Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Well, I am back in good health...
THIS round of sickness wasn't nearly as bad as
back in March with the pneumonia.
My thanks to all who wished me a fast recovery. xoxoxoxo

I had started the process of painting the little vintage hutch
just before I got it took a bit longer than I had intended.

A blogger asked why I wanted to paint it...
plain and simple...I don't care for this color wood....
in fact, I am not a fan of WOOD COLORS much...some I like...
and I think a piece or two in a room grounds the whole scene, but only a FEW, for me.

I wanted to leave the doors off the hutch because you can see my collection of white ironstone so much better....
(I'll store the little doors because as FICKLE as I am, I will want them back on next year...)

but where the hinges were really bugged me.

As always, Mr. Sweet came to my rescue (he's been rescuing me for over 55 years) 

and cut some trim he had in the garage and fitted it right over those hinge marks..

 The above photo was taken before we added the trim to cover hinge indentions.

ahhh, I am sooo happy with the bright little hutch all dressed in LIGHT FRENCH GRAY.
 I wanted to use the original hardware as it is so pretty and it was in
great shape...
just darkened and a bit dirty.
I cleaned them up and spray painted with a Bronze Metallic  paint
and they came out just perfect...
I LOVE spray paint...

I have a nice collection of white ironstone.
I started it about 15 years ago and I'm so glad I did.
I've really enjoyed it...even more than my blue and white collection, I think.

Oh, boy...I am sooo proud of how it turned out.

I am happy with bringing my little vintage hutch out of the '70's
into the present....
It fits so much better in my room and I love the lightness...
besides....I have ALWAYS loved painted furniture.

You want FOOD...???

How about 
 (no milk with lemon juice or vinegar...just GOTTA be the real thing)

bake part of the dough in tiny biscuits... 

and part deep fried and rolled in SUGAR and CINNAMON 

xox, bj 

Before and After Wed.


  1. Lovely, beautiful collection, handles add the finishing touch to perfection. Well done to you both.

  2. I tend to prefer painted furniture too, it just seems to bring out the details in the wood so well. I am also not a fan of the darkness of wood, especially the inside of hutches where the shadows make it so hard to display pretty pieces. Your hutch looks so pretty in the light French grey! What kind of paint did you use? Is it a chalk paint?

  3. I am just lovin' all you gray BJ! What a marvelous collection of white china you have! A treasure I tell you! This was just a fun, fun post....fantastic creativity! Your light shines dear one!!!

  4. I like the little hutch. And the way he fixed the hinge notch problem was genius!

  5. Goodness gracious... that is one beautiful hutch:) LOVE it all painted up! Happy you are on the mend, can't keep a good woman down... too much to do:) Enjoy your day dear friend! Oh and the biscuits look YUMMY! HUGS!

  6. Your cabinet looks GORGEOUS! If you don't like the wood, why NOT paint it? And very pretty with the ironstone, very fresh.

    I'm so glad you are feeling better. No one needs the yuck during the last sweet days of summer, the early days of fall.

  7. Very pretty . . . love the lightness . . . The green Ivy looks pretty with your Ironstone . . .

  8. BJ, the hutch turned out fantastic, I love the color. All that white ironstone makes my heart go pitter patter.You should be proud. Glad you're feeling better.

  9. You are right...the hutch looks SOOO much better! Good job, bj!

  10. As always, just lovely, BJ. I'm a natural wood person, so I seldom consider painting anything. I do love your ironstone.

  11. It looks real nice, BJ. I am amazed at your energy even when sick or recovering. So glad that you're doing so much better and I am can't wait to see what's next. Nice fix from Mr. Sweet. He does great work!

  12. Happy Fall! Your hutch is beautiful and painting it white was a great idea. Removing the doors was another great choice and your lovely collection looks wonderful inside.

    BJ, I'm also sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. That's one of the downsides of posting once a week. You miss out on quite a bit. I am glad to hear you're better now. Blessings... :)

  13. Happy first day of fall bj. Your hutch turned out beautiful. Those biscuits look delicious. Glad you are feeling better. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I have furniture i want to paint also. Love that color.

  15. Your hutch is lovely!

    But most of all, I am happy you are better!


  16. BJ so glad you're feeling like yourself again. The hutch looks pretty painted and the ironstone is beautiful ... A few baby white boos would look delightful inside. Yup BJ can you tell I'm pumpkin crazy. Yum biscuits, save me one! Come visit me sweet one.

  17. I knew a guy who said he painted a piece of furniture he got for $6 and the paint costed him $36. Though it's still cheaper than getting it new

  18. Jean, It turned out so pretty. I have a hutch I've been needing to paint for the last's been stored under the carport outside until the interior work was done. I loved how yours turned out. Thanks for the inspirtation.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  19. the "deep-Fried" biscuit-bits" sound good...
    Hope that you and yours are well...
    The "Hutch" ( Where's "Starsky"...??? .... lol) looks Great ... especially with your wonderful White "glassware displayed.... told you not to "worry"... judging from your past work we knew that it would turn out very well....

  20. Bj,
    Glad you are feeling better. Oh my gosh the hutch looks amazing. Love the color and now your ironstone just pops on the shelves. So pretty.

  21. Love the color of your hutch- it turned out beautifully! I had to skip over the biscuits..your food posts always make me hungry! LOL!

  22. BJ,
    Your French Gray Cabinet is magnificent, dear friend!!!
    Like you, I grow quite weary of orange~yellow wood tones!!!
    The white ironstone collection looks awesome on the freshly painted hutch!!!
    Fried apples were on the Menu for today's First day of Autumn. . .
    what was I thinking??? They would have been even better with a biscuit!!! (wink!)

  23. OH How Beautiful!! Love how it turned out!
    And am glad to hear you're on the mend!

  24. Great choice for the color and you did a real good job! It's great that you will enjoy it so much more now that it's not the wood color you don't like. :)

  25. The hutch is so lovely! You did a fantastic job!

  26. The hutch looks great, bj, and the ironstone looks so pretty. Mr. Sweet is, well, just a sweetheart, like my beloved was to me. I like painted furniture and I say, do what you love!

  27. BJ, your little hutch is utterly delish. I love it.

    God bless

  28. Your hutch turned out amazing - love it.
    So glad that you are feeling much better. I just got a new pneumonia shot yesterday. It just came on the market and my DR gave it to me. So with my flu and pneumonia I should be good to go. You should see about getting the new pneumonia shot, keep it away.

  29. Love the hutch painted. You likely have a lot of unpainted wood in that room anyway. Very nice with the ironstone. You could even paint those little doors and hang them someplace and put some black and white pictures in them.
    Glad you are feeling better and getting so much done.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  30. Glad you are on the mend. Great job on the hutch - very pretty. Go ahead and paint the doors, then if/when you decide to hand them they will be ready.
    The biscuits look good. Not sure what is for dinner as tummy did not care for lunch. :/
    Enjoy your evening.

  31. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love what you've done to your hutch. Now I agree, I think the painted hutch is do much more beautiful! You're a miracle worker!!

  32. BJ, I'm glad you're feeling better. Your hutch is gorgeous! Love the French gray!

  33. Pleased to see you back, bj. I wasn't sure how your hutch would turn out but it looks great. I'm always too chicken to try anything but maybe I will.


  34. Oh my, I love my biscuits, BJ!
    I'd love to find a hutch like yours, it turned out so well, I just don't know where room for it...

  35. I do love wood tones and painted furniture too. She does look pretty in her new grey color. Glad you are feeling better and it continues this way!

  36. You did wonders with the hutch and have transformed it into something really beautiful especially with the display of your ironstone collections.

  37. Wow, the hutch turned out great. Love it.

  38. The hutch looks great bj. paint can make all the difference in the world.

  39. BJ you commented on my blog so I am commenting back and saying thank you for your sweet words about my "Adorable" babies, I was the lady that updated the frames with baby pictures.

  40. Love your hutch. Sorry didn't realize your were sick. Glad your better.
    Those biscuits look sooo yummy. I am home from work and starvin. Got some sausage in a pan and about to scramble an egg!
    Hope the rest of your week is Fabulous. My linky is up and running! Happy Fall!

  41. So sorry you haven't been feeling well - and that hutch is darling!

  42. Glad to hear you are back with the living, bj. I love your hutch and you're looks fabulous all painted up. And I am such a fan of white dishes and yours are gorgeous. I have a bread knife that reads "Butter my buns and call me a biscuit. " :)) Deb

  43. Love seeing your ironstone on your slightly changed up and beautiful hutch.

  44. Your hutch looks so good and I love all of your ironstone. Gorgeous!

    Biscuits look delicious!


  45. Oh my word! Mr Shrock is going to go crazy for this! Yum!!!!!


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xo bj