Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lighting the way.....

Some of you may remember that I bought these two
vintage, brass lamps at the thrift store back in the late summer....

If I am remembering right,
one was marked $4  and the other, $3.00

But......BRASS.....SHINY BRASS...???
These beauties are in excellent condition...nary a scratch...
I'm pretty sure SHINY BRASS went South a few years ago...


My new POTTERY BARN CATALOG arrived and...
it has bright, shiny BRASS LAMPS galore...

it took me 15 minutes to grab those lamps....

Put their brand new GRAY shades on...
( I bought these gray drum shades the same time I bought the lamps...
at Target)

I put this one atop a thick BOOK jewelry box that LOOKS like a book...
(man, I've got a lot of FAUXS around here...I better check out
Mr. Sweet and see if he's for real.......or not....!)

Put this other beauty on the new little black table...

and I am lovin' them...

When I decided that I wasn't going to use them on tables at the end
I just stuck them back for deciding on just WHERE I'd use them
and just WHAT color I might like.

I had already bought the gray shades.....
and now I'm glad I didn't paint the lamps...
I can always do that later....if I want to.

I'm thrilled with my "new" lamps...and I think they look all
sassified with their cute shades...
and maybe just a little bit CLASSY.

I mean....

if they are good enuf for POTTERY BARN...
they surely are good enuf for me  !!

*NOTE....they are showing GRAY shades, too.
giggle giggle..

I also  picked up the little swing arm lamp at the same time as the other two...
 and it now resides in
our daughter's  office....


  1. very pretty lamps and shades. Everything old is new again, right?

  2. Love them . . . classy for sure.
    Love the shades too . . .
    You are a dynamo . . .

  3. They look great to me! Gosh, wasn't I just here? It's like playing Whack a Rain Gauge Girl to keep up with you!

  4. You are one sassy classy lady. But I bet that's not the first time you been called that ;)

  5. Beautiful ambiance in your home, BJ! Happy Wednesday!


  6. See that!!! You were ahead of the times! When you thought that color had done out... All the time, it had come back in... And you were there, to catch it. :-)

    Just goes to show. Don't worry about trends! Do what you like! What makes you happy!

    Down with trends!!!!!



  7. The brass reminds me of my JROTC days where we had brass belt buckles that shined like those lamps. I remember having to use brasso to shine them.

  8. bj- I am seeing brass all over here again. I dug out a couple of lamps that I had slated to repaint and brought them back in to use, too. Funny how everything goes around...well, except my bell-bottoms...ain't never gonna be 1973 again and I ain't never gonna fit in 'em anyway. lol xo Diana

    ps. oh, yeah- I LOVE your lamps and those gray shades are just perfect!

  9. Nothing says love like seeing it in the Pottery Barn catalog! What a great find!!

  10. Your new lamps look great and I like the updated look of the grey barrel shades. Love that fan flower in the last photo too. Have a great day!

  11. When brass lamps are in such beautiful shape it would have been almost a shame to paint them. They look beautiful as they are. I would have never thought of grey shades with brass but it works beautifully. Sometimes I think the best thing about Pottery Barn is the ideas and inspiration we get from their wonderful stylists!

  12. I actually love brass and is not making a comeback, it has already arrived! They look great in your home BJ.

  13. Well, I wore out the shiny brass look in my house too... many years ago... and painted all of mine. I have to admit, these look fantastic! Now, maybe if you added white pleated shades and kept the protective plastic on them, it would be a different story...lol! Your gray shades are the perfect look for these for a great updated look!

  14. BJ, I love them all. You have matched them beautifully! Oh yes, I love the flowers next to your little swing arm lamp.

  15. BJ, you did a wonderful job with these, and I love the gray shades.

  16. bj - those lamps with their new and so groovy shades look awesome. I would never paint them - classic is classic - your shades updated them perfectly and what you have now is very opulent lamps. Well done, that was a good call and your lamps are much nicer than those weird ones at PB, seriously. Hugs. ♥

  17. If a person likes something, I don't think it ever goes out of style. I use it and call it vintage.....

    Thanks for the message on my blog. I am feeling a bit less shaken up today.

    God bless.

  18. They look awesome. Most of my lamps are thrift store finds. Love the grey shades!

  19. Your lamps are very nice. Love the shades. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Oh sassy one, they look divine! I love the Grey shades, enjoy then BJ they are a glamorous shape.

  21. See-you are ahead of your time. They look great-love the gray shades!

  22. They are classics & will never go out of style, BJ, as far as I'm concerned! I have two brass ginger jar lamps on either side of my bed with black shades & love the look. Very elegant...just like your GORGEOUS flowers!! The pink & purple are beautiful side by side.
    I'm SO glad you didn't paint those lamps!!!

  23. PB must've checked with you first, bj!! Those lamps look fabulous and the new gray shades updated them perfectly. You're a trend setter!!!

  24. Gray shade and brass lamp ... a great combination and compliment your new gray couch really well.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  25. You go girl! Your lamps look great too. Yep...they say brass is back. Ha! Maybe it is considered retro these days. Sheila

  26. Brass has been making a big comeback! I am pretty excited about that. I also have a friend who SERIOUSLY downsized by moving in with her son. She GAVE me a box full of brass candlesticks! I am deciding where I want them. I am thinking of making a display at Christmas first. LOOOOOVE your lamps, the swing arm one is great too!

  27. Your lamps are very classy! Love the flowers as well!

  28. I like the reflective aspect of these pieces...
    ... hope that all is well and have a pleasant "break"....

  29. Oct. 8th

    It's your time, to take a blogging break.

    Take as long as you need. you will know, when to come back.

    Gentle hugs,

  30. I love your pretty lamps and new shades Bj.
    I hope you have a nice blog break and I'll miss you.
    Take care.

  31. Just saw your new post and just am hoping everything is OK. I'll be thinking of you, BJ. XO, Pinky

  32. What lovely homely things you have!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.


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