Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Fences

On a recent road trip,
I saw a few things I might use for GOOD FENCES, a weekly linky party
operated by our own TEX.

This chain link fence, picture taken as we sped by in the car,
surrounds a well-kept cemetery.

As we traveled on down the road,
I saw something as we went by at 75 miles an hour...
Me......"WAIT....pull over....." 
Mr. Sweet.... "WHAAAT..?"
Me.... "I saw something UNREAL back there...gotta have a picture."
Mr. Sweet...(as he turns the car around...God love him) "What the heck..?"
Me...."I think it was the biggest cactus HAS to be a world record
and I NEED a picture of it."

it was, indeed, a record size cactus with record size blossoms...

and it was made entirely of METAL.

Yep, METAL ART going on right there behind the barbed wire fence.
Isn't it just about the cutest thing, ever.
I love it and sure am glad I got a good photo of it to show YOU.

PS. I just got an email that said "you are falling down on showing us food."
help yourself to my

Bunco COOKIE BAR...:>)

Good Fences Thurs. 


  1. Cool Metal sculpture....
    a great day to you and yours dear Lady...

  2. Hello BJ, what a great fence find. I love the giant cactus and blooms. Cute metal sculpture. And on my, all your treats look yummy! Have a happy day!

  3. I was right! I couldn't believe that that cactus was real! Not even in TEXAS!!! You can't grow-'em like that. -grin-


  4. I thought it was REAL! I showed the pic to hubs before I read that is was metal! hahaha! Only in Texas! Have a fun day. HUGS!

  5. That's quite a cactus....and it surely catches your attention!

  6. Oh my gosh, I would have wanted a picture of that myself. Too unbelievable and too cute. You be good, girl and always have fun, Latane

  7. coolest dang country art! i want it! :)

  8. Thanks to Mr BJ for pulling over to let you get such a great photo! Its so cool!

  9. You have trained Mr. Sweet well. Glad he obliged, as I thought it was real. Great shot.

  10. I thought it was real but then with the close up I could tell it was made out of metal. Great photo bj. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. I was about to say, that cactus doesn't look that real

  12. Even thought not real, the cactus do look great with the giant bloom! So good of Mr Sweet to turn around for you to take the picture!

  13. Love that cactus. The way my plants are growing this year, I may have to plant a few metal ones myself!

  14. That metal art is wonderful...hope it never auses an accident. Thank you, Mr. Sweet! Gotta love the man who supports the blogger.

    1. causes...missing letters annoy me...

  15. That looked so real, a very clever craftsperson thought of it then made it. Love your Mr Sweet for stopping.

  16. Lol I thought that was a REAL cactus. Hahahaha gorgeous

  17. The cactus is so cool, lovely shots :)

  18. Wow I really thought the cactus looked real. Some beauties. Not nice showing those cookies to a girl that's a cookie junkie. I wanted to leap through the screen


  19. Hello Dear Lady... dropped by to tell you what the Hospital had to say...
    .. seems we had a "minor collapse in that lung"...

  20. Now that is my kind of cacti! Tell hubby thanks for going back because that really is cool looking. You did good spotting it. - Oh and I'll have one of everything on that cookie plate!

  21. Hi bj, great fence shot and the cactus is incredible. It looks almost real. Driving by I would have went back too. Those cookies look so delicious.
    Have a nice day and weekend ahead. Hugs, cm

  22. Great metal art!

    Now I'm going to find some cookies.

  23. That was such a neat idea! :) Your cookies look amazing!

  24. that is one cool looking cactus.

  25. Nice fence shots bj ... that cactus really gets your attention. Good that it was the " thorn-less" kind. Imagine how dangerous they would be.

  26. The food looks delicious, but the fences are calorie free. '-)
    Thanks for sharing both though.

  27. That cactus is so very beautiful. The artist is very talented. Love the last shot it made me hungry. B

  28. At first glance it looks like a real cactus to me too... nice display and neat fence on both the scenes. So nice of him too to reverse the car for you!

  29. That cactus ... something memorable for sure.

  30. Beautiful photos, B.J., and the cookies look....delicious! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog post and for letting me know about the Smuckers sugar free jam! I have been trying to be careful of what I eat, especially since I had a bout with diverticulitis 3 years ago.


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