now. Keep us informed please. Prayers will continue till I hear something from you. Your pancakes look so delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  49. Sending good thoughts to you, your son, and the entire family. I know how scary all of this can be. Do let us know.

  50. BJ... I so love and enjoy your Blog.. I just lurk and read.. but am lifting prayers for your son, David, and your family.. Your recipes are so yummy and great, your decorating is superb, neat.. and awesome.. Blessings... Donette in colorado.

  51. Oh dear, I am just seeing this so sure the surgery is over but I will be praying anyway that all came out well!!!!! You have tons os prayers coming your way. Praying for healing. XO

  52. Dear bj ... hope all went well with David's surgery. I have prayed for him and will continue to do so that there will be not complications and healing will begin. Prayers for all the family also.
    Audrey Z.

  53. I, too, prayed for your David's surgery to be uneventful & that he make a complete & rapid recovery.
    I know how stressful it is to have a loved one in the hospital, for whatever reason.

    Thanks for the German pancake recipe. I've only made them once & would like to try again, as yours looks so yummy.

  54. I am so sorry to hear about your David's cancer, BJ. He will be in my prayers. If it is okay, I would like to put him on our church prayer list. I read your later post and was glad to hear that his surgery went well. Prayer is a powerful thing and our God always hears our prayers. Have a beautiful Sunday and a blessed week!


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