Thursday, March 31, 2016

Better Homes and Gardens sure has pretty rooms.....

I know we can all look at web sites and magazines and find pretty rooms...
but I found these online at BH&G and wanted to share with you...
sometimes, I just CRAVE 
also when i add favorite photos to my blog, i don't ever loose them.

 I had these cottage-style pulls on my kitchen drawers in our olden house
 and now have them on my dressing table drawers...
I really like this style and there's nothing that says COTTAGE
like these pulls.

 added natural pieces give an all-white kitchen much needed depth.
And, of course, open shelves really look great ....always.

I really REALLY love this shade of blue on her island...

Vintage and thrifted pieces really add a cottage feel to a kitchen..
and I have to say right here,
that magnificent FARM HOUSE  SINK doesn't hurt the look, either.
I am sooo in love with the sink.

While I am not a fan of wooden floors
UNLESS they are painted WHITE or light, light GRAY,
if I could have THIS kitchen with the pretty greens, I would gladly take the floor, too.

 Now, for MY taste, I would like this much better without the ruffly 
bar stool covers...
the thing I like best about this photo is that round, cut WATERMELON...:)

 soooooooo SWOON WORTHY

Florals are supposed to be REALLY HOT for this spring and summer.
For me, I would rather have white wooden PLANTATION SHUTTERS
on those windows and my florals in a white pitcher...but...that's me. :)

CHIPPY has never been MY THANG....
but let me say right here and now that if EVER I could find such
an amazing table as this....
and had a setting such as this to display it,

I hope you enjoyed looking at these lovelies as much as I did.

Take care, stay well and know that you are loved.

Love and kisses and plenty of hugs,

A grandson, Drew, that lives in Oregon, is home for a visit and we sure are enjoying him.
I may not be visiting blogs as much for a few days but will catch up later. 


  1. You found some great inspiration pics, BJ! I love the one with the ruffly bar stools and have had it in my tear out sheets for awhile. I'd take the green island kitchen too.

    Have fun with Drew. ;)

  2. Love these BH & G pics too. Chippy is not my thing either. Have a great day, bj!

  3. Beautiful pics and great blog.
    Thanks for sharing
    I'll follow you!
    Have a nice day

  4. I always love it when my BHG arrives! And yes, their rooms are terrific! You picked some good ones!

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us. Enjoy the visit with your grandson, Drew. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. Thanks for the eye candy BJ...and your take on what you would interesting read...thanks for sharing!

  7. Some of these are getting pinned right now. The green bead board kitchen island for instance. I am toying with painting the peninsula in my kitchen green and that shade just does it for me. Enjoy your time with Drew!

  8. Beautiful kitchens, BJ. I loved something in every one. Hope you are back to 100% and enjoying your grandson!

  9. I spied the wooden shoes in pic#4 and now have a unique use for mine - pencil holder!

    Blessings on your visit with Drew.

  10. Great inspiration pics. Enjoy that grandson! Sheila

  11. Hi BJ and yes, I did enjoy looking at these sweet kitchens. I'm like you, if I'm gonna paint something, I want it to look new and not like it's been eaten up by cats! ;) This is the first time for me to have wood floors and I love them. There is a little area in front of my sink that is tile. I guess that was smart! :) Hope you're feeling all bright eyed and bushy tailed now!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Great inspiration...enjoyed all the pictures! Have fun with your grandson! Pam @ Everyday Living

  13. Pretty pictures! Love that old chippy cow! Yes i would sure take that!

  14. Bj, I love looking at all kinds of décor. You know even if it's not what we would chose we can admire it....but I did like almost everything. I agree on the stool dress. Not for me. Hope you get lots of hugs from your grandson. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  15. You have picked some of the BEST photos. I love these!

  16. Really love those kitchens and I would work that chippy table into any home I ever lived in if I had one.

  17. Many of the kitchens I absolutely adore, thanks for such pretty eye candy BJ. NIce post.

  18. I love your choices that you shared with us! My kitchen is so tiny and I would love to redo it...maybe someday. I didn't like those chair covers either.

  19. Nice images, dear Lady...
    Hello from Marshville...

  20. The third photo and the second-to-last are my favorites. I always used to love looking through home-improvement books. There are so many beautiful kitchens in the world! Thanks for sharing these with us. Hope you have a great time with your grandson!

  21. Hi BJ,
    Lots of eye candy, for sure! Long time no see... Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! I'm following you on Google+ Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  22. Sorry, not Google+... At the top of your page ;)


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