Tuesday, July 21, 2015

OOO, Dear

 Every now and then, I THINK I might have just a speck of talent and so I go for
When will I learn..??

 This little vintage magazine rack is just the kind of thing I love....

but I wanted this luscious color  of Annie Sloan Chalk paint, Provence, to dress this cute accent piece.

 Instructions say 
no sanding needed... (I've painted lots of pieces and ALWAYS sanded)
no primer needed...(I've ALWAYS used primer on dark wood)

...but I am doing just what Annie says to do..
*gritting teeth, tho

 things sure aren't looking good...
along about this time, I don't know who I'm doubting the most...
Annie Sloan

In the middle of it all...
we got hungry....wouldn't ya know.

We have really been enjoying the delicious fresh corn on the cob this summer..

I found two little vintage glass holders for the corn at the same thrift store
that I bought the SPINDLES FROM H*LL
and they are awesome.
The butter melts into the little holder so that you can spin your ear of corn
thru all that buttery goodness.

For a good ole COUNTRY DINNER, I fried pork chops and made cream gravy
to go along with the corn on the cob.

Pork Chop gravy is THE best...
well....and Sausage gravy... 

...just one coat...it isn't a great color yet..showing up green here but...it's not...
as it dries, it starts looking better.
Maybe all is not lost after all...

Going to a party this afternoon and as soon as it's over,
I'll put the 2nd coat on.
I'll show you a photo of it if it's not totally hideous.
If it IS hideous, you'll never know it....

Before and After Wed.
Wow Us Wed......oops, too many entries..will try next week.:)




  1. I'm hungry just looking at that food...yummy!! I think the magazine holder will be fine. I've been told the second coat makes all the difference!
    good luck.


  2. Well, Beeeeej, I love that corn on the cob holder! Can't wait to see the finished product! I need to paint a couple of things. Where did you get the paint?

  3. That dinner looks fabulous! No worries dear BJ, sometimes things just need a second coat. Annie wouldn't let us down would she?

  4. I too love that corn in the cub glass holder...I have cute small corn forks that my G'girls love; but they're to hold them.
    I love the adorable vintage magazine rack. I know it's gonna look great painted, specially a fresh look for it.
    Enjoy your week sweet BJ.

  5. Looks great, bj...and I do love those glass corn holders too!

  6. Try a "Dry-Brush" effect of more layers ... Maybe even one layer with a bit of grey) and give the thing a "weathered wood-grain" look...????

  7. Oh I'll know because I am up heah watching like a hawk! Those corn dishes look great...must keep an eye out for them.

  8. I think it will look great and you know you'll have to show us....we'll bug you 'til you do! heehee! Have a fun evening! Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. But wait, you said if it's hideous you won't show it so . . . we will know haha. But some how I predict a good outcome.
    I have my mom's corn dishes from the 40s. I will have to share them in a post.

  10. Fell off my chair when I read this. Sound like me and my cans of "stopped up, won't spray..paint". It dries in mid air and I end up with a sand paper finish. I think your project is going great and it's gonna turn out just cute as heck. My bets on you that you can pull it off.

  11. I like those corn holders. My mom had some of those and I loved them!

  12. Looks good for first coat. You'll see. Love the color and the corn plates.

  13. With a lot of paint projects I learned that no primer needed is not always true. Some primers especially oil-based ones are good enough to cover a wooden surface that's been sealed with a polyurethane without sanding or stripping it off.

  14. First coats always look like that when using chalk paint. 2nd coat will mostly do the trick and a bit of touch up here and there afterwards. Needs a finish like wax/polish a day after painting, with a light hand.

  15. We've been enjoying some great corn on the cob this summer too. Love those corn holders, my husband loves his corn swimming in butter. ;) Thanks for stopping by to visit me and inviting me over. I'm now following along.

  16. Looking forward to see the finished product, bj. I love corn on the cob, just plain without butter. Only once in a while I will put butter.

  17. I can't wait to see the finished project, bj! I'm sure it's gonna look great. I've been enjoying corn on the cob,too, but I don't have any of those cute dishes.

  18. Such fun to try a new project, and I think it will turn out great! I'd also be nervous about the sanding and primer. Yum on that corn on the cob!

  19. You would have to throw that photo of your lunch Bj , right here near lunch time, when my hubby just poked his head in and asked if I want tomato sandwich for lunch.....no I want corn on the cob,pork chops and gravy!!!!
    Your magazine rack will look Great!

  20. I had corn on the cob last night for supper. Yummy! I love those corn holders! Hope your painting project goes smoothly for you. Love the paint color!

  21. Good luck with the project, "Honey-Bun"!!!!

    Oh what a find. Those little glass dishes, in which the butter melts, and you can roll your ear of corn, around in it! What a brilliant idea, actually. Brilliant! Buttering corn can be a project in itself. ,-)


  22. omgosh am I ever a corn on the cob girl!! and that color of blue is one of my favorites! hope you are having a great summer my friend!

  23. Come on bj you have to show us the finished project bad or good, I know it will be good. Love your little corn on the cob dishes. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. I love chalk paint and I haven't had to prime yet Can't wait to see it done


  25. I bet it is going to be amazing!!! DO NOT DOUBT your self:)

  26. You can't go wrong with that wonderful AS paint. I love how it's looking. The first coat always looks a little rough but gets prettier as it dries and cures. Be sure and show us the finished piece.


  27. Thank you for your Kind Words, dear Lady... and a pleasant evening to you and yours....

  28. Dang, now I'm hungry again! I think your choice of paint color will be wonderful when finished. I always get a little nervous when trying something new.

  29. It's lookin real good, bj! I think you'll be happy with your crafting results! Now I'd really like to sink my teeth into a great corn cob smothered in butter!

  30. BJ, it's going to be perfection. It's all about when it crosses the finish line!! Whoa, that corn looks good. Perfect little dishes as the butter is almost the best part..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  31. I'm thinking it will look better with a second coat. Good luck!

  32. You're going to love it after you put your second coat on! Chalk paint is awesome -- but watch out, it can become an addiction! (wink)

  33. BJ,
    I n e v e r, (well, almost never) sand anything!!!
    However, I do apply a coat of bonding primer, then proceed with amazing results!!!
    I have a friend who paints tons of furniture for her Booth!!!
    She states with "chalk paint" you sometimes need the third coat to achieve the results you're after!!!
    Don't throw in the towel, just yet, dear one!!!


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