Friday, April 15, 2016

Burnt hoo

Hi, Everyone..
before I get started with this post,
I want to share that the first visit back to the doctor for our son, David,
ended with BLESSED results.
DOCTOR:  "Everything looks really good, David"
DAVID:  "Wonderful"

DOCTOR:  "There is no evidence of cancer...we got it all."

I've been wanting a pretty,
 sea side wreath to hang on the french doors by the pool....

but every one I've looked at has been sooo

the cheapest one I've found is $35.00....

I'm not ready to pay that price for a wreath that hangs for about 3 months.

I have this little PITIFUL PEARL wreath that's about 10 years old... was really pretty in it's
hey-day but in it's
poor shape, it was
just hanging around for a
Wreath Make-Over...

I found this cute bag of SEA stuff..potpourri....
things that would look pretty cool on a pitiful wreath..

(and I must say that I love the BAG itself...and plan to find something cute to do with it later)

the bag of goodies was only $6.95
and the olden

sometimes even NON-TALENTED
gals can come up with a cheap and pretty good idea...

I just got out the ole
and went to town....

 There was only one starfish in the bag...

not too sure what this is supposed to be but I like the color....
so on it went, too.

It actually turned out so fun...
and it looks amazing on the door.....
and just perfect for a POOL SIDE WREATH. 
I am such a klutz...I burned my finger 3 times, using that hot glue gun....


  1. Beautiful, BJ!
    Tonight, my daughter is working with shells too! xoxo su

  2. Bj first of all I'm so happy for you all!
    The shells are so beautiful and the wreath reminds me summer time.
    Happy Friday

  3. I love those sea shells! Came over from Adam's blog :) now following.

  4. Hello BJ, you did a beautiful job. You have transformed the old wreath into a great looking sea side wreath. Congrats too for David's good health! I hope your burnt finger is alright now.

  5. praise God for the great doctor report on David

  6. Wonderful news about your son... praise God! Your wreath is beautiful! Great job placing the "sea objects!" Sorry about your fingers! The risks and sacrifices we make for a good project! :) ~Rhonda

  7. nice wreaths, and good news about your son

  8. Praise God for that GREAT news! God is good ALL the time! LOVE the wreath! I ALWAYS burn my fingers with the hot glue! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  9. Three cheers,BJ! Such good news about David!

    I love what you did with the wreath. You know, there's almost no excuse these days to have a shabby wreath when it's so much fun to upcycle one with the glue gun and a few reasonably expensive embellishments. You did a fabulous job!

  10. Wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnderful news!!!!!!!! What relief!!!! Hugs.....

    Sorry about the burn boo-boo, but you did beautifully, with the wreath. :-)

    Repeat! Wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnderful news!!!!!!!!


  11. Hot glue guns are a MENACE to society. I hope your finger heals soon. Great news about your son -- time to celebrate!

  12. Gosh, that turned out lovely! Can't beat the price, either. I love finding stuff in my stash that I can make do - I paid for it at some point, might as well get full use of it! I used to torch my fingers all the time with my glue gun so all I can say to that is OUCH. Hope your heal fast!

  13. I always seem to burn my fingers using a hot glue gun. Once really badly.

    God bless.

  14. You are brilliant! That wreath looks so good. (Sorry about the hot glue burns, though.) And what good news about David's health. Yes and Amen!

  15. Oh, how beautiful! LOVE this wreath! And, what a joy that you were able to make it yourself and so frugally!! Added blessing. :) I am so thankful your son got good news from the doctor. To God be the glory!

  16. You made such a beautiful wreath Bj!
    I hope you have a lovely Friday and weekend. :)

  17. HI BJ!Such wonderful news about your son and I'm praising God with you! Love your wreath! Hope your weekend is great.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. God is so good! That is wonderful news about your son. The wreath turned out cute!!

  19. Well done bj! Hooray and PTL for your son's report from his doctor!!

  20. Great news about David. Your wreath is really pretty. You did a wonderful job. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. So happy to hear the good news about David! Now that wreath ~ wow, I love it! You are one talented gal. Now just be careful around that glue gun ;-)

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  22. You did a great job on that wreath,Bj , it really looks good!
    Great news about your son. I haven't been around blogland this week and missed the post about him. I had surgery this week and doing good.
    Have a blessed day.

  23. Oh Praise God! I know your beyond ecstatic!
    I love your wreath. An awesome job! I need some of that stuff. Where did you buy it. I've wanted to do a little mantle scape for the summer to go with the photo'!s my kids took last year at the beach. I never thought to look at that stuff. Can't spell it. Care to share where you found it?
    Have a good weekend.

  24. Praise God for that wonderful news on your son!! I love that wreath, you are so talented! And I think, (in my opinion) that everyone burns their finger when using a hot glue gun!! Smile

  25. Thank you Jesus, that is such a blessing, so happy about david!.....ouch!bout those hot glue guns, been there done that. lovely wreath.

  26. I love it- and I saved it- too cute! Fantastic news about David. I hope my mother fares as well, she is just beginning her cancer journey. Have a wonderful weekend! PS I burn my fingers every single time I use hot glue. Never fails!

  27. I am thrilled to read the good news about David. Praise God.

    Happy Pink Saturday, my sea loving friend. Your wreath looks great, and perfect for poolside pleasure. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Great news about David. PTL. Your wreath is beautiful and perfect for the spot. Now about that burn, I hope you have an aloe vera plant. All you have to do is pinch off a piece and put it on the burn. You will never know you burned yourself. I keep some in a pot right outside my kitchen door. Works every time.

  29. BJ, I was thrilled to read about David. Praise God. I loved your new did a beautiful job. Yes, those glue guns get hot. I just read the good advise from Quilty Nana. We all need that. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  30. BJ, so excited about your son's great report! To God be the glory! The wreath is perfect and you did a great job re-creating! ! Happy weekend! Pam @ Everyday Living

  31. Your blog is a fun, family album! So happy for your son.

  32. The wreath is really pretty. Great job of recycling. Sorry that you burned your finger.

  33. BJ you did an amazing and creative job reloving an old wreath. Hey girlfriend ya know there is a hot glue that is cool and doesn't burn. Adheres just as well as the hot does. Plus it's only buying new glue sticks for your gun. Martha Stewart suggests that one keeps a bowl of iced water just in case of burns... I burned every finger on my right hand making a Tutu for my Skelton for Halloween and then I found out about the cool hot glue sticks! Oh and nope I didn't take Martha's advice with that Tutu having ice water, lol.
    Happy weekend sweet friend.

  34. Yay David. Amazing job on the wreath, those glue gun burns hurt!

  35. Wow! that turned out great!! Love it! You sure did a great job and take care of that hot glue burn ya hear??!! LOl

  36. You did it up just fine bj . . .
    Looks great!

  37. You keep saying how non-crafty you are and then coming up with these adorable projects...I think you are not giving yourself enough credit! This turned out just adorable and since it came from potpourri I bet it smells nice too!

  38. BJ,
    Praise the Lord for Great News for your son David!
    God is good all the time! Thank you for allowing me to be a Prayer warrior for your family!
    Your wreath turned out breathtakingly beautiful, dear friend!
    A few years ago, "Mr. Ed" purchased a "cool" (hot) glue gun for me!
    It works beautifully, doesn't get as "Hot", glue holds well and dries faster.
    I'm sure it was a Wal~Mart purchase! (wink!)


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