Monday, April 25, 2016

A Garden Party...April 25th

 "It is utterly forbidden to be half-hearted about gardening.  
You have got to love your garden whether you like it or not." 
 ~W.C. Sellar & R.J. Yeatman

A Garden Party...
how fun this will be.
It's a little early for us out here in West Texas
to have a pretty garden going on...

I really wanted to join this fun event.
I am sharing a few last year photos and a few  new ones.

To start with, please have a cookie or two and a glass of Strawberry Punch.

Most of the flowers here are in containers...

This is the first time I've done container gardening...

it requires more time than in-ground gardening because the pots dry out and they have to be watered most every day out here on the Plains of West Texas.

But a great thing weeds to speak of...YAY

I love the looks of flowers and bushes against rock backgrounds.

by the pool

beautiful flowers and plants....and a beautiful dog.

We love dining outside when our weather is nice...
summers here in West Texas are really nice......and HOT.

SHADE beneath a pretty umbrella, in the backyard garden....
this was a few summers ago, at our olden home.

A raised veggie garden is just now beginning to grow...
Son, David, did a good job building this bed.

 The rose garden is looking good...
several bushes have started blooming...

there's red and white...


and an Apricot rose that is my favorite.

The grape arbor is doing fantastic...

...the arbor should be totally covered by deep summer....

and just look at all the little tiny grapes all over the vine...
ummm...they are going to be so good...
it's hard to keep the little birds away from them, tho.
They ate almost ALL of the grapes last year.

Before you leave my garden party and visit all the other wonderful sites,

Please let me serve you a glass of my favorite wine and a Yogurt Tartlet.

 XOXO, bj

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  1. It looks like an amazing garden party to me with all the bright zinnias and lovely impatiens. Then the beverage and a tasty pink cupcake just adds that extra something. Course the pool and dalmatian don't hurt either! Party on, BJ...

  2. Great garden party. Your flowers and vegetables plants are looking good. All your photos are great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  3. I do love this garden party and the pool too :-)
    Happy week

  4. That plate with the cupcake and flower bundle -- FABULOUS! And I love each and every bloom. Especially the zinnias! What a treasure of a garden, BJ.

  5. Oh, Golly Gosh!! PERFECTION.

    What a lollapalooza of a BRIGHT for this April Monday! Girl, you just DO beat all.

    And what a marvelous garden---so welcoming and colourful and bright. It just fills my eyes with the glory of Spring, when all I look out on here is GREEN, grown wild and frowzy and some limbs down and an urn or two tipped catty-wampus out in the back beds. And what did we do this weekend---this available weekend to get out and get it done?? We grasshoppered, just like we always do on a sunny day and places to go. I guess that's a blessing, right there---my get-up-and-go just needs a GPS to steer it to the RIGHT place to go.

    So thank you, Sweetpea, for this glimpse of WHAT CAN BE. I love it.


  6. Thank you ever so much for sharing this pretty Spring gardening inspiration with us at the Garden party! Makes my heart happy:)

  7. BJ, It is certainly looking pretty around your place. I love the table settings. I have to tell you, I gave your frittata recipe to my daughter and she make it yesterday for brunch....delicious. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. YAY,,,thanks so much, Susie..coming right over to see you...xoxo

  8. How I love seeing the world through your eyes BJ! Vibrant color everywhere!!! So beautiful and fun!!!!

  9. Gorgeous yard/garden. I am sending a pic of your raised bed to my son in law who made a small small one. I think yours is great. sheila

  10. So pretty BJ, being surrounded by flowers makes the heart rejoice. I too container plant my flowers.

  11. The garden party was just delightful! The wine was tasty as was the tartlet. Your gardens are definitely ahead of us here in Central Indiana. Everything is so pretty. Kudos to your son for building the raised bed...well done!

  12. BJ, your beautiful flowers are just lovely! Our spring is slowly arriving & we have a few blossoms on things, but yours are much more colorful.
    I wanted to suggest to you that you get some fine netting from Home Depot or Lowes to put over your grape arbor. My sister covers her blueberry bushes with it so the birds won't eat it clean. They veer off when they see it glint in the sunlight, as they are afraid of getting their little feet tangled. Works great...just takes two people to drape it over the top & pull it down over the sides. Then, when the blueberries have been picked, she removes it & stores it for the next year.
    I just got back from the big quilt show in Paducah, KY so I'm behind in commenting on my bloggy friends!

  13. Yes as Rett says cover those grapes ! I do the same with my blueberries. Much too early for a garden party here. Heat is still on! Pretty vinca!

  14. Everything is so stunning!!! Your garden party is everything anyone could wish for. I know you're excited to see those vegetables multiply.

  15. You're going to be sorry that your offered me a cookie and a drink. I don't think I want to leave this pretty garden.

  16. It's always cooler sitting out by the pool! You make every occasion special my friend! Hugs!

  17. Your garden is beautiful- and you are exactly right- we have to water more here in Texas.
    I am so glad you shared this with us all.
    Happy Garden Party!

  18. you've put on a lovely garden party for us. I think it was a good choice to do container flowers for sure.

  19. Thanks for having us all at your Garden Party. Loved the visit and all the colour you shared.

    God bless.

  20. Beautiful garden and flowers! Love your bird bath too ;)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  21. Hi bj, Love your garden party and your container Garden. We have to water our containers everyday as well. The grape arbor is perfectly delish with the promise of grapes. Get a scarecrow to protect the grapes. Lol.

    Thank you for helping me with my photos. I will report that the Wine Barrels and Reflections are the most chosen with the Stone Wall not far behind.

    Happy Blue Monday my dear sister friend.

  22. Sweet bj, what a delight! I love that quote at the beginning of your post. I have not heard it before. Your containers are beautiful! It takes me approximately an hour to water my containers each morning when it gets hot, but it's therapy for me. I enjoy strolling the garden each morning so I just carry a watering can with me. lol! I adore that umbrella, and how refreshing that pool looks! Thanks so much for sharing with the Garden Party.

  23. BJ,
    Your garden is so lovely!! And that umbrella is stunning!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

  24. Lovely bj . . .
    Thank you for sharing your garden . . .
    Beautiful flowers . . .
    Nice raised bed for veggies too . . .

  25. BJ, I'd love to have about 3 tartlets and a glass of wine. Then we could dip our toes in the water and talk about flowers. :)

    I love your garden party post. So glad you joined us.

  26. Absolutely beautiful! I do wish I had a green thumb.

  27. What gorgeous blossoms and a beautiful dog indeed! Thank you so very much for linking up to the garden party. Your post was completely enchanting.

  28. Your containers are doing so well, bj, and I just love that arch of grapes growing over it. Yes please, I'd love a tartlet and a sip of Wild Vines before I leave your pretty yard and pool area.

  29. Beautiful roses and the grape arbor is adorable. I cannot wait to see it in full bloom. What a lovely pool area as well. I know you will enjoy it again very much this summer!


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