Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Bittersweet Post.....

When someone does something so so nice for me,
I can never express how thankful and thrilled and pleased and humbled
I am...

I hope this post says THANK YOU to my blogging friend, LYNNE,

She sent me a box full of beautiful
a whole, big box.

I have never seen Bittersweet ...
REAL Bittersweet before.

and Lynne tells me it grows wild in
her beautiful state.

She tells me the orange outer part will open up and fall away,
leaving the bright orange berries...
wow...I can't even imagine finding a bunch of this beautiful plant growing wild...
Is it a vine..shrub..?
Lynne says she snips the leaves away...

I LOVE the leaves and will hang onto them until they turn to dust.

The leaves, berries...even the stems are beautiful....

"Thanks so much, was such a sweet thing to do for me.
The little card is adorable and sitting on the chest in the dining room."


  1. What a heartwarming post. Greetings and best wishes.

  2. OH! You are SOOO lucky, bj! What a great little present. Bittersweet is my FAVORITE fall decoration. I can't find it here anywhere anymore! It has all but been eradicated. I spent hours driving backroads this year looking for it with no luck. I am just plain jealous! lol

    bj- just be sure to not let the berries drop on anything and get "squished"-they do stain. It will dry beautifully and hold up for years, too. xo Diana

  3. Aw, that is so sweet. I love the look of it. Amazing what God grows for us!

  4. Thanks bj . .
    Very sweet thank you . . .
    It is a vine and pay heed to the stain message . . .
    I wouldn't want any berries staining that pretty new sofa!

  5. This is stunning. And I also have to tell you that unless you have your own bittersweet bushes, it is an extremely expensive and prized gift. I know -- I was going to buy a couple of "branches" at the market last weekend but I need to wait for my next Social Security check! You are one lucky woman!

  6. Lynne is a sweet blogger that I follow too. What a sweet surprise for you to get from her!

  7. Lovely gift. I love the colours of Bittersweet. Deb

  8. Oh how nice of Lynne, she is such a sweetie! I love bittersweet and we used to have a patch that I'd "borrow" from down a country road not far from here, but it's disappeared and I've not found any the last couple of years. Darn it. I also will say to be careful it doesn't stain your pretties.

  9. How sweet:) Friends are precious to us, aren't they? Have a blessed day dear B. J. Hugs

  10. That was just a sweet thing to do and share her bittersweet with you! Aren't our blogging friends the best? Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. It is a vine and I love it! We finally have some growing in our woods and I am hoping I can cut a little for decorating. What a sweet thing to get!

  12. Ohhhh, bj!

    What lovely stuff, and what a stupendous gift! I've always loved the idea of it, but don't know if any of our Southern look-alikes (all of which we called bittersweet, or at least I did, as I filled vases and jars for the Fall tables) were ever the real thing. I understand that these just slough off their goldy skins like tee-ninecy tomatillos, to reveal the Autumn glory beneath. My neighbor has a great long rattan bicycle basket spilling out the bright vine on her front door.

    This reminds me of all the years that we sent boxes with great armfuls of mistletoe from our woods to my Sis' in-laws in Pennsylvania. They were astounded that our trees had huge clumps just hanging up there, free for the taking (a very tall ladder, a very agile kid, or my two sons, who are sharp-shooters, and could bring down a big swag with not a berry bruised).

    They paid a dollar or two for a tiny sprig for their lapels, and here came these boxes with pounds and pounds of the stuff.

    What a lovely post, and your photo-skills are superb!


    1. Dear Rachel, I do hope you come back by and read this as I have no other way to say THANK are a NO REPLY emailer and no blog...I do thank you for your wonderful comment
      . I can remember traveling to East Texas and saw so much Mistletoe hanging on the trees. We got a lot of it to bring back to West Texas, bagged it and our kids went door to door selling it. So much fun.
      xoxo bj

  13. That is truly sweet of her to send you all that bittersweet!

  14. What a wonderful gift and friend to have sent you this. Enjoy it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. When we first moved into the country in 1975, hordes of bittersweet grew along the side of our half-mile lane for me to decorate my home in the autumn. By the time we moved in 2002, there had been none growing for a decade or more. We figured that the weed killer used by the farmer who had land on either side of our lane must have killed it- so sad because bittersweet is such a beautiful plant.

  16. bj...bittersweet has been one of my favorite things for many, many years...every since I found it growing along the railroad tracks close to where I was raised in Ohio. I found some growing near our cabin (when we had it) in VA...lovely stuff. What a sweet, friend to send you this lovely gift! Be careful, I do believe the berries are poisonous to pets :) Happy Thursday!

  17. Always nice to have someone think of you!

  18. Oh how nice. I love it. I've never seen it either. I'd love some.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. BJ what a beautiful gift from your friend, Bittersweet is a Fall favorite of mine but for a few years locating it has been nearly impossible. Enjoy it my sassy friend,

  20. i want a sazzy hug? pls, doing well. we r n your neck of the woods. just left Carlsbad Caverns, gorgeous out here. the hubs & i celebrate 11 yrs so. ( ;

  21. Hi bj ... love your bittersweet ... so sweet of Lynne to send you some. Don't remember seeing it growing in the part of Michigan we lived in. You will have a lot fun decorating with it. Lynne has a real interesting blog and I enjoyed visiting her. I commented on how thoughtful it was of her to send you such a nice gift. Lucky you ... enjoy.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. Oh how fun! I have never seen real bittersweet either. I love the look of it. I bet you had fun with that box!

  23. BJ,
    That bittersweet is the "real" deal!!!
    Love the real vs. the faux!!!
    On the other side of the Prairie it grows wild as a vine (much like grapevines)
    along the fences and posts. Not on this side of the Prairie, though!!!
    Enjoy your precious "gift"!!!


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