Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Barnards Farm in Oregon

We didn't visit SOUVENIR SHOPS on our beautiful OREGON trip...

but we DID visit BERNARDS FARM
and it was SOOO cool.

 Mr. Sweet got this photo of a vintage tractor in from of the fruit and flower stand.

Jent rented us the neatest SUV while we were in Portland
so that we could all ride together to the places Drew and Jessamy
took us.

hahhaa...I love taking pics of her taking pics....:)

See that large greenhouse in the photo..?  
FULL of beautiful flowers.

 We didn't buy flowers since we were on a trip but I sure wanted to buy buckets of them....
the people grew them right there on their farm in fields as well as their greenhouse.

...so many veggies and nuts and flowers...
I didn't get photos of all of them...

Drew and Jessamy looking over the jellies and honey
produced right there on the farm....

Stacy bringing home some OREGON pumpkins...

The colors just took my breath away...
I LOVED this stop on our trip....

 Mr. Sweet bought sacks of nuts...
Hazel and Walnuts....
we bought several bags of shelled walnuts, too.
sooo good.....

 I bought ONE jar of Raspberry Jam..
Only ONE jar....good grief...

It is the best jam I've ever tasted...

and I am pretty mad at myself (pissed off, really ) for buying one lone little tiny jar !!
Sometimes, I seriously wonder about myself....

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  1. Only one jar???? Oh my goodness. Silly girl.

  2. Silly girl . . . One jar . . .
    I wonder if you could order some and have them sent to you . . .
    Raspberry in winter is very Important!

  3. ALWAYS buy MORE!!! MORE is always BETTER!!!
    Unless, of course, it turns out not to be good! I guess we should buy ONE jat - take it to the car and open it - taste it and then go BACK to get another DOZEN or so if it proved to be good!!!
    But, at least you DID get that ONE jar!!!

  4. One jar? That sounds like something I'd do. I love places like that!

  5. I love Raspberry jam ... yikes, one jar? The barn and farm stand goodies all look fantastic, I love stops and visits like this one you experienced. You and I have the same wire basket, mine came from Magnolia (Fixer Uppers store).

  6. It does look like autumn in the Pacific Northwest. Great photos, BJ. Like the wash tub best ;-)

  7. bj- What a wonderful trip for all of you! That place looks like so much fun to visit and I love all the flowers there. Isn't it fun to just hang out with those kids no matter what you do?
    So glad you had a good time and lashes on you for only getting one jar of that jam. xo Diana

  8. That looks like a wonderful visit to Oregon.

    I haven't been to Oregon in years, but I used to spend my summers there with my grandmother who lived in Portland.

  9. No wonder you loved the trip. The 'happy autumn' pic is perfect.

  10. I just know the color was amazing. I have never been to Oregon, but it certainly looked like a marvelous time!! Why is it, you can make a piece of toast look so darn good!!!!

  11. Oh what a wonderful trip! I know you totally enjoyed your time with the family! That jam makes my mouth water! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  12. Beautiful old barn!!!!!!!!

    And oh that jam looks like spreadable jewels!!!!

    Pumpkin hugs,

  13. What a great place. They have a nice web site, too. I was checking to see if they'd have more jam for sale online. No go, but they have a nifty recipe section. Looks as if you saw lots of beautiful autumn color and spent quality time with your loves. Mr. Sweet was very smart about gathering in those walnuts and hazelnuts. I see lots of holiday baking in your future!

  14. Oh That makes me home sick for Portland, I use to always go out there once a year sometime 2-3 times.
    My kids and grand-kids are all busy with their lives now so I don't go as often.
    I have thought my next trip i'll just stay downtown and surprise my family after being there a couple days.
    We always go to the coast also , Lincoln City, Seaside, Garibaldi where I always picked up lots oyster shells

    Liked seeing your pictures

  15. What a fantastic day you all must have had. My son is moving to Seattle and I can't wait to visit that part of the country. Yeah, what were you thinking-only 1 jar? Have a great day!

  16. Oh...this looks like a place my hubby and I would love to visit! Man, you are l-o-n-g way from home!

  17. No doubt you must have driven there. The last time I flew, the airline took away small jars of jelly a lady had given me. Glad you where able to enjoy the sights of Oregon.

  18. Oh, I would love to be there at the Farm House looking through all those products. That jam looks so delicious!

  19. When we are on vacation, we need to remember to spend, spend, spend. When we are home, be frugal. Then we have dollars for the family trips. Tip: From a Red Hat Friend, Saturday. Just sharing it with you.
    JM, IL

  20. Fall harvest farms are so much fun. We used to go to one in Illinois with the grandkids to find pumpkins, pet the goats, etc.

  21. Farm stands are so awesome this time of year! This farm looks so beautiful, what a fun trip!

    1. BJ, Isn't that the way of it?? If you had bought many jars of jam it may not have tasted so good. :) Everything looked great thought. I love going to orchards and seeing apple butters , pumpkin butters and jams and jellies. They are just too tempting to pass up. Plus those flowers would have been nice. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  22. These are my favorite kind of places. I'm gonna look it up and see how close to home it is.

  23. Love old barns and farmer's markets! If I were you, I'd order more of that jam! :) It would be difficult for me to resist the flowers too but I'd probably go crazy with all the other things there.


  24. I love farms like this. Major FUN!!


  25. Sounds like you had a great trip! I hope you have learned your lesson, young lady! ALWAYS buy more:):):)

  26. This was a great part of your trip. Great photos. I know you wished you had bought more of that jam. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  27. a tractor with tank "wheels"?

  28. You sound like me! I went to a neat shop and bought ONE bar of their soap and now I wish I had more! Love your photos! Hugs, Diane

  29. That looks like fun! I love farm field trips. :-) Or - I guess you might not call them field trips, but after many many years of home schooling, I still do.

  30. You are talking about my old stomping grounds! Lived many years in OR, and a drive up to Multnomah Falls was a favorite Sunday get-away! Oregon is beautiful in the Fall, and there are so many wonderful old farms to visit for those special pumpkins and squash. We were definitely pickers, canners and jam makers when we lived there.....strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blue berries! I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip!

  31. BJ,
    What a wonderful stop on your trip, dear friend!!!
    I'll just bet you can make some equally delicious jam as that you bought!!!

  32. It's wonderful, BJ! I love all those pumpkins -- it looks like you went at exactly the right time of year! What fun you must have had -- your photos say it all!


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