Sunday, October 18, 2015



If you don't like the color RED...
be afraid...
be very VERY afraid....


I dressed the bedroom in it's 

Some of you will remember it took me a solid year to
get all the "parts" for this bed.
Social Security is stingy with the money they "let" me have
so I had to buy

(that's the name of one of my favorite JOHNNY CASH songs.

The pillows are so neat as you can turn them for a different look if you long as you want red flowery or black & white checks.....:)

hahhaaa....the above is a storage tub that awaits the STORAGE BLDG. out back.
When Deeds comes over, she uses it like a WINDOW SEAT,
props all those pillows up and reads a good book.

 My reading chair gets decked out with a bright red corduroy pillow. 

Summertime here at Sweet Nothings, this bedroom is whites and turquoise....
that color scheme seems to be 

...bringing out the RED just seems to
warm up the room...
getting all cuddly/cozy for winter, which is not very far away....

I also LOVE having all this  
RED  when Christmas time is about to happen. 
I've never had a Christmas tree in the bedroom but this year, 
I am thinking I would love one....just a small one on a table with
LOTS of fairy lights..... 

for viewing  ALL  THIS  RED...

Because I just received several emails asking to see the bed's 
headboard and foot board better,
I added the following photos...

 Mosaic Monday
 Something to talk About Mon.


  1. The day hasn't come that red scares me away. You have used it perfectly and the other neutrals bring it all together.
    (a fun upbeat Cash tune)

  2. I love red too and have it scattered throughout my house! Love the black and white with the red:) Have a blessed week ahead, HUGS!

  3. I love your reds and I love your room!!! I'm thinking I may add some reds in our white bedroom for Christmas and keep them there until spring.
    Your headboard is beautiful!!!
    Love me some Johnny and June!!

  4. Your bedroom looks wonderful and cosy for the winter. I love the reds, would never have thought of it for a bedroom though. Your headboard caught my eye as well :)


  5. Your bedroom is so lovely and I adore all the check fabric, specially in red, it sure makes it warm and cozy to cuddle up in Winter! I have a red and white flower duvet I'm using right now with our goose down inside it. Cold nights here.
    Very pretty headboard too.
    Have a wonderful week sweet and lovely friend. Thanks for coming, to see you around here makes my day!

  6. I love red in a room. I just picked up a red throw for my parlor this weekend. I even have a bright red mixer! So...I was not afraid of this post. ha. Sheila

  7. I've always loved that bedding -- I remember when you collected it a piece at a time. Glad to see it in your beautiful winter bedroom!! Sally

  8. It's a great color scheme! Is it cooler in West Texas? It sure is cooler here...a high of 40.° Brrrisk My bedrrom is still wearing its summer duds. Perhaps I need to rethink that.

  9. Nice!!! I love red but trying to get Harvey away from white is a chore.

    God bless.

  10. when I see this kind of thing, I want to fling out everything I own and go again... Love the red for winter.

  11. You know I wouldn't mind a little tree in my bedroom either. Would be nice to go to sleep next to glowing xmas lights. Reminds me of sleeping on the couch at Christmas time when I was younger

  12. I've gone red as well in our Stone House on the Hill in Greece. From wall paint to plates to a wooden spice rack that my mom used to use (now bright red). . .there is something fun about that color. Loved your post today - as always. Hugs, J.

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  14. Your red caught my eye over at Cindy's party and I had to stop by. I'm always been a fan of red throughout the years. Just add some black and white and you have perfection...lovely!

  15. I have grey and white bedding but your post has convinced me to add a bit of red- especially for the holidays.

  16. Winter = Reds!!!!!

    Winter is colder.

    Reds are warmer.


    Hugs and magic,

  17. Just an addition.... How many of your Dear Readers are old enough, to equate "Red" with the "Cold War" and all-things-Soviet-Union? I know, I am showing my age. But gracious but that is what popped into my mind, when I read your blog title.

  18. Such a lovely room. I enjoy red at Christmas, but don't usually use it to any great extent in my house. We viewed new houses on a builder's tour on Saturday, and they were all very stark white with chrome (or brushed nickle).....they all looked very cold to me.

  19. Scared me at first, I thought you were going to warn us of someone called "Red" that was hacking blogs.
    I love all your red, Bj so pretty and comfy!
    I have had Christmas tress in my bedroom before, so go for it.

  20. This is one of the coziest winterized bedrooms I've ever seen. Love the rich red touches!

  21. Love the color red. Your bedroom looks very cozy and warm. I put Christmas tree up in my bedroom so I say go for it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Gorgeous! Red is exciting and your choices all are pretty.

  23. Love your RED . . .
    Love your early cheer . . .
    I am still in all those warmish colors of fall . . .
    Your Sleigh Bed is wonderful . . .

  24. I'm never afraid of red bj, since it's my favorite color. I have red in my bedroom year round because I love it! I love your quilt, pillows and all your accessories! It looks cozy and warm and perfect.

  25. You've not overdone the red at all BJ, I love how you've used it as an accessory for winter decor. The only place I have red these days is in the kitchen in the form of cardinals, my favourite year round bird.

  26. You know I am a white and neutral girl but I still love to see other colors. Your red and black is so stunning. Love it all.

  27. BJ, you know I'm loving every inch of this red post. Wonderful mix of patterns and textures for winter. Guess what? We have the same sleigh bed! We bought ours in 1995 when we moved into this house. ;-)

  28. I think your red and the black and white check is just beautiful, BJ! You are definitely ready for the next several cool-weather months.

  29. BJ, I love the red! Red is definitely the color for cooler weather and Christmas. Your tree will be the perfect touch!

  30. What a lovely room. The Red, Black & White go so well together. It looks like a wonderful place to spend time relaxing.

  31. Red is my favorite color and I love this!

  32. I'm crazy for red and wish they would come back with it as a paint color. Love your mix of colors and prints.

  33. That's a mouth wateringly beautiful red! It pops and makes you want to be in that room.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful red post! Loved it.


  34. I'm seeing RED ... but loving it. I have always wanted to put red in our bedroom ... maybe some day. You have dressed your bedroom so beautifully, I know you are proud to finally have all the pieces you wanted. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  35. Oh my gosh, your bedroom is gorgeous! You are so gifted!! You could be a designer....or wee you in your younger...(no earlier-sounds better doesn't it?) days? If you weren't you should have been! I so admire people who have a vision and can put it all together!


  36. I love your pops of red - one of my favorite decorating schemes!

  37. Not like red? Are there actually people who don't love that color? Well I wouldn't be one of them as you well know! I have always loved this bedding and it really does warm things up for Fall and winter. I have had a tiny tree on the dresser beside the bed for the last 3 years and I love it! I bet you'll love it too :)

  38. Oh wow, I love red and all your reds are beautiful

  39. Oh wow, I love red and all your reds are beautiful

  40. Love, love, LOVE the red with the black and colors too! Come over to my blog and see my house! :)

  41. Red, black and white are such a gorgeous combination. Rich, warm and cozy! Your bedroom set is so pretty. Red is my favorite color but I only have it on the top half of my bathroom!

  42. No such things as too much favorite color! Gorgeous bedding, throws, love it all!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  43. I love all of the red, BJ! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature! Have a lovely week ahead! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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