Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Flying thru the Air....

Some of my friends may remember when I purchased this delightful
red umbrella and small metal table and chairs this past summer....
it looked so cheerful and fun out by the pool.

And, due to a lot of windy days around here,
I always kept a few bricks handy.

Well, I opened the umbrella to clean it a bit before putting it away for the winter.
but...I forgot to close it back and when some of the aftermath of
one of the strongest hurricanes ever, PATRICIA, sent wind and rain our way....
mostly WIND,

it ended up in THE POOL...
table and all.....

I swear...there's never a dull minute around this

After a large amount of eye-rolling,
the guys started
the rescue......

ATHENA thought surely that was a huge monster coming out of the pool...
of all the barking and running back and forth....


it's all out and looking good.
(notice the PINK FLAMINGO in the background...
Kathy put toboggans  on all three and made
Orange Bow Scarves for them....)

Athena never took her eyes off the whole thing....

The umbrella and table seem to be fine....
now those little lights might never be the same...

Sure glad I didn't have to dive in and rescue that umbrella...
it's pretty cool here this morning.

Kathy thought they needed WINTERIZING.... 
aren't they adorable !
Her little grands think the pink birds are so awesome, hanging out by the pool. 
So do I.  

xoxo bj 


  1. Oh no!! Same thing happened at my MIL's house a few years ago. It's amazing how powerful the wind is.

  2. Oh my goodness, that must have been quite a storm. Love the pink flamingo in his winter outfit.

  3. Oh yes, our umbrellas have taken a dive too:) Happy that your guys got them out without any damage! HUGS!

  4. Oh dear! I was wondering if you had been impacted by the storm. I'm glad the guys were able to rescue the table and umbrella.

  5. Oh my! I hope the umbrella isn't broken. We can never leave our umbrella up in the wind here, which is almost every day. The remnants of Patricia are coming our way tomorrow! The pink flamingos are so fun! Have a great day.

  6. It looks like you were able to rescue the pretty umbrella and table.

  7. Oh gosh, the 'monster coming out of the pool' cracked me up. I could see it all. Glad they got it out and you didn't have to jump in to rescue it. I am a Flamingo fan and those 'warmed' up guys look adorable!

  8. BJ, I have told my daughter so many times about closing her umbrella when Not out side...She's lost a couple. The worse thing I saw sailing by once was a huge trampoline. ...Looked like a flying saucer. LOL Your table and umbrella must be clean by now. I hope it did hurt it or the pool. Gotta love your heroes though. :):) Out here, we have learn it better nailed down, weighted down , or tied down, or it's on it's way to Albuquerque . That's just a place I picked once when my girls were little and the wind blew things away. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. I'm so glad the table and umbrella are OK. Our glass tables at the farm keep flipping in the wind so I stick an old broom handle upside down through the hole and use a concrete block with an opening at the bottom.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  10. Wow. I hope the pool was not damaged when the table and umbrella fell in. So glad the men were able to get it out. The flamingos looks so cute in their hats and bows. We also had a lot of wind here and rain the last two days. I have had some small limbs down and the leaves came down in droves. When it dries out I will get the leaf blower out and get to work. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Oh dear. Glad they found a good way to fish it out. Love the decorated flamingo?

  12. Ohhhh no, glad it was saved and OK. Crazy times with Mother Nature.

  13. -grin- Gotta' put those outside umbrellas down... folded.... Come autumn. :-))))))

    So cute flamingos!!!

    .•*¨`*•. ☆ .•*¨`*•
    Hugs and magic

  14. Never a dull moment, love the Flamingo's dress ups!!! We have had a huge umbrella blow onto the lawn, one strut was broken, so that went to the rubbish dump. Now we have a huge bucket weighed down with stones and sand, to hold it safely down.

  15. So glad the umbrella and the table are OK!!!! Glad you had some strong guys to haul it out:) LOVE the hats and scarves on the flamingoes! Too cute!!!! We are getting the rain and WIND here today. UGH!!!

  16. What a storm and the flamingoes are just great hi hi...a lovely post!
    Have a happy week and take care...

  17. Oh my! If it's not flying off it is upside down! Glad everything and the brolly is OK -- it really is a terrific piece!

  18. Oh my golly! Look at that, wow!

    Glad it didn't break, those boogers are expensive,

  19. Why does everyone blame the umbrella when it wants to swim? Umbrellas have feelings too

  20. Oh dear, your little table and umbrella went "Splish, Splash," but I'm so glad they survived their dip! The flamingoes are darling.

  21. I *LOVE* the flamingos! My neck of the woods (Texas hill country) got more rain than wind, which was a good thing. Nice save of the umbrella, and isn't it good to know that Athena is ready to protect you from all monsters, lol? If you let the lights dry out for a couple of weeks, they might be fine - we've had good luck if we don't plug stuff in until it's completely, totally dry :-)

  22. What an adventure!! I wonder what planet Athena thinks that round red alien landed from!

    I'm so glad it wasn't a glass-or-tile table---that coulda been dangerous.

    I so love your flamngoes---they've been one of my favorite embellishments since way back when they were TACKY and not KEWL. I'm still looking for something flamingo for my new pink kitchen---maybe a soap dispenser or some small something.

    Glad you weren't in the line of travel when that thing took off!!


  23. That is too funny. I'm glad the red umbrella and table survived the dunking-I 'm not so sure about the lights.

  24. Well I'm glad the guys saved the day! But I wouldn't plug the lights in for a while:@)

  25. So glad that it didn't turn the umbrella inside out and it is useable..
    Have a Happy Halloween..

  26. I love your pink flamingos! I have had the same thing happen with a table and umbrella...when we lived at the farm. We had to fish them both out of the pool. Once just the umbrella took flight and rolled down our front field...about 400 feet. Hubby was running after until there was a flash of lightening. (He ran track in high school) he did a quick sprint back to the house.
    Lots of action around your place! ha.
    Sheila E

  27. Happy you didn't get blown in the pool with the umbrella/table with all that wind!
    Like those cute flamingoes . . .
    Happy Halloween . . .

  28. I love that you stopped to grab a photo and the shared it with us. You are very funny.

  29. A good flight but looked like a rough landing. Glad everything turned out okay. I am sure this will not be the last time for that table to take flight unless you keep it weighted down or the umbrella closed all the time and what fun is that.
    Funny, but not funny. I am sure you will have a few laughs about it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  30. BJ,
    Patricia was terribly fierce in your area, dear freind!!!
    You have the most handsome rescue team!!! (wink!)
    Button down the umbrella and table next time there's a storm!!!
    Wishing you smooth sailing!!!

  31. Good thing you weren't sitting at the table when the hurricane winds hit - you would have gone flying into the pool, too! Our son and daughter-in-law have a beautiful home in the hills with an incredible view. Their great room is on the second level with a deck outside. A year ago we had some high winds and their umbrella and table decided to fly, too. The deck has a fairly tall railing around it but the wind picked up the umbrella and table high above the railing and sent it crashing to the ground two stories below. Never to be put back together again! You just never know about these great umbrellas, do you? They seem to have a life of their own.


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