Monday, September 21, 2015

♫~ THE SOFA ♪♪

I'm not quite finished with our living room...
are we EVER..??

But I am anxious for you to see the new sleeper sofa
in the BEST gray.....

I decided on using twin floor lamps, after all..

I bought the one back in early summer and really loved it...
after the sofa was in place, I could see I didn't need those $6 tables
I bought at the thrift store.....
and that another floor lamp would be awesome.
Kirkland's even had a sale going so I brought the twin home with me.

The photo on the left is from Kirkland's site.

I LOVE these lamps but I didn't care for the shape of their shade and they
were TOO white....
 so I replaced them with a little different shape, a tad larger
and a softer white.

I didn't think I'd have room for my coffee table  which is why
I thought I needed the end tables....

This isn't a great picture  but wanted to give you an idea
of the seating arrangement...
behind the black and white chairs are the wicker desk and the hutch.

The faux sheepskin rug is looking good on the vintage French coffee table....

and there's those dried roses I did back in the summer...still lookin' good...

...a cute pillow from Pottery Barn

This Parson chair said, "Let me slip into something more comfortable..."

Books stacked on my little round table...
but you should see the chaos  on the desk and floor behind the chairs..
the entire contents of the hutch...

Thanks for coming by to look...
I'll be tweaking this room from now on....
that's what women do.....right ?

My hutch is finished....well, NEARLY finished....
I'll show ya a little later..

My new Better Homes and Gardens magazine came in as I was finishing this post...
their gray sofa and gray plaid on the left... mine on the right...
It always makes me feel great when I see something in a high-end magazine
that very much resembles something I have chosen....
(and of COURSE, 
now I am wanting a chair that I can reupholster in a gray and white plaid...) 
this decorating thing never ends, does it..!! ?? 



We love you to the moon and back...
forever and ever.....and then some.
G'dad and Memaw  


  1. NICE, lady!!! Looks great! I am so happy for you! Hugs!

  2. It looks great. Glad you got it.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  3. Love it BJ. Very warm and inviting. Love your mantle too.

  4. Oh, BJ, it all looks fabulous. So warm and welcoming. You did a great job and I know you had a blast doing it. :))

  5. The couch is awesome.Everything is coming together so nicely. The PB pillow is adorable on the new sofa!

  6. Oh bj, the sofa looks sooooo great!! The pillows are so pretty on it, and I love the new slipcover on the parsons chair. Your guests will be super comfy on your new sleeper sofa. The touches of Aqua look amazing in the room, too. And no, we are never finished tweaking a room. It must be in our blood!

  7. BJ,
    Absolutely gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    The floor lamps are "perfection"!!!
    Love the gray throw and your pillow cushions!!!
    The seating arrangement across from the sofa is charming!!!
    Perhaps a gray plaid chair will find its way to your door. . .special delivery!!!
    A girl can dream, can't she???

  8. Beautiful sofa! I like the lamps, and it looks like you have plenty of room for your coffee table! I can't wait to see how the room evolves over time :)

  9. It. Is. Beautiful...!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy for you.

    Seeing your vision, come together.

    And feeling your Joy, right through the computer screen.


  10. That is what happens when remodeling a room. One thing calls for another. Regardless, I like your style and taste.

  11. Oh BJ so happy for you, love it when everything comes together and its creative, inviting and warm. You rock. Sit back with a glass of wine and take in all your hard work and planning truly shows. Sending a big hug and kiss.

  12. Your living room looks wonderful. Love the sofa. Love the pillows. Love love the rug!

  13. BJ, I love your couch and all the pillows too. You sure have an eye for decorating!

  14. It is beautiful! Perfect gray indeed and your room looks so cozy and perfectly arranged. Love it!

    1. BJ, Your new sofa looks wonderful. I love it's pillows too. You dressed that parson's chair perfectly. I know you are having fun changing things up. Blessings, xoxox,Susie

  15. And that was so worth all the waiting, love those lamps, dried roses, super setting, you have a wonderful way of arranging it all.

  16. It looks perfect, BJ. I think you are finished with the living room part -- but, oh, if the just right gray plaid chair comes along; don't hesitate!!!! Sally

  17. It looks wonderful BJ! I love the lamps you decided on and the new shades are perfect for them.

  18. Gorgeous! I love your decorating style!

  19. I love your sofa! I was going to get a gray sofa but my Mom gave me her less then one year old sleeper sofa in denim and well I couldn't pass up that bargain. So I'm trying to decide a new color palette for my living room. Its a mess right now but it's home! Love you living room so much. Great job!


  20. Your room looks so comfy and welcoming - love the new look!

  21. Oh yippee! The lovely grey/gray sofa is finally home where it belongs. Everything looks nice and cozy bj!

  22. Love your new sofa . . . color and style . . .
    And all your tweaks, twists, turns will be the "fun play" of having something new to "marry in" with all your treasures. Very, very nice . . . Love the grey plaid throw . . . yummy!

  23. Oh BJ it looks terrific and I love the color. Everything is perfect, but knowing you, you will be tweaking things for a while. I know you are over the moon with your new couch.

  24. Hi Bj,
    Wow your living room looks so pretty. I love the grey color and everything just blends in so nice.
    Enjoy the couch.
    Have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  25. BJ - Your living room is gorgeous. Love all you have done with it.


  26. Your new sofa and lamps look wonderful, BJ! What a comfy, cosy room you've created. Love the color of the sofa!

  27. What a beautiful room!!!! Did you think way back when you were making Christmas trees from packing boxes that you would end up with such a beautiful new HOME??? Just love it!!
    I have 5 of those Parson chairs exactly like yours! Where did you get the covers?? I want some!!!

  28. Hi Bj,
    I love how pretty you decorated your living room.
    Thanks for joining and sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    We love having you. Enjoy the day and week.

  29. This is a marvelous makeover and update BJ...soft and relaxing! I know y'all are going to enjoy your new look! Thank you for sharing and letting us be inspired!

  30. Gorgeous, all around. I really am loving gray this fall..I've been online looking for a plaid shirt! LOL!

  31. Oh dear, that is gorgeous! You have an eye for creating beauty:). That magazine pic doesn't look as beautiful as yours. Enjoy your day my friend. Hugs

  32. Looks just lovely BJ. Tweaking is what we do.

    God bless.

  33. Hi BJ, I love the arrangement in your room. It looks very comfortable and homely. The sofa looks great and I love the cute pillow.

  34. Love the new sofa bj. The room looks so pretty and inviting.

  35. Everything looks so great! LOVE the color combo!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  36. The sofa is wonderful, and such great pillows on it. I'd need one behind my back!

  37. Love the new sofa. The room looks very good. Happy birthday to Lacey Jean. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  38. Beautiful sofa bj and it looks so good in your so well decorated living room. Love the colors you have chosen.
    Audrey Z.

  39. Love it. Love the grey. LOL yep we are always tweekin' aren't we. I love your room. I'll have to come over for a sleepover.
    Been wantin' to start them up again. Was thinking in Oct.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely room.
    Hope your week is going great.

  40. BJ, it just looks AMAZING! We are getting a Kirkland's in the shopping center near me -- I didn't know what they were like but after seeing your photos, I'm really excited!

  41. So pretty! You are a very talented decorator who makes fabulous biscuits! Happy Fall to you!

  42. Beautiful, cozy, and absolutely perfect! I must say the dried roses caught my eye and distracted me :) They look so pretty in the white pitcher.

    Always a treat to see your sweet self at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you, BJ!

  43. HI BJ! Oh, I love your pretty new sofa! Your living room is so lovely and those floor lamps - love em. Happy birthday to your little sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  44. Looks beautiful! I can see myself taking a power nap there with a snuggly throw ~ :)


  45. Love that sofa! Gray is one of my favorites! Just looks so clean and fresh! You are so gifted!

  46. Gorgeous room you have, I so love the pillows you have over their picture!

  47. Happy 22nd and wow, love the sofa room. Looks wonderful. Very peaceful, too.

  48. Your living room looks lovely, and the sofa is beautiful! I do believe that gray is the new white! Your granddaughter is beautiful!

  49. Thanks Bj for sharing your pretty living room with us at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    I have featured you today at our Monday link party.
    We hope to see you again.
    Have a wonderful Monday and week.
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle


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