Thursday, January 14, 2016

Did someone say PLAID...??

Hello, Everyone..

Gosh, I am already loving this new year.
...looking forward to all the new things that will influence our lives.

a new president, for one.
...wonder who it will be ?
(and that's all I'm gonna say about that !)

New fashions for the home...
2014/15 seemed to bring in
EVERYone wanted it.

When it came time for us to purchase a new sofa,
I thought long and hard about THE WHITE ONE...
and fully intended to choose it...

but chose a light gray hide- a-bed, in the end.
I use a lot of white in pillows and other accessories and
like the gray with it.

 I love my gray so much, I changed my vintage hutch from the original maple color......



just to keep my pretty new gray sofa

and i LOVE it.

and late in 2015, a revival of PLAID entered the scene...
all plaids are good right now but especially the 

Plaids have been around for a long, long time and are the
epitome of CLASSIC....

Now, I've really...REALLY fallen into PLAIDS.

remember the tiny little plaid pillow with the white deer head...?
In the bins at TARGET (it was $3)

and see the little burlap basket with red and black PLAID..?

The cutest thing ever and Stacy found it (one for for her mama)
in the same bins at Target.
"Thanks, Stacy...I just love it.."

I have this little starter plant sitting in the basket...
no idea what this plant is...
a friend has a large plant of it that belonged to her grandmother...
my friend gave me a starter and it has grown quite a bit out in the greenhouse.

All this cuteness made me want to use my little 
red and black dessert plates I found at Target a few weeks ago...

Some of you remember these....

I made my favorite cake on the planet...
just exactly like my mama used to make...
 and she made it for me
for birthdays and Christmas and Easter and....for "JUST BECAUSE."

A white cake, fluffy and moist...
a FUDGE CANDY icing with Pecans...

and served on my little plaid dessert plates.

I don't care for thick icing on my cake...
nor powdered sugar icings...
.......just not my favorite.

The fudge icing I love is very thin...
very chocolaty...
perfect...for me...

1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup milk
Mix the cocoa and sugar really well...
add milk and butter...

Cook on medium heat 6 to 7 minutes...
remove from heat, add a bit of vanilla,
and beat until it begins to will thicken pretty fast and don't let it get
 TOO thick as it will become fudge candy.
...just beat to the thicken stage that will still POUR from your pan
onto the cake. (it's a little tricky). 
it will get thicker as it cools on the cake.
pour it over the warm cake, sprinkle with chopped pecans
and prepare to FALL IN LUV.    
if you are covering a 2 layer cake or a 13x15 sheet cake,

 and, HEY...guess what ?
it tastes just as good on a BLACK and WHITE plate !


 I still can't believe I am 78....
but I sure am glad to be here...:)

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  1. BJ, you are always so stylish. Do you know that I do not have one red and black plaid thing for my house! I do have a really cute vest though.

    This weekend we just might have to have chocolate cake.


  3. That cake looks so good, I would love to have a piece right now. I love all plaids, no matter what the color is. Everything looks good.
    Have a great weekend, BJ

  4. Love the plaid ...and ohhhhhh that cake looks decadent !!!! I have to get me one of those plaid burlap basket for planters hope they have them at my Target ...

  5. That cake looks wonderful and the chocolate icing sounds scrumptious!! Will give it a try! Love your gray hutch!! The plaid plates are so darling.


  6. Your recipe reminds me of my mother's chocolate fudge recipe. Funny, sometimes it would not set up and she would give us spoons to have some. It was fun. Love your plaid touches!

  7. 78 years young BJ, your zest for fun living is what makes you young. Me too with preferring thin icings and I prefer them not too sweet. Your recipe looks yummy, pecans are my favorite nut.

  8. I bought 4 or 5 (FIVE!!) plaid shirts for this fall/winter in many colors and wow!!...they are getting alot of wear... Just love them! That cake does look amazing!

  9. I had a black and red plaid mini skirt when I was young. It was my favourite skirt. I too do not like icing or powdered sugar on my cakes. I know I would love your fudge icing.

  10. So beautiful cosy photos. And they say that the age is just a number!

  11. Wow, love the grey settee, the plaids, the yummy cake, and your age, I have 3 years to play catch up!!! it really is only a number, and what we do with it is what matters, You use yours with joy, love, fun, laughter and colour so gorgeous.

  12. Whoever the next president is, I'm sure their hair will turn 10 years grayer in just one term

  13. I had a tartan kilt when I was a girl and loved wearing it. Tartan (or plaid) is everywhere here in decorating magazines.

  14. Good morning BJ. What a lovely looking cake. Enjoy!!!

    God bless.

  15. I love the plaids too. Your new sofa is just beautiful. I can't believe you're 78 either! You are way too young to be!

  16. I really, really, really love the gray. It works with everything -- the white pops it out, you can swap out with other colors at different times. It's light without being bright, neutral without being boring. I may need to start looking for a sofa soon and while I don't know how well gray will go with my palate, I sure am thinking about this soft gray a lot more than I ever did before, thanks to you. And the cake looks fab!

  17. Yes, all your white dishes just POP against a grey hutch. And the bright touches of red plaid are perfect accessories!

  18. Love love love all the plaid. And that cake looks amazing!!

  19. BJ,
    Love your gray sofa, dear friend!!!
    I l o v e that you painted your hutch to match your sofa!!!
    I am so~o~o wanting to do a paint technique on my buffet, hutch and dining table this Spring!!!
    Your chocolate icing recipe is similar to mine. Mine does have powdered sugar, though!
    I never got into the "Mad About Plaid" craze.
    Guess I had to "wear" too much of it as a child!!!

  20. bj . . .
    delightful . . .
    you make everything, from pillows, to white ware, to grey, to plaid, to chocolate . . .
    look like perfect . . .
    enjoy you seventy eight birthday girl . . .

  21. I love the grey sofa, it would be my choice if buying a new one now. Plaid is gorgeous and so perfect for these winter days. That cake looks amazing, my kind for sure. You are the youngest 78 I know my friend!

  22. Good choice for the sofa. Even your plaids will look good on it.

  23. That cake looks so good. Your plaids look good in your rooms. You definitely have a knack for decorating. Everything looks great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. Your cakes look sooo yummy! Thanks for visiting Quaker Hill Farm! I am now your newest follower! Love the plaids also! Anything with texture and color is so pretty! Have a great weekend, very nice to meet you.

  25. All your cozy touches of red plaid are just perfect for cold and dark January. They really warm things up.

  26. Your home always looks so cozy, bj. Now I'm craving chocolate cake with that yummy frosting. How I'd love to share a pice of it with you on those cute little plaid plates!

  27. Oops, I just saw that it's white cake, but I'd love that, too!

  28. BJ, I am glad you are here too. You are a pretty lady age isn't hurting you any. I love the plaid. I still have my red/black plaids out for winter. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  29. bj, gosh that cake looks delicious! Love the plaids - darling plates!

  30. As I have said before, wish I lived closer I would be by for a piece of that cake. LUV all the plaid accessories. Stay warm and safe hear ya'll maybe getting more **snow**.

    Cathy <:)

  31. Womderful plaids...soft, easy grays. The thought of a white sofa scares me. I have boys and men in my life. Ha! Your cake sounds so delish.

  32. Clever idea repainting the vintage hutch, it looks great - I had to look twice at that there I was thinking lucky rabbits... but maybe your rabbits don't live in a hutch in the US? Keep baking those yummy cakes for us all to enjoy!
    Wren x

  33. Hello bj, Yes, I am alive and well after the busiest holiday season ever. I am hoping 2016 is a bit more less busy. However, we did have a wonderful season of family and friends to celebrate and to love.

    I have always loved plaid and your new look with the French gray looks fabulous. You always have a warm and wonderfully decorated home. You were born to to be a homemaker with style. I mean it!!!

    I have been trying to eat less sweets but I would gladly eat a piece of that cake. Yum.

    Stay warm and have a wonderful week.
    Much love, Jeanne

  34. Loving the plaid:) I wish I could find a new sofa and loveseat that I can't live without! I just keep looking! Enjoy your day dear B.J. BIG HUGS!

  35. That fudge topping sounds delicious. I'm trying not to get too anxious about who our next president will be. Looking forward to the change, though...a lot. No more about that. :)
    Love your plaid and your fabulous attitude about life!

  36. First things first. Your cake looks scrumptious! Love, love, love your new sofa. And, I too, am a long time love of plaid.

    Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet friend. Oh, by the way, I am almost positive your plant is one of the peperomia varieties.

  37. I love the look of your home! Beautiful and being a lifelong Catholic school girl as a kid from k to 11th grade, I am very familiar with plaid! Your cake is heavenly too. YUMMY! xo


  39. I have fallen for plaids again and want to put them everywhere in my house. Unfortunately I live in a Victorian! Love your plates and burlap bag. I really need to get to Target more!

  40. I love plaids and am so glad they're back around for awhile! I'm going to have to hit Target for some of those fabulous plates! And that cake sounds divine! Thanks for sharing the recipe! Your home is beautiful, the touches of gray are so fresh and lovely! ...And thanks for visiting me, so glad to hear from you! Will be back soon! :) ~Rhonda

  41. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday this week as "the one with the most clicks".♥


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