Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A little bit more of Autumn

what a beautiful month.
Here on the Plains of West Texas, it's been one of the best we've ever had.

When it rained the other day, it didn't last nearly long enuf....
it did, however, encourage me to put out just a bit more of
Fall at the Summer House.

I like the golds and whites of Autumn
faux flowers but

 I don't care for the bright orange of fauxs the stores are full of.

I love the real leaves of orange, dark red and amber.

The leaves on trees here in West Texas don't change to beautiful colors like in other states....and, we don't have many trees.

I saw this row of Autumn color one day, leaving the park...
I'm pretty sure these trees were planted just so they
could put on the FALL SHOW....
and I'm glad they did.....just beautiful.

I have a few more Autumn decorations but not sure I'll put them all out this year.
I'll get a few more out next week, tho, to have thru Thanksgiving.

I love the reflection of my special room in my mother's vintage mirror...
somehow, it makes me feel she is near.

Of course, looking at the mirror, everything in the room looks backwards
and it's FREAKIN ME OUT.

Even my little COW CREAMER wanted to get in on the 
Autumn show.....:>)

Autumn always brings one of my favorite treats to mind.....

DATE NUT LOAF....ummmm
xoxo, bj


  1. Lovely flowers, and yummy loaf .Enjoy your autumn, as down here spring bulbs are still flowering, grass is growing, vege plants doing well , and a light snowfall way down south.

  2. The Autumn colours are so lovely. Love the colourful leaves of the trees in the park. I like how you decorated your little cow creamer and I am drooling over your date nut loaf...

  3. It is so pretty, bj. Even if you don't get a lot of color there what you have is beautiful.
    Love your "through the looking glass" view of your room in your mom's mirror.
    I had to close my eyes when you showed the date nut loaf....lol I am off sugar! xo Diana

  4. Beautiful! I am enjoying the FALL colors here too:) So many pretty leaves still hanging on the trees! Love your pretty room and the memories you enjoy! Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  5. Love the trees and the date nut loaf.

  6. What a heartwarming post. Greetings.

  7. I love the colours of autumn as well BJ.

    God bless.

  8. I'm glad to hear weather has been good. I had heard Hurricane Patricia was suppose to come to Texas but it went through Mexico and Texas with minimal damage for the hurricane power it was suppose to have

  9. Autumn is a pretty time of the year. We have been having rain and wind the past two days so the trees are losing their leaves fast. Your date nut loaf looks delicious. Have a blessed day, Madeline

  10. I keep "grabbing" your pics of your mirrored window frames. Because I so want to do that here. On either side of the fireplace, on the all brick (dark) wall.

    And look!!!!! Today you show the same idea, in your house! Wheeeeee.... Another 'template' to show my husband. He who makes my 'Ideas" happen. Like Mr. Sweet.

    Often such mirrored windows, are made of old windows. Like shabby chic... Which to me equals expensive. 'Cause if people have these old windows, they want money for them.

    but a handy man can just make a window frame. with wood, and paint it. and sand a bit off, if it looks too New, for the old brick wall.

    It's the mirror part, that costs. -pout- And I am soooooo Scotch, that I hate to spend money. But!!! I so want that wall to be a wee bit 'brighter.' -sigh- :-) Well, it's a possibility. And seeing yours, has given me more umph, to set it in motion. Thank you Honey-Bun!!!!!!

    Pumpkin hugs,

  11. I love the golds you have added. I'm glad to see you did get a little fall color in those trees, so pretty! I hate the faux oranges (and browns! Yuck!) that I see in stores now to. Although I love the natural colors I am finding outside.

  12. So glad you are having a beautiful autumn. I love this time of year!

  13. Your autumn looks gorgeous. Love seeing your pretty mantel and that checked mantel runner is so beautiful.
    The loaf sounds pretty yummo too!

  14. BJ,
    Cooler weather must bring out the Baker in all of us, dear friend!!!
    I made homemade Banana Nut Bread & Muffins yesterday!!!
    I l o v e Sunflowers. . .so~o~o, I'm l o v i n' your Fall arrangement!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Dear bj. Love your look for Fall. I have not done much for Fall either ... mantel and dining table is about all. Been too busy finishing up the bath remodel. I love those colored trees. We don't have many trees here that turn pretty colors, but enjoy what we have.

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  16. BJ, my comment went into the wrong spot..so sorry. I wanted to say I love your room and the big fall bouquet. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  17. Those colors make me smile big -- and the date loaf looks unbelievably fabulous!

  18. Nice post. Love your Autumn looks. You can keep the nut muffins though. Hehe. And just wanted to say now I know why I am not a fan of candy corn.
    Have a great week!

  19. I'm so glad we finally are getting our fall weather Pretty pic's and I love your Mom's mirror.

  20. Reflections are backwards - oh my sweet BJ you just cracked me up!!! Love your Fall décor, you fill your home with love and warmth,

  21. Huge fan of Date Nut Loaf. My best friend makes one that is so yummy I wait for it every years. She makes hers for the Christmas time. I can't get enough of fall color.


  22. Love your fall decorations, gorgeous colors! Love that date bread!


  23. Looks good BJ - love the beautiful colors of those trees. We don't get a lot of pretty colored trees here in So CA..
    Those muffin look so goooooooooood - I'll have two please.

  24. We are experiencing autumn in Greece this year and have just planted lettuce which we will harvest in 60 days or less and yesterday planted a pomegranate in 73-degree weather. It is different well, maybe I should say, delightful! Love your fall colors though!

  25. Your home looks so warm and welcoming for Fall, bj. Yes please, I'd love a slice of date and nut loaf...one of my favorites!!


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