Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Valentine Romance and Sweet Stuff

I have so many good romantic photos that MUST be shared thru this 
so I am posting every day.


 I didn't mean to start a collection of adorable measuring spoons....
it just seemed to happen...

I love them so much and I'm so glad I have a small collection started.

Friends and family have given me the ones I have and they are all
WAAAY  to cute to put in a drawer so I have them hanging on
this pretty tile back splash in my kitchen.
They really add the SPARKLE to my kitchen that I love in my rooms.

and Valentine's Day wouldn't be the same if I didn't make
a small plate of
(the yellow showing on the bottom of the bowl 
is a little bit butter....and a little bit Pam)

 I just KNOW the sweet souls in Heaven eat this candy..
just maybe EVERYday.....

I can't even remember when I started my love affair with this candy...
I know my mama made it all the time I was little...
then, girlfriends and I made it all thru school...right up thru high school.

Then, I made it for my kids and grands....
and for Mr. Sweet and myself....

 ...icy cold milk

I'm saying I'm sorry right now for all the Valentine's postings...
but ....."I ain't thru yet..."

 Foodie Friday
Pink Sat.

After several emails asking what recipe I used tor my fav fudge in the whole world,


  1. It's one of the best holidays of the year

    as long as you're not single. Then it's incredibly depressing

  2. Yum. I want some fudge. Please. I love your spoon collection! xoxo Su

  3. Yummy, I need some of your fudge!! Lovely pictures

  4. The fudge looks so good, and I like the idea of a small batch. Where can I find the recipe?

  5. Your fudge just screams delicious, right through the screen! :) Sweet collection of measuring spoons! ~Rhonda

  6. bring on the V-Day decor. I love seeing everything you post as I'm skipping decorating for Valentines this year.

  7. Great series of hearts collection. I so love your chocolate fudge candy. Yummy!

  8. BJ, that fudge looks to die for! Is the recipe on the can of Hershey's? If not, would you be so kind to share it?

    I also have a number of measuring spoons, which I have spread out between Rick's house, the cottage and here. Now I want them back to hang on my wall! But I'll play nice!

  9. I gain calories following you . . .
    But . . . I love these calories . . .
    Happy weekend bj . . .
    Keep LOVE in our heart . . . and all things seem pretty wonderful!

  10. Thank you, BJ for your loving and touching comments on my blog. You are such a sweet and encouraging lady. *Hugs* You too have blessed me greatly. Thanks again.

  11. Don't be sorry we can all use a whole lot more love in our lives!

  12. I'm enjoying your pretty Valentine posts! Do you mind sharing your recipe for this small batch of fudge? This is just the right size for us. :) Have a wonderful, love-filled weekend!

  13. I sooooo love those pretty measuring spoons, bj! I wish I could come by, visit with you, and have a couple of pieces of that pecan fudge candy! ❤️

  14. Love all your sweet valentine pretties, but where is the recipe for this fudge? I"ve got to have it after seeing these pics!
    Happy Valentine's Day sweet bj……………...

  15. Lots of pretty valentine ideas. Fudge looks so good,

    Happy Valentine's Day to you.


  16. Did you share that choc. candy recipe and I missed it? OMG...those pictures make my mouth all drooly! :)

    Love all of your great heart shares!! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and a great PS!! L, Dana

  17. You and my daughter-in-law would make a good pair. She loves to cook and has a very large collection of measuring spoons. She really has some unique ones. I gained five pounds reading your post.

  18. That is a beautiful collection of spoons. BJ, you always make wish I could have a couple bites of whatever you are cooking up.LOL. Blessings for a great valentine's day. xoxo,Susie

  19. Never ever apologize for CHOCOLATE! Wow that looks heavenly! Love your collection of measuring are right...they are too pretty to put in a drawer. I have ONE set hanging above my stove...also a gift and too pretty to hide and the beginning of yet ANOTHER collection. Happy Valentines, BJ!
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  20. Your collections of measuring spoons are just adorable. To cute to be put in a drawer I like the way you have them displayed. That fudge looks so good. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Valentine's Day. Madeline

  21. I remember making some of that candy! It's delicious! I love measuring spoons and have always resisted because of my practicality, who needs more than one set? I'm throwing that out the window now and will enjoy as many sets as I'm drawn to! I love your collection!

  22. Thar fudge looks wicked good... I am happy to follow you..

  23. I have a sudden craving for pecan fudge with cold milk! that fudge looks absolutely divine! Adorable measuring spoons! Thanks for the recipe! Happily following you back through GFC. Happy Valentines!Hugs, Poppy

  24. I love your pretty spoons! The chocolate looks amazing!! Yum

  25. I have some red plastic heart measuring spoons, but nothing as cute as your spoons!

  26. BJ love your blog! I follow along with you and a list of others I enjoy so much. I have a blog but merely a list of blogs I enjoy reading. I found your fav mug at Mugmall
    Hope you can buy it :) Sincerely Robin (

  27. Love the fudge idea...quick and oh so good! Happy Valentine's.


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