Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hickory Dickory Dock.....

...the mouse ran up the clock...
O, no....that's another

I had to go downtown the other day to take all my DAR papers to the library
and there's one of my favorite thrifting haunts down there...

We've bought so much from the 
thrift store over the years.....

I love shopping there and every little bit of $'s for the Disabled American Veterans
is bound to help.

It's like all stores, tho, in the fact that sometimes you go and find you didn't bring enuf money because there's so much you want...

Other times, you find NOTHING... 

and SOMETIMES you find the one thing you had NO IDEA you even wanted...

I dearly LOVE when that happens.

A fairly large, vintage, METAL clock face with gorgeous NUMBERS...
and sexy little HANDS....
who knows what became of the clock's case.....but I don't care....

it's exactly what I wanted for my living room sofa wall.....and I didn't even know it.
On the way back home, I had to pass the

Got a donut and an Iced Coffee and sooo good.

...a box to take home.
Ahhh, but I'm totally off the subject....
( I wanted to share SOME kind of food as I've been scolded about
not having food in my posts of late....) hahhaa...

I knew just where to hang it..

just look at the cuteness..

...tiny little spots of rust here and there..

just the perfect amount.

I don't do a lot of CHIPPY or RUST 
but some pieces with just a tiny bit makes me happy.

I'm sure it was dressed with some sort of clock case at one time...
who know what might have happened to it.
It looks right at home beneath my tin shelf...
it runs....
it was marked $9. but when I got to the checkout,
$3 off for seniors
so I brought it home for $6.00

Not sure why most of us love graphics...
cute little signs... 
BUT, WE DO....!
XOXO, bj


  1. BJ, on its own the clock doesn't look much but when you took it home and place it where it is now, it looks so at home where it belong. You are blessed with great vision. I am totally hopeful in this area.

  2. I must say BJ major score! I love it, industrial metal, great hands and honestly I don't think I would like it encased. I think that was meant to be just as it is. Was there any markings on it? Because I'm thinking it was handmade by someone in Industrial arts. Enjoy your über cool décor piece.

  3. What a great find. Perfect for that spot.

  4. A perfect place for the clock, and who would worry about no case, it doesn't need one there at all.

  5. -clapping hands- I think I solved the "Blog Size Issue" for Everyone!!!!!


  6. What a great find! The donuts too. xoox Su

  7. That is a great clock!
    Just stopped by for a peek at your blog...
    Will be returning.


  8. Looks like a great place to shop BJ. And, always a good cause.

  9. Now I want a donut! And would love an iced coffee too ~ :) The clock is perfect right where it is. I'm surprised that it's working and the hands are so delicate. Great find!


  10. Love your new clock! It looks perfect in its new home. Sally

  11. The clock face looks perfect on that wall! Great find!


  12. First and most importantly BJ I thank you for your donations to and purchases from the Disabled Veterans Organization. I do so on behalf of my nephew who is permanently disabled from multiple injuries in Afghanistan. On the good side he was happily married this summer and they are going through invitro to start their family.

    Now on to the clock---great find! Love that it said 'take me home'.

  13. I am glad you had a vision, it looks perfect there! You really scored! God bless you for supporting our vets.

  14. Great find! Did you say DAR-I just became a member not to long ago. Good Luck!

  15. You found the perfect clock.....

    God bless.

  16. Love the clock! The fun of thrift store is finding the bargain you didn't know you needed for wanted!!!

  17. believe it or not but my town has gained and lost a dunkin donuts at least twice, with the third new one still here. I prefer them over Krispy Kreme

  18. Maple ... I love maple ... so much, that I can't recall what I was going to say ... maple .....

    1. YOU are the cutest thing, Whisk....xoxo
      Coming over....

  19. The Clock goes well with the China....
    Hope that you and yours are well dear Lady...

  20. BJ, I love clocks too. Good find for your wall. Looks great. I love those donuts..but I rarely ever buy them. LOL....cause I would eat them, don't you know. :):) Hope you had a fun weekend. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  21. Looks great! How fun that you just knew that you could use it.

  22. I love clocks too and I would have bought it. Glad it works and it looks great on your wall.

  23. You got a great treasure and it looks so good on the wall where you placed it.
    Have a great week.

  24. What a GREAT clock!!! It's bigger than I thought it was when I see it hanging. Love it! I don't love your Dunkin' Donuts cuz I am OFF sugar for 30 days-thank you very much. xo Diana

  25. Looks great where you hung it. Lucky girl. Oh those donuts!!!

  26. Great find . . . perfect new "home spot" for it!

  27. I might pass on the donuts but we'd be hand-to-hand combat on that great clock!

  28. Love that perfect find and with a discount, too! Yippee. It looks great in it's new home...


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