Monday, December 21, 2015

The Christmas Eve Table

Our family gathers at our Summer House for Christmas Eve.
That is our Family Christmas Time.

It is always so much fun with 
a great dinner....
gifts to one another...
STOCKINGS, which is the most fun of all...

Our dining table is always FUN...
never formal ...
I love tablecloths and I have a new one for our
Christmas table.

 Little white trees with a bright red star.....
from my favorite store, HOMEGOODS.

This year, I am using my newest Santa standing in the middle of a wreath
for our centerpiece.
(I swear....I am sooo "downhome"...)

He's pretty tall, so I'll move him when every one is ready to eat.

and, yes, we will use paper plates and napkins.
Buffet style with
DIPS AND CHIPS of all kinds
A CORN DISH that really sounds good...
cake and ice cream...
(remember, we're celebrating HIS birthday.)


1 chocolate cake mix
Make a round cake - chocolate to symbolize our sin.Cover with white frosting - white to symbolize His purity that covers our sins.
Decorate with a star and an angel - they symbolize the bearers of the first glad tidings.
Add 12 red candles - 12 candles symbolize that Christ is our light through the 12 months and the color red stands for his blood shed for us.
Encircle the cake with green frosting - symbolized everlasting life.
I'll make the cake and have it ready for the grandgirls
to decorate.
They will be here this week to make Christmas cookies, as well. 

XOXO, bj


  1. That tablecloth is too stinkin cute.

  2. Sweet idea in regards to a cake. I never heard of that tradition. Merry Christmas, BJ. xoxo Su

  3. I love it, fun and creative! You nail it every time! :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Jane x

  4. Merry Christmas bj. Your Christmas eve sounds like lots of fun. I need a new tablecloth for Christmas and I rather like yours! I'll have to keep an eye out at the post Christmas sales.


  5. BJ,
    so cute!! Love that sweet Santa!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  6. Cute tablecloth! Merry Christmas BJ-enjoy:@)

  7. So festive. Enjoy seeing your pretties and hearing your plans. I love that Thanksgiving picture of the laughter! and oooh la la! that tablecloth is so cute!

  8. Love your table bj and the Santa is so adorable. Your tablecloth is so pretty. Sounds like lots of fun planned at your home with the grands. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year. xo

  9. Sounds perfect to me:) Love that Santa centerpiece! ENJOY... I know you will:) HUGS!

  10. I like your new Santa and of course your new tablecloth.

  11. Your new tablecloth and your centerpiece with Santa look so pretty, bj! The prettiest sight will be all those smiling faces at your home on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas blessings to you and your family. Enjoy your special time together. xo

  12. Jean it all looks so pretty. Love the cake.

    Merry Christmas

  13. My family used to gather every Christmas Eve, but since I rarely get one off anymore we do it some other day that's usually somewhere between 20-23

  14. Sounds like fun! Paper plates are DEFINITELY the way to go!

  15. Neat new Santa and I like very much your new tablecloth.

  16. Every thing looks so festive. Love your new Santa. I will be having all my family here the day after Christmas, except one granddaughter that has to go back to New York, I will see her Christmas Eve. I too plan on using paper plates. Have a blessed day. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Madeline

  17. That cake will be a nice project for the grands to decorate. A visual lesson that will stick better than just hearing it...

  18. A very nice way to celebrate such a wonderful occasions. You and family make every occasion special tho. It is such a rarity now for families to bond and enjoy each other. Wishing you and the entire gang nothing but the best.

  19. BJ, I love your beautiful table. We have always had buffet style Christmas dinner. Too many to be formal. After all we are not the Vanderbilts. LOL. Although I have been in the dining room at the Breakers. LOL. Not eating, just on a tour. In real life I would be the one scubbing those big pots they have to cook in. :):) Blessings to you and yours, Merry Christmas sweet friend, xoxo,Susie

  20. I love your new fun tablecloth. Graphics of the tree, simple and cute than topped with the red star - adorable.
    Merry and bright in your Summer Home.

  21. Love your table bj. Have fun with your family. Merry Christmas.

  22. I also have being doing the family meals buffet style for years - works perfect for us.
    Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas.

  23. It all looks so cheerful and festive, bj...and your menu sounds scrumptious! Sweet and simple, just the I like it too. Wishing you and your a very Merry Christmas!

  24. Looks like you are already for a wonderful celebration with your family.

    God bless.

  25. What a festive, wonderfully FAMILY time that will be! Everything is simply wonderful together (we ALWAYS seem to be shifting a centerpiece, especially when time comes for the games and spinning tops and Christmas Crackers and fun).

    Wish I had a table set---everything is ready, just not set out or arranged. Still uncertain when our visitors can be here, so are shifting meals, as well. And another contingent will arrive for a few days on 28th!! So lovely to have the prospect of visiting with THREE of our eight families, all in one week. Just can't seem to get everything planned---I tell them that I have one of those big old gray blurs, like they put over the faces-of-the-innocent on crime shows on TV, right where my brain should be.

    I wish you all a holiday and celebration as bright as your Sweet Spirit and all those REDS and GOLDS and GREENS of your welcoming table.


  26. Lovely setting for a wonderful get-together. Hoping you enjoy the evening.

  27. I love all of it. I kind of wish I were one of your kids...or grandkids. Ha! Your house sounds like a fun place to be on Christmas Eve. I need to try your Santa in a wreath. How clever is that! Great Christmas cake idea too. I hope you can share Christmas Eve pics with us. Sounds like great family fun! Merry Christmas! Sheila

  28. Home Goods (or Home Sense, as it's known here) has such great stuff. I really like the tablecloth. Christmas Eve is full of fun at your place! Merry Christmas!

  29. How lovely your home looks, so bright and Christmassy! (Just found your blog)

  30. Your Christmas Eve celebration with the family sounds wonderful!! This year we're just doing stockings and I think it'll be a lot of fun.
    Merry Christmas,
    Mary Alice

  31. It all looks wonderful! Merry Christmas, God's blessings to you,

  32. That's a fabulous tablecloth! It all looks jolly and merry and bright! Merry Christmas, BJ!

  33. Fabulous Santa and love the tablecloth. Looks beautiful. Having your family together will leave you will precious memories. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  34. bj, you are one of the most "down home" people I have ever met in our world of blogs..It's always been a delight knowing you. I drift off from blogging and then drift back. You always make the most wonderful holidays. HANDSOME family!!

  35. BJ, that is a great tablecloth you chose this year. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and yours.

  36. Your family Christmas sounds just like ours, I love a casual get together with all the special snacks and appetizers to graze on all day. Merry Christmas to you and the family!


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