Monday, September 28, 2015

Who SAID "Man/woman can not live by bread alone...???"

 The following bread can become addictive...

 I buy this bread at our local market 
and it's so good, I am having trouble finding words....
Yeah....RIGHT...:).....but it is VERY good...

Not only is it DELISH...
it could win a BEAUTY PAGEANT...(is that spelled right??)

....just take a look at those little APRICOT NUGGETS.....ummmm

Only a tiny bit of butter
and toasted....

...add fruit...
this morning we had large, juicy, sweet grapes

and another favorite,


 a pretty but simple table centerpiece ...
(and I often use candles at breakfast...why not..? )

A very simple breakfast..
but sure was good..:)

Appears this is totally random  but this was part of that early morning centerpiece...

If you have a bakery in your groc. store, I bet they make this 
amazing bread...
Look for it and......
your welcome. :>)

xo bj


  1. I don't normally eat much bread, but do enjoy some of the artisan breads. That one does look and sound good.
    Maybe I should spend more time in the bakery area. :)

  2. BJ, I am a bread lover...I could never work in a bakery...I would eat all the profits. LOL. I absolutely love nuts bread too. I like rye, pumpernickel , you name it. Yes, I like butter on it too. Good breakfast. xoxo,Susie

  3. That bread looks delightful!!! We always have bread with our meals, but the closest I could ever get to this (not too adventurous here) is toasted raisin bread.

    God bless.

  4. The bread looks heavenly!! You make me hungry every time I visit!

    Happy Fall, BJ!

    Jane x

  5. I LOVE bread!!! AND Apricots! A match made in heaven and I shall be on the look out for some of that delectable stufff!!

  6. The best bread I ever ate was Longhorn Steakhouse's complementary bread. It's Daisy's favorite restaurant, so I get it often

  7. Your centerpiece and the bread looks yummy, BJ you know how to celebrate mealtime and I love that about you.

  8. We have a Market Street and I'm off to hunt for this bread. Looks so good. Your centerpiece is simple and cute!

  9. Oh, my goodness! That bread looks amazing. They should have you do their promo!!! love your table, too... We did get some purple grapes... so rich this year. I will trade ya breakfasts! lol

  10. You're speaking my language! :) That's some serious bread there. Have you tried the Jalapeno-Cheddar? LOVE it! I think it's appropriate to use candles anytime...I do.


  11. That looks scrumptious!
    The 'simple breakfast' has a lot going for it!

  12. Fruit and toast...hmmm I will look for a bread like that.

  13. May I please join y'all for breakfast? I am putting the apricot bread on my shopping list!!! Oh Yum!!!!

  14. It sure does look yummy!
    Market day for me, maybe I will purchase bread AND pumpkins!

  15. I could live on bread but we've cut it out of our eating the last month and sadly I've lost weight proving again that bread (in the quantities I like) can add to the waist line. . .BUT I draw the line on fat vs. bread when it comes to Greece. . .I am on countdown until we get back there and can buy fresh baked bread from the local bakeries. . .with or without butter, it is amazing!

  16. Wow does that bread ever looks and sounds delicious. Today is coffee day so enjoy your coffee and have a blessed and wonderful day. Madeline

  17. I am a bread addict,, I could never follow a low carb diet because I love bread, good bread and this is a very very good bread, sounds delicious!
    your table loos so inviting, so warm and cosy, so lovely,

  18. I thank God many a day that I'm not intolerant of gluten! I love bread!!

  19. Delicious AND beautiful! Now that's a dangerous combination! Yum!

  20. Yum bj. You always make me want your good things to eat. HA! We are leaving on a trip to France tomorrow. I have pre-posted my posts for October but I will not be able to comment. We are thrilled to be going on this trip. I am thinking great pastries and delicious French food. Can't wait.

    Have a great month and I will see you in Nov.

    Love, Jeanne

  21. I wouldn't mind having bread for breakfast. Your apricot bread looks so delicious. I love apricot bread too!

  22. Toast and fruit is a big enough breakfast for me, and this looks delicious BJ

  23. I wish they made that bread, but I haven't seen it. It sounds wonderful!

    BJ, your new couch and the hutch look fantastic! I'm so happy for you, my friend :)


  24. I can almost taste it looks so good! I'll be keeping an eye out for this one.


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xo bj