Thursday, September 24, 2015

...and the rain came

...not a flood, mind you, but a nice, light Autumn rain that made the
air smell sooo good...and fresh.

It was a lot cooler  and that put me in the mood for....


and I love APRICOTS even better...LOL

Oh, yes.....YOU are going to HAVE to give these a try.
And, you, of course, can use any fruit preserves you like.

 It was cool enuf that I thought having a fire in the fireplace would be heavenly...

and we don't have a REAL fireplace...
so I lit all the candles in my faux log in the faux vintage fireplace....

It makes for the most wonderful AMBIANCE in the whole world,
on an early Autumn, cool day.

This bar...
full of oats, brown sugar, butter.....

2 layers with
in the middle. !

These little candles burn for about 2 hours and sometimes more...

XOXO, bj


  1. We are to get a bit of rain tomorrow here in Oregon I am looking forward to it and to doing some fall decorating. I have all the ingredients for a big pot of vegetable soup to put in the pot tomorrow. Your dessert looks yummy. I love your fireplace candle thing! Happy Fall.

  2. We are to get a bit of rain tomorrow here in Oregon I am looking forward to it and to doing some fall decorating. I have all the ingredients for a big pot of vegetable soup to put in the pot tomorrow. Your dessert looks yummy. I love your fireplace candle thing! Happy Fall.

  3. The apricot bars sound good and I'm glad you had a nice day:@)

  4. Oh my, those will be eaten so fast around here, yes, as soon as I bake them! BJ, what an adorable fireplace, love that idea!!

  5. Hello, BJ. I would like to taste your apricot bar, looks so mouth-watering. That's a very nice fire place.

  6. Looks cozy fir a rainy day . . .
    Bet those Apricot bars hit the spot!

  7. Oh Apricot bars...Yum-Me!!!! I must try those...perhaps with Fredricksbug peach preserves....cannot wait for a rainy day! Fun and gorgeous photos as always BJ....hugs!

  8. Oh goodness, slide over... here I come! I LOVE a rainy night, some lights in the fireplace and a YUMMY Apricot bar! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. The cozy days are here. I had to bake yesterday, I just needed the scent of warm carrot and zucchini bars in the oven. It's been so long!
    Those apricot bars are tempting. I bet they smelled heavenly. I'm glad you got some rain too, I know how rare that is :)

  10. The apricot bars look yummy. I love your faux logs all lit up with candles. Perfect for fall. Can you send some of that weather over here to Dallas? We're still in the 90's here.

  11. The apricot bars look delicious. Your faux logs with candles in the fireplace are so pretty. We go some rain last night and it looks like it might rain some more today. Fall is here and I am loving it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. that does look cozy! Every time I visit and you've been baking...oh my!

  13. So happy that you had a rainy day!!!!!!!!!


  14. Love your rainy day ... send us some. I will take some apricot bars too. Thank bj ...

  15. I love a rainy day too and I especially love your candles in your faux log. Way cool!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. BJ rain is headed to Philadelphia on Sunday, I see you love to bake and with every recipe you post I get a YUM from looking and a stomach that feels hungry! Seems on rainy days I find myself sitting down for a read - oftentimes Edgar Allan Poe will be revisited and enjoyed. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. We are having one of these rainy days today and I think I'll bake some muffins!

  18. Yippee for some refreshing rain. We got some rain overnight...
    Have a wonderful weekend bj!

  19. We can use a bit of rain here,,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  20. Yea for you in getting rain, but where's ours, bj??? It's still so hot here!
    I ❤️ your faux logs. Didn't you tell me that they came from Wal Mart? They add a nice glow!!
    The apricot bars look delish! I make a similar recipe, but use fave!
    Happy weekend, bj!

  21. I've never seen a faux log before but I'm sure it's easier to light than the real thing

  22. That crumble looks delicious! And your fire in the fireplace looks warm and inviting. Its still in the 90's here.


  23. BJ, You know how to enjoy a rainy day. :):) I loved your candle logs...I like that effect too. A hot cup of coffee with a tasty treat..You said it, life is grand. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  24. That looks like just the thing for a rainy day. Yum! I love Ree and her recipes, too. I've never made anything from her recipe collection that I didn't love. Now, I want to know how you keep your slim figure with all that baking you do? I'd never be able to fit into my recliner if I ate as much as I'd like to. lol!

  25. Glad to hear the heavens opened up far you. We are still very dry and hot most days. It is supposed to be Fall, but not around here. With your good eats, you make any kind of weather nice.

  26. I love a rainy day too!!! We haven't had one lately!! You are so clever to use that fireplace like that!!

  27. bj, your photo's are jumping. I don't know it they are doing that just on my computer..but it's like sitting in an old car with the engine running. Strange. Not just one but the entire blog. oddest thing.
    So anyway, those bars look delicious and what a cool little stack of logs for your faux fireplace! 101 here fire, no rain, no Fall colors. :( Nice to be here with a lovely snack and a cozy candle lit fire. :) It's the middle of the night so ..I'm loving it..except for that darned jumping page. Hugs!!

  28. How your faux fir place! Your bars look way too yummy! Enjoy your rainy day! We have sun here today! Smile~


  29. Yummy post. Can we have some? Rain and yummies! XXOO

  30. BJ,
    I think you must have sent that gorgeous Autumnal Shower my way, dear friend!!!
    Ours was at bedtime and I slept like a baby. . .sound and woke refreshed the next morning!!!
    Autumn and baking go together here on the Prairie, too!!!
    However, we're still running the AC. . .way too warm for this time of year!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead, dear one!!!


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