Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back from a Fabulous Vacation

....just to say I am back home from a
but it's going to take a few days to get photos and words put together
to tell and show you what a fabulous trip
 our daughter, STACY and her sweetie, JENT,
took us on.

 Along with STACY and JENT,
we flew to Portland Oregon
for JENT to pick up a motor home his company had purchased.

It just so happens their oldest son, DREW, lives there.
STACY invited us to "go along for the ride" and

the Golden Gate Bridge
The Calif. coast line which is breathtaking
All the beautiful grape vineyards in the Napa Valley

My FB friends already have seen photos Stacy put online....
she works faster than I do..:)

a favorite foto from the trip....

...have you ever seen such a B.I.G.

meee, either...

and Mr. Sweet said it was as delicious
as it was BIG.

This was somewhere in

We LOVED seeing this beautiful waterfall...
it was sooo amazing IN PERSON...

Our grandson,
DREW and his
JESSAMY took us to this waterfall, among other beautiful sites in OREGON.

"We love ya'll sooo much...."

The Rose Garden in Portland was breathtaking and beautiful...

but our girl, STACY, was the most beautiful of all....

See what I mean ?

...all the beautiful drives along the coast line just took my breath away.
(I have about a kazillion photos of it, too. )

Stay tuned for other photos on our almost 4000 mile trip (including air miles)


I even took a seat in a BUTT STOOL
(refused to let Mr. Sweet take a photo of me in it, tho.)

and back into TEXAS 
Riding in a motor home is the ONLY way to go....:)

LOVE, bj


  1. How fun! I look forward to the photos. I didn't notice those were butts until you pointed it out. I just thought they were midcentury or something, but my daughter noticed right away when I showed her! xoxo Su

  2. Wonderful. Looks like great fun was had by all!

  3. Welcome home, BJ. Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip. The northwest is so beautiful. Can't wait to see more photos. '-)

  4. What fun for you and yours, bj! I am so happy for you all.

    Glad you are back safe and sound - looking forward to seeing your pics! ♥

  5. What a great adventure---can't wait to hear more. Your pics are lovely!!!

    Jane x

  6. I was about to say, that stool looks a little like something

  7. What a great time for you all ,looking forward top the rest of the photos. Well, maybe not the whole gazillion!!!

  8. Can't wait to hear about this GREAT adventure!

  9. Sounds DELIGHTFUL!
    Love the pics!

  10. Fun! Fun! Fun! Welcome home:)

  11. How fun that was for you! Glad you had a safe one. Looking forward to more photos.

  12. YEAH! Sounds like an awesome trip! Happy that you had a great time with those you love:) No better way to travel! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  13. That looks like a wonderful trip! Your daughter is beautiful and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos!

  14. How marvelous! You made some happy memories too! Sweet hugs, Diane

  15. What a fun trip! Can't wait to see more!

  16. We have been talking about taking that trip, driving up through Colorado and Montana, then into Washington and down the coast. We have a dear friend in Northern California who lives on the coast, so we would be able to stop to see her. When we visit her, we get to see all those wonderful places along the coast. Look forward to your pictures, BJ!

  17. You are one lucky girl...a trip, family, and beautiful scenery! Looking forward to your pics! Sheila

  18. Wow, looks like so much fun. I am happy you got to travel with those you love. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    God bless.

  19. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing it with us, and looking forward to seeing more pics.

  20. WOW!! Anxious to see more photos. Glad you are home safely. Sally

  21. Hi Bj,
    WOW that is amazing and I can't wait to see and hear more about your fabulous vacation. Thanks for sharing these photos. I missed you! Enjoy your Friday and weekend.
    Hugs, Julie xo

  22. Oh bj what a wonderful trip. My baby daughter and her family lived in Portland, Oregon for a while they now live in Battle Ground, Washington. The first trip my husband and I made out there we saw the lovely waterfalls and the beautiful landscape also the rose garden in Portland, And being born in California I know you enjoyed that part of your trip. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. Can't wait to see more pics and hear all about it!

  24. Oh I hoped that you were doing something fun! I'll say!

  25. I kind of figured you were on holiday. But oh what a holiday, it was!!!!!

    Flying out. Motor homing back. Wow, wow, wow....

    So happy for you.

    Years ago, we went to Napa Valley and down to Caramel... To tell the truth, I was scared all the time in CA. For fear "The Big One' would hit and I'd be there!!!! -grin- I was so happy, when our plane lifted off, heading home. I felt... "Hahhhh, it didn't get me!!!" Silly me, hu?


  26. How fun! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about it!

  27. What a wonderful time you must have had. Our dream is to rent a Bus and take our take our daughter and grandson that are here and go to missouri to pick up the others and then drive to Wyoming and up in that area.
    I can't wait to hear more about your fun trip. Glad your home safe and sound. Missed you.

  28. Oh what a fun vacation! I can't wait to hear more about it BJ. Yes, Stacy is a beautiful girl and looks like you. Hugs.

  29. Happy for you all. Looking forward to read a see more. Your daughter is sweet looking like you.

    Glad your home safe and know one was ill.

  30. Lucky you and Mr. Sweet ... a good trip, lovely scenery with family ... what could be better. Glad you had a good time and got to be with Drew and Jessamy. Love the picture of Stacy smelling the rose ... she is beautiful. Memory making picture of you and Stacy.

  31. BJ,
    Oh, what fun!!!
    . . .and what a memorable time with family!!!
    I'll be watching for more photos, soon, dear friend!!!

  32. Looks like a wonderful trip. Portland looks beautiful. So glad you had a great time and made it home safe and sound!

  33. Sounds like an awesome trip. Multnomah Falls is impressive. No matter how many times I'm down that way I always want to stop and see the falls again.

  34. What an amazing adventure you have had. And, so great that you were able to share it with your family. That waterfall is breathtaking. What, no butt stool photo?! haha

  35. It looks like a fabulous trip BJ! I missed the photos on FB but I'm heading over to see them now. What a treat to share it with your kids :>)

  36. Such fun and incredibly beautiful places! So much to see and do in each state ~ glad you enjoyed your adventure!


  37. I'm waaayyy behind on visiting posts and here I see you were in my corner of the world. The photo from Cannon Beach is so sweet! I see why it's your favorite. You really got to see some great sites while you were in Portland.

  38. Your family is soooo wonderful, bj, and I'm so happy for you and your hubby. What a fabulous trip of a lifetime it must've been! I was in Ohio, visiting with my mom and sister and I'm a little behind on reading posts.

  39. Oh, my friend, you already know you were SO close to me and your photos are places that are favorites of mine. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. I'm catching up - again - so I'll stay tuned and see what you have to share.


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