Saturday, January 23, 2016

National PIE Day

 National Pie Day

This is the simplest pie to make in the whole world...
and we like it a lot.

(now, it has to be COOK AND SERVE and NOT Instant Pudding...
MUCHO better tasting..
just follow directions on the package and always add just a capful of Vanilla.
(my Aunt Lillian always put a dab behind each ear...
and I do the very same thing....smells sooo good. :)

I keep 2 or 3 graham cracker crusts in our freezer and they are PERFECT for this pie...

and I always stir the pudding with a slotted spoon while it's cooking.

looking delicious....

The good thing about this kind of pie is it take almost ZERO time
to put together...

After you cook the pudding and pour it into the crust,
into the fridge for 3 to 4 hours while it sets up..

and then....pure YUM

and how fun to dress it up for a Valentine's Day dessert... 


I hope you made a pie for you and the ones you love.
if not....
make a JELLO PUDDING PIE and you will be loved forever and ever.....AMEN


  1. yummy looking as all your cooking all is. I've missed being able to stop by your blog while I was gone. Your pictures are always inspiring.

  2. Gorgeous! I wish we could find ready to make packs like that in our supermarkets here.

  3. I missed National Pie Day again! Maybe I'll try to whip something up today before it's too late:@)

  4. When I worked frozen in a supermarket, I used to hate frozen pies. Cause it was so easy for them to crack and nobody wanted them after that.

  5. Hmm. Didnt know it was pie day. Í may see what I can dig up today in the cupboard to bake. I bet it won't looks as good as this did!

  6. Happy National Pie Day . . .
    (which I knew nothing about by the way)
    Looks and sounds easy peasy . . .
    I will tell my mister IGH it is NPD and we will see what he comes up with!
    He is the PIE man . . .

  7. One of my sons favorite pies I make him one every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yours looks very delicious. Have a blessed day. We got a dusting of snow yesterday and are having some flurries this morning. Madeline

  8. I am sure your yummy chocolate pudding pie will be gone in a jiffy! Have a beautiful weekend!

  9. Long before such a thing as "instant" pudding existed, my Mom used to cook the original Jello kind. Always a special treat, whether in pie form or not!

  10. Happy Pie day BJ. My favorite pie is Key Lime pie.
    Sending hugs from your snow bunny friend.

  11. Happy Pie Day! I love a homemade pie. I'm the only one of my group of friends who makes them any more. There is nothing like a fresh pie!

  12. Well, did it again! Inspired me...just made the pie....perfecto! Thank you, thank you!!!

  13. Your pie looks so good, bj, and so pretty on that cute plate. Yes, I sure did make my pie for today and will post it on Monday.
    Happy weekend!

  14. Looks pretty yummy! I seldom use graham cracker crusts, usually make my own pie crust. I love the chocolate!

  15. Bj, I have not made pie for eons. I had some pie at Thanksgiving though. LOL. Chocolate pie would have make me and my siblings think we had gone to heaven if we'd ever had any. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. I haven't made a pudding pie for ages.... Now I want one.

    God bless.

  17. That is one pie I could probably make. However, I rather have big slice of yours.

  18. Now I'm hungry for a piece of pie. I'll bring the coffee.
    P.S. I'm your latest follower.

  19. ooooH that looks decadent !!! A layer of sliced bananas on bottom then add pudding ...thats another Yummo !!!! Or if you go the smores route you can make a heavenly marshmallow (FLUFF) topping ...oh my word !!!! um.... you know I'm on a diet right ??? lol

  20. Looks so good. Mr. Z. makes the chocolate pudding all the time. Maybe we will make a pie next time.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. I always thought Pie Day was in March! I make this pie, but never added vanilla, I will next time. I actually have the same brand in my cupboard!

  22. Note to self: Buy crusts to keep in the freezer!

  23. That looks wonderful! I'm thinking of skipping dinner and going straight for that...

  24. Oh my! I am drooling over your pie. Chocolate pie was my daddy's favorite. I need to head to the store when the snow thaws!!!

  25. BJ,
    (Pst! Glad I missed National Pie Day. . .
    I'm trying to cut back on sweets!!!)
    I make a Double Chocolate Pie using the same Jell~o Pudding Mix!!!
    This looks so~o~o tempting. . .

  26. Oh yum! I think I will give this one a try. Hubby loves his mother's from scratch pie...but we will see if this one works. Looks easier than hers. Sheila

  27. I always make one for the grands and sometimes I get fancy and make a shortbread crust. Then I send the leftovers home with them. They never forget to thank me for it. Maybe I should try a piece. =D

  28. That pie looks so good! I really should make one for my husband who loves a chocolate pie, not that either of us needs it!

  29. Hi BJ,
    My party just went up. It always goes up at 11:00 AM AST. Your pie looks fabulous!

  30. Your pie looks delicious BJ, for shame I did not make one. I grew up only having fruit pies so a chocolate pie might....knock my socks off? :-)

  31. Yum! Now that's my kind of pie!

  32. Yummy! We are celebrating Pie Day on Sunday here at Camp Sunset for Seniors ... That and a chili cook off. What's not to love about that?

  33. ohhhh so yummy Ms., i love cake :D

    visit back OK :

  34. BJ, your pie looks fabulous dressed up with the whipped cream! I used to make two pies every weekend. I have often made this very same pie. Haven't in a while though and now I'm going to have to make one because you have me craving it. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and enjoy that pie!


  35. Yummy...and my hubby's favorite!

    and LivingFromHappiness


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