Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bunco...great time with girlfriends...

 I belong to 2 Bunco groups and this month was my time to host one of them.

 Our beautiful dining room,

 by the SEA pool, is the perfect set up for
 3 tables of 4 ladies each...

(remember, this beautiful SUMMER HOUSE and breathtaking pool
belongs to our son, DAVID and his family....
they just let us live here in the SUMMER HOUSE...
how blessed is THAT..?)

I was so glad to have fresh flowers for each table.
not only do we love the game and the friendship-time with friends...
we try, with all our might, to make a delicious meal to share...
we want our room and tables to look pleasing.
I kept my flowers on the tables while we ate
and when we finished,
I moved them all and said.....

I LOVE my black and white checked cloths...
well...really, daughter, STACY, bought the 3 tablecloths...
and we share ....she and I are in one of the Bunco groups together.

Pinterest and blogs ...
even Facebook, provide so many delicious recipes...

so after browsing all of them,
I came up with an easy menu,
which is the only way to go when preparing for a crowd...
is the key to keep yourself CALM...COOL...
thru it all.

Hot Ham and Cheese Crescents...
they are so tasty....
 3 different kinds of cheese,
all kinds of spices and condiments.
here's the recipe i used

I forgot to take photos of MINE...

so I borrowed a photo from PLAIN CHICKEN

...they are every bit as good as they look...

i brushed a tiny bit of melted butter on top of mine to "hold" the poppy seeds in place...

the beans were sooo good with ham and cheese crescents....

I make my beans just like my mother made them but hers 
were so much better than mine....
why is that..?....she had no secret ingredient...
I watched her make them a thousand times...
still....mine lack SOMEthing ....
Mr. Sweet is always so sweet and tells me he can't tell the difference 
in what my mama made.... and mine...
.but, I can.

A veggie tray with fresh veggies and a great dip....
silly me...

I forgot the AMBROSIA SALAD...
♥ ♥ ♥
this is absolutely one of my favorite things on the planet...
and this easy recipe is perfect...
it's from TASTE OF HOME 
and if you like Mandarin oranges and pineapple,
the sour cream in this takes it OVER THE TOP.....

...just a box mix...with pecans on top....
and out of this world good......xoxo


baked in a Mason jar lid ????

my sweet grandgirl, DEEDS and her mama, STACY
made these for our party....
I'm not sure which recipe they used but I googled THIS ONE. 

and they were so delicious and cute and FUN and.....
everyone just LOVED them.
" thank you sooo much, girls"
 Mosaic Monday
Blue Monday
No Place like Home Mon.


  1. I'm sure you had such a great time, you needed this spare time just for you, darling friend, after the concerns you had during the last fortnight !

    Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday, sweet bj,
    sending love to you


  2. What a fan-tabulous party!! Everything so bright and cheery, and I can just hear the chatter and laughing clear over here. And the FOOD! Perfect, just perfect, for such a good gathering. The luscious brownies, and AMBROSIA---haven't made that, even for Christmas, in several years. What a nice Spring idea. And of course, those little pies---I can just see TWO prominent bloggers using those in the near future, as "MYE Mini-Cherry Pies." I have the tee-ninecy black skillets, but who'da thought of Jar Lids?

    I wanna live close to you. But I'd have to just help in the kitchen---I have absolutely no Card Sense a-Tall. I know how to TRUMP, and then have not a clue what to lead next.

    Lovely, just lovely.


  3. You and your friends will have a wonderful and memorable time! Take lots of pics!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. I'd join on of your groups just for the food! Delicious! Your room looks so great with your signature black and white!!


  5. You always treat your girls to the cutest house and the best food. It's always very inspiring to me to see your party posts. ;)

  6. What fun . . .
    Your home and flowers are lovely . . .
    And oh my the desserts . . .

  7. Ohhhh! I wish I was in your Bunco group! Looks like so much fun and such good food!

    Have a great week!


  8. Hi BJ! Wish I could be a member of your Bunco group! The tables with the black and white tablecloths looks so nice and the view! What a blessing are your kids to take such care of their mom and dad! Now, dear BJ! Your food - oh, my Lord! Everything looks so delish! Hope all is well with you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Oh my that is one great looking party from the tables, flowers to that yummy food! Can Shelia and I come next time?

  10. Oh my good gosh, I love the pie idea AND I love, love, love, the way you sliced the top bit.

    I will be stealing that, for sure.

    And yes, you are mega blessed and you should be. You're one of the kindest bloggers out there.

  11. BJ your playful personality brings love and life in every room you touch. The welcoming your Bunco friends received by charming you, your pretty flowers and yummy foods is what ever lasting cherished moments are made of.

  12. BJ, Your room is so pretty. I love your check tablecloths so much. The food looks very good. So having your friends in to play bunco and eat is wonderful. I bet there's never a dull moment. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  13. BJ,
    Your menu looks divinely delicious!
    LOVE the black and white checked tablecloths for your Bunco Tables, dear friend!
    Let the Games begin, indeed!

  14. Lordy, this food, girlfriend if only I lived closer. I sure would learn to play bunco, an eat, and laugh, an enjoy your beautiful pool house.... if only!!!

  15. BJ, you commented on my blog and I just had to track you down to see your black and white tablecloths. Love! I grew up in a Bunco-partying house and this brought back some fun memories!

  16. This looks like the perfect time to me! Great food and friends!

  17. Oh yum... I must try the canning lid idea for hand held wee pies. Just the perfect size. I love that you make your party more than just is an event!

  18. What a menu -- delicious! I'm not sure what Bunco is -- some kind of card game, I assume?

  19. Oh as always you've brightened my Monday with this post. Love your tales and your photos. You are a Blogosphere Blessing! xxxx Jackie

  20. Bunco is fun. I'm sure you had a good ole time:)

  21. Looks like a fun Bunco party. I love the black and white tableclothes. The food looks yummy, especially those little pies.

  22. Wow - what a great menu - everything looks delicious! Our Bunco group disintegrated and i really miss it (many were too busy with their families and work)! I am sure all of your friends were thrilled with you entertaining them!

  23. Everything looks great. The food looks delicious. What fun you all had. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. Hello Bj, I never played Bunco, but it sounds fun! What pretty tablecloths and spring flowers. I love that menu!
    I do hope you will share this post next Monday at or Cooking and Crafting with J&J. Have a wonderful week. :)

  25. I'm loving those white chairs!!! and the gorgeous flowers! Looks like you have a ton of fun with your girlfriends!!

  26. Oh my, what a party! Love the checked tablecloths and the food; yum! Those little cherry pies look sooo good and cute to boot! I'm sure you all had a splendid time. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.


  27. Your food looks delicious BJ!!!! I know everyone enjoyed this get together with such a pretty house next to the pool and all that gorgeous food. I'm wishing I had one of those little pies :)

  28. Everything looks pretty and yummmmmy!

    And oh I love your blog look! White background rocks. And shows off your photos, so wonderfully.

    And your Banner/Header... French, and red-white-black, and happy making!!! Soooo eye-catching.

    As you know, I am drawn to Blog Looks! :-))))

    Gentle Spring hugs,

  29. My goodness that is quite an event...lots of good company, wonderful surroundings, flowers and great food!

    and LivingFromHappiness

  30. Great arrangement of the tables. Perfect for sharing time with friends.

  31. Looks like a lot of fun would like to belong to a club. I did a few years ago
    Have a happy week

  32. My, you gals sure have a feast at your Bunco game night and I thought the checked tablecloths looked perfect for the tables.

  33. Hi bj! LOve the photos and food shares. I love ambrosia, I have a great recipe but the gal who gave it to me said the key to good ambrosia is to drain the fruit you use for at least an hour so it will not be soupy! Works like a charm! :-) Good to see you here. Enjoy your week.

  34. Too delicious to be true! Do you have time to play or does tasting take the all time? ;)

  35. Okay B.J., I haven't had lunch yet, and your post is making me really HUNGRY!! :-D Everything looks absolutely mouth-watering and delicious!! Thank you for posting the link to the recipes because I may have to try some of these. I also love your black and white checked tablecloths. So pretty. :) It looks like a fun night for everyone.

    Hope you have a great week!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  36. I would love have some girl friends over and try out your menu on them. You're truly amazing!


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