Sunday, July 5, 2015

I'll never get to France...

It's time for...

I know I would be swooning all over the place in such a romantic city...

"So this, as they say, is Paris, huh?"
" - C'est ce qu'on appelle Paris, hein ?"

HERE is my version of
  a SIDEWALK CAFE in the heart of PARIS....

A French mosaic...

When in FRANCE,
we always have

These shown are 
"the real thing"
but there's many ways to get the same effect...

I mean,
makes most anything taste like a French 

The above treats are canned biscuits, fried, drained
and covered in POWDERED SUGAR LUV. 

This could well be the starting of a FRENCH FLOWER MARKET.

Even in the South of France,
the winds blow sometimes....

Right this way for your bouquet...

So many movies made in France...
♥ ♥ ♥

and paintings of
 sidewalk cafes...
Paris flea markets...
Paris flower markets...

and we've all heard of the fabulous
French Pastries.. rendition of a Paris Sidewalk Cafe
hahhhaaaa....AIN'T  LIFE  GRAND !!!

Thanks for playing along with my fantasy trip to 


  1. As I opened my google I saw the tittle of your post ! I'm French and I lived in PARIS, so I want to send you some hugs from here ! Yes France is a wonderful country to live in ! At the time it is pretty hot. I have a little sweet garden and I dreamed in last night : so delighting...

  2. I would love to sit at your "French sidewalk Cafe" and have tea with you, Bj ! The flowers are pretty sitting all around and those French pastry's look so delightful. I love French design also.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I have been to Paris several times and let me tell you that it is one of the most overrated places I ever visited in Europe. (I haven't traveled to out of Europe)
    You did pull it - the idea of it - wonderfully and I can assure you that you'll probably enjoy it more this way ;) ahahahahah
    And do go around saying you won't ever go to Paris. What do you know? Life is full of surprises. Until then enjoy the dream and delicacies created.

  4. Beautiful! I love your creative thinking and all the flowers. Your little pool house is pretty special.

  5. Bonjour BJ Ca va? I'm just back from France and you had me hooked, although I have to say I'd rather have your French donuts with you at your place they look the real deal n'est pas? You're always sweetness and light BJ, a joy to visit :)
    Wren x

  6. Love your little slice of France. Beignets in New Orleans are pretty good so I know they can be made in the USA. Wonder why other areas in America don't make beignets too? San Francisco at Fisherman's Wharf have sidewalk carts tha make a mean Fried Sourdough that they roll in powder sugar...uh, did I get off track here? Can you tell I really like my beignets or fried dough?

  7. This post is as close as I will get to Paris:) Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and patio with me! HUGS!

  8. Hubby and I travelled to Germany and our friends took us to a small village for lunch and as we were riding along, my friend said, "Look to your right! That's France..."
    We never made it there!

  9. I gave some thought to learning French, but it seems to be the hardest (to me) of all the romance languages. At least when it comes to words not looking like how they are pronounced.

  10. You've made everything grand my friend. Now if I could just make believe I'm going to Italy! heehee! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. precious home tour of paris. :-) and without any paris showers....

    we were lucky enough to spend 8 days in paris, and it was wonderful. with only one rain... a thunder storm, which we spent in our room, early in the morning. :-)))))

    enjoy your playing with the paris idea. you have so much fun. who needs to travel?

    hugs, hugs, hugs,

  12. Your such a delight. Yummiest look great.

  13. Oh, it's so much fun to daydream, BJ. I picture myself in Italy almost every day.
    Loved your usual. ;)
    Happy blue monday.

  14. Mornin' BJ,

    I've been to Paris, but I've never thought of bringing Paris to me! Isn’t it fun finding blues to share? Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  15. I've driven across a portion of France for just a half a day and one meal and it was glorious! But for our real lives we can recreate what we like! We can have our french bread and eat it too!

  16. Nice post. And I sometimes think it's better not to go to those places we dream of. After all - they are often so much better in our dreams than they are in real life. :-) BUT - heaven is supposed to be different. Supposedly our minds can't even imagine how glorious it is. Let meet up there in about 50 years! LOL

  17. Sometimes dreams are better. I was in Paris once and was not that impressed. You made it fun tho.

  18. Lovely post and creative photos ~ I love your Paris cafe ~ your home is very beautiful and creative! ~ You just might get to Paris ~ one never knows what be 'around the corner' in life ~ In the meantime, I am enjoying your beautiful photos of your home!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  19. BJ, while I love Paris, I would also love eating at your Paris cafe!!

  20. I have been lucky enough to go to France and I have to tell you that you captured the feeling perfectly!

  21. Your Paris cafe is delightful. I would love to come have a French pastry with you. Weather in Colorado is delightful today in the 70s -- hope you are cool, also. Sally

  22. Yes! Life is grand! We can take journeys to other places and never leave home! Fun post. Happy Monday!

  23. So fun post.Paris must be in the air,I'm in a posting Paris in july.Stop by

  24. You can get the beignets in Louisiana without going to Paris. They are wonderful.

  25. BJ,
    Paris is an experience that stays in your heart forever... keep the desire and who knows maybe soon you'll go. Meanwhile I adore all your French touches and would love to sit down and chat with you pool side at your sweet outdoor cafe area.

  26. Thanks Bj for your trip to Paris. It’s nice to see your interpretation. Lots of fun


  27. Interesting post bj thanks for taking us to France. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. C'est magnifique!

    Vous avez une terrasse merveilleuse et belle jardin, bj!

    Votre arrière-cour est impressionant! ♥

  29. C'est magnifique!

    Vous avez une terrasse merveilleuse et belle jardin, bj!

    Votre arrière-cour est impressionant! ♥

  30. Thanks for inviting me to your play-like trip to Paris, yours sure looks like the real deal to me, so who would want to spend all that money going to paris when you have everything we need, You do such a great job, Bj with everything you do, and you are always so inspiring.

  31. As I constantly mention on my page, I live and dream Paris!! You find "French" trinkets throughout my home. I will get there one day and I think you may also. Never give up!!!

  32. I love playing make believe with you, bj!! I've never been to France, but I have tasted beignets in New Orleans...mmmm!
    My dream is to take a cooking class in Paris. Ok, a girl can dream, can't she?!

  33. I love Paris and would also love to visit your little corner with all that French inspiration going on. The beignets look delicious.

  34. Next time you peek out at your cafe dream spot and make some beignets and .... enjoy.

  35. Such a pretty and colorful post. Looks like a great place to sit and relax.
    Joy @ Books and Life

  36. I like your little French corner BJ, perfect for an afternoon of sipping and chatting. Say, I meant to tell you, I went back to look at the round turquoise placemats like yours (again) and thought, if there's any left, I'm buying some! Woohoo, they were on sale so 4 came home with me - love the colour!
    Merci for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  37. I love your Parisian version, BJ, but you should go visit Paris. The buildings are fabulous!...Christine

  38. I was transported! Beautiful...

  39. Ahh such a fun re-creation of a Paris cafe! You know how to have fun and that's what I love about you!

  40. Your version works for me. :-) I am going to be the odd one, as I don't care for all the powered sugar. No problem, as I have seen many pastries I could indulge in just fine.
    Enjoy your evening.

  41. Mon ami your version of Paris is great. Love this. Happy New Week.

  42. Thanks for letting me tag along. this is as close as I will get Paris...............guess I can go to Paris Texas just a couple of hours from me.
    Hope your eye is better,,,,,,,,,,The crud hit VBS last week and I was one of lucky ones so just catching up with all the blog post.
    You always make me smile!!!!
    Cathy <;)

  43. I'd love to join you at your little French cafe setting. Oh, powder sugar is a staple here. So good on many things! French toast comes to mind!!!! ;-)

  44. Oh what a lovely post. I enjoyed your little French cafe. This was an amazing post! We were watching Guy Fieri tonight on the Food Channel he was in Italy. I would never go there but it was fun seeing such a fabulous place.
    Thanks for sharing Paris. Have a good week. XXOO.

  45. Beuatiful pictures, love the pops of red :)

    Hoping by from Ruby Tuesday ..

  46. This post makes me want to go to Paris...LOL


  47. Love your Paris cafe and flower market!! Perfect! You can never have to much powdered sugar!

  48. Such fun -- love your cafe!

    Are you checking out the Paris in July posts? I've done a couple and lots of bloggers are doing the same! You should include your link!

  49. What a wonderful trip to Paris in July! Loved your version.....

  50. BJ,
    I have been to Paris, dear friend!!!
    I've eaten at a Sidewalk Cafe!!!
    But, I think I like your Sidewalk Cafe best. . .
    'cause I'd be able to share it with you!!!

  51. Lovely post and fotos, humm beignets look delicious ,greeting from Belgium

  52. Really liked the "French Impressionistic-style" picture... we took over 6 years of Art School ... including Art History... sadly my bad nerves do not really allow me to do much "art" these days...
    Just wanted to say that the "Bright and Cheerful" aspect of your wonderful Blog are very "uplifting...
    and all of the "pleasant' comments that you receive.... just goes to show that Not "everyone ..."views the World through $hit-colored glasses" , so to speak...


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