Wednesday, December 16, 2015

...just roll with it....

Busy busy busy days...
WHEW...I need a NAP

but before I could get to my bed..
I found  a recipe for
did you see that on FaceBook ?

I love hot rolls better than almost ANYthing... 

 Sooo....out came ingredients...measuring spoons...
sugar....yeast...egg...salt...and so on.

 I don't have a stand mixer..
but my BLACK AND DECKER hand mixer is one of the very best...
At this point in the process,
I could see my dough was waaay too sticky...
so I added more flour...
the recipe calls for 3 or 4 cups of flour.
Recipe says "let it rise for 10 minutes"...
HIGH FIVE that...

These didn't turn out as ROLLS so much as they did 
 They didn't rise as much
nor as light and fluffy
as a YEAST ROLL...

the yeast gave them a taste much like SOUR DOUGH...

...but they were delicious.

...especially served with fried cheesy sausage...

See those extra dark, crispy, delicious pieces there...?
Now, that's what I talkin' about.....

...throw in a few fresh strawberries...

...a little bit of SWEET ORANGE MARMALADE 

being the SEMI-HOMEMADE girl that I am...
I will stick with RHOADES FROZEN ROLLS from the grocery store.

They are easy...delicious...and you don't have but one pan to clean'
and that would be whatever you bake them in....


  1. I once got some rolls you were suppose to heat in the oven but they were in a bag with the rest of the plain breads. I took them out of the oven and they were hard as a rock.

  2. Bj, I have to say all the stuff you cook...sure looks tasty. That pan of rolls looked great. I am with you on buying things that are easy. I quick fix type now. I don't want to cook and clean all day...gee As I keep trying to get across to Ted. I did not retire to become a maid...I was sure hoping we would hire one. LOL...I haven't seen her yet. LOL. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  3. Mmmm, those sure look good! I'm a new follower!

  4. Mercy that all looks good!! I have never made homemade rolls but i do make homemade biscuits!!

  5. Looks so good. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I like less dishes to clean up myself so semi-homemade works for me also!

  7. I would like to try these. I would rather eat fresh homemade bread than dessert! OH MY! Sounds good right now! Hugs!

  8. Okay, that does it! I'm moving in with you and Mr. Sweet!

  9. Hahahaha...chuckling at Ellen's comment. I think you've already had a few of us move in and with good reason. I am hoping to bake some good old-fashioned Parker House rolls next week. I do love rolls. John especially do love rolls.

  10. I am coming for supper!!! You always have the most delicious looking meals.

    God bless.

  11. You've got it in rolls. butter, marmalade department . . .
    Yum it looks good . . .
    Rhodes will have to be it for me . . .
    You've tickled my taste buds . . .

  12. 10 minutes? That hardly seems possible! Those really are quick rolls, but you sure can't beat bread or rolls hot out of the oven so the butter melts. Yum!

  13. Love hot rolls out of the oven smothered with butter! Yum!


  14. OH HONEY, those look delicious:) Have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas and the Merriest of Christmas times! HUGS!

  15. These look great! I'll have to pass them on to my resident bread maker -- or maybe do them myself and surprise him!

  16. i don't have a stand mixer either....i just can spend that kind of money on one and then have to fight to get the ingredients in the bowl. or on the counter because that's what i always see happening on those cooking shows. i bake a lot, a real lot and i always use my hands or my hand held black and decker (see, we are twins)!! i never fuss with rolls, too much work. yours do look yummy though but i'd rather taste that yummy lookin' sausage!!!!

  17. My oh My....divine home cooking! You are simply the best...I know your family must adore coming to your home!

  18. Yeah, I am not into making homemade anything with yeast. Too impatient for the dough to rise. I even had a bread machine and gave it away to my daughter. I love Rhodes rolls!

  19. I don't have the patience for yeast, although I love to bake.


  20. Ever since my husband told a friend he liked coming to her house because she always had food baked by professionals (as in bought) I have taken up the "habit" and have found out that Sister Schubert does rolls just fine, thank you. Of course, he was just trying to make her feel good, but it works for me!!:)

    1. I can't comment on your Google+ as I don't do Google+ very much...
      thanks so much for coming by and leaving such nice words...and I ADORE Sister Schubert rolls, too. Yum

    2. Not sure I would know how to retrieve it anyway. I just have to comment sometime, but don't expect a reply. Just love your blog.

    3. Not sure I would know how to retrieve it anyway. I just have to comment sometime, but don't expect a reply. Just love your blog.

  21. BJ, I will have to copy down your recipe. Love to make yeast rolls. Yours look delicious! Thank you for sharing with us.

  22. I never bake from scratch, it seems you can get such good thibgs as partly homemede as you said! Peppermint Patty might like to hang out on my Gingerbread buffet bar that I am sharing tomorrow OR under my Candy tree that I shared yesterday:) She sure is CUTE!!!!! Merry Christmas, BJ!!!


  23. The rolls you made look great but I'm one of those gals who gets depressed if theres a lot of mess lol..

    those RHOADES FROZEN ROLLS are perfect for all the reasons you mentioned and I dont even have a dirty an afterwards cause I line it with foil and spray it with pan. Bake- toss the foil and VIOLA~!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family BJ~!

  24. MOANING HERE!!!!Hahaaaa
    And you ought to know Closing Comments don't work...You are one Classy Lady!

  25. Yumm all around! And you were so sweet in a bad situation. Heaven's reward awaits those who do good deeds. Have a super weekend and Merry Christmas!

  26. I must admit to loving Rhodes products and making use of them as often as I can. I do occasionally make yeast dough, but use my $42 bread machine to make the dough and it does a fabulous job. Whenever I do make something that doesn't quite turn out right, like your weighty biscuits, I just rename it to reflect the current state. ;-)

    I'm your newest follower. I thought I had been actually, but apparently not. Try not to overdo in the next couple of days, and Merry Christmas!

  27. BJ,
    I'm with you on the rolls, dear friend!!!
    My MoMa tried several times to teach me the trick with yeast and rising,
    but everytime, mine just laid there playing "dead"!!!
    Our son will be bringing the Rhodes Rolls for Christmas Day Dinner!!!


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