Friday, July 31, 2015

For her birthday.

 I can't sew...
most of the time, I know better than to even try.

I tried making myself a pair of long pants years ago 
and when I sewed the two legs together,
I stopped even TRYING.

My mom could sew up a storm and I think it was easier for HER to do it
than to rip out all my mistakes.
And....she was a rock star at making quilts.

 This work of art takes my breath away each time I see it.
 The Double Wedding Ring was made by my mother for my daughter.
Mom wanted to give it to Stacy at her bridal shower.
 But, Mom passed away almost a year before Stacy married.
 I kept the quilt in tissue inside a quilt box beneath my bed.

 At the shower, I gave it to Stac. She was so overwhelmed, so proud , so excited that her grandmother was indeed, "with" her at her wedding time.
 Every lady in the group cried...
Boooo Hoooo, this walk down memory lane is bringing me to my knees...again!

See the work of art hanging in the background....
this was next to the last quilt she made.

She died before she could finish the last one...
I think it's called STAINED GLASS.
A good friend of her's finished it for me and I am forever
thankful to her for that.

I tried my hand at quilting and made quite a few of the
EXTREMELY easy ones...
in fact, I don't sew but I so wanted each of our 10 grandkids
to have a handmade quilt from their Memaw..
in one year, I made every one of them a quilt...
now, shhhhh....don't tell them that the quilts aren't
all that pretty...they THINK they are !!
The fun thing about these quilts was I searched hi and lo for the cutest and most whimsical fabrics...
much like the I SPY quilts only on a simpler scale.
But, now they each have a quilt from their VINTAGE grandmother that I hope
they will always be glad for.
I didn't have a grandmother..both died before I was born...
but if I DID have one, I sure would love a quilt or anything else
that she made...
After those 10, I made a few more...
nothing to write home about except for a couple...

Even tho I made this,
it's always been one of my favorites..
the "feel good" colors with the white blocks in between each 9 patch
just made a nice quilt.

Plain and simple 9 patch...
I discovered that you could make even a simple quilt look good
by choosing great fabrics.

Debbie Mum fabric was just what I wanted for this quilt.
The next quilt nearly sent me to the loony bin
  before I finished it.

I wanted to make Stacy a quilt for her birthday one year,
and, not far into the making of it,
I realized that I may or may not have 
bitten off waaaay more than I could chew.

I ate, slept and worked on it almost 24/7....

...and then.....
at some point...
it all seemed to go together.

I was never so glad to finish something in my whole entire loooong life.
and, she loved it.
I was thankful.

 Fun to use quilts for table coverings, too.

Here's hoping your day is one of the best ever..
xoxo, bj


  1. I love your quilts bj. Your moms wedding ring quilt is so pretty. I like a nine patch best out of all patterns, that was my first quilt to make. I like the pattern you used in your other quilt and the colors.

  2. And you said you can't sew! Those quilts are beautiful !!
    Who wouldn't love them! I sure do!!

  3. Wow! Your mom's quilt is so, so beautiful! And yours too! You have your mom's talent!

  4. I would rather sew trousers than ever, ever attempt a quilt. I think that is quite amazing. All the quilts you've shown are beautiful.


  5. Anyone who has made that many quilts is a quilter! They are wonderful, BJ. You must have inherited your mother's gift. If not, you sure are giving a great performance. Happy August to you!

  6. Bj, I think you did very well. I love the story of your mother wanting a quilt for the bride. You have a wonderful keepsake to remember her . Teddy Bear's mom made everyone in her family a quilt when they married or for a birthday gift. We have two of her quilts. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. BJ, Forgot to tell you I loved your fabrics you used. You are not giving yourself enough are very good at quilting. xoxo,Susie

  8. What a great gift for your daughter from her grandmother! I can imagine the tears. I can barely sew a button on and would never attempt a quilt, but my mother made many of them. You are definitely a quilter, bj!

  9. Your mother's last gift to Stacy brought tears to my eyes, as well! I've two quilts my own mother made, and they're more precious than fine gems.
    I never considered using a quilt as a table cover, before, but I'm really (really!) taken with that idea!

  10. Your quilts are beautiful bj. I used to sew for my girls, but I never tried quilting. The story about Stacy quilt from her grandmother brought tears to my eyes. Have a blessed day and a wonderful month of August. Madeline

  11. Your quilts were made with love -- that's the important thing!! You were very brave to make and succeed in making the purple and green star quilt for Stacy -- anytime you can bring 8 points together, that makes you a quilter. Sally

  12. Love them. And you are a quilter. You've finished several! When you finish more than one that MAKES you a quilter. We quilters are like people all different kinds! Your too hard on yourself. I've said it before I think we are sisters because I am too hard also. If there is a wobbled stitch I know and I can't stand it. Truthfully the receiver never notices. Or doesn't say they do to be nice to me. LOL.
    It's crazy that you wrote this today of all days. I have been having a little conversation with God. And I've planned a few changes to the blog in the area of quilts. I am convoing with a quilter about doing a series on her work.
    About that talk with God. I am feeling a burden to check into teaching at-risk kids again. Would you mind praying for me? Lots of dynamics surrounding this adventure. The biggest my job!
    Wow this is a long comment. Sorry. Anyway love the quilts. Love you. Sis. (I've never had a Sassy Sis before)
    And, well I think I need to share your lovely post. Are you interested? I was planning on doing it along the lines of my sleepover series. See your post is perfect! Mind if I feature you?

  13. The quilts are fabulous -- and I am so impressed by your work! I collect quilts but am at a loss when it comes to stitching a repair on a square or binding. To make one in full? I bow to you!

  14. Oh bj how touching this is and so happy your mom's beautiful quilt was given to your daughter Stacey. So touching and beautiful. Love your quilt too. Sooooo pretty. My grandmother was a crocheter and made us the most beautiful afghans through the years. She was just shy of her 100 birthday when she died a few years ago. She knew she would not be here for when my younger daughter would marry and have children so she made sure she made a baby afghan and a throw for her wedding shower. So I have them neatly tucked away to surprise my daughter with them when the day comes. Love that even after they have left us her they can still be part of these wonderful moments in our lives. Great post today.

  15. Uhh, you are just not allowed to say you don't sew. Seriously, ever. I don't sew. Not even a button. You make quilts and wonderful ones....that is sewing. And artistry. Lovely. The story about your mom and daughter brought tears to my eyes!

  16. Beautiful quilts. And what a special gift from your mom to your daughter.

  17. How very special. The quilts are lovely and I love how your Mother passed one down to Stacy. I hope you get the sitemap figured out! it is easy....

  18. What do you mean you can't sew, those quilts are gorgeous!!! I wish you had had a Grandmother, but you ARE a grandmother many times over so THAT is good. Playing nurse for Joe and it is exhausting! I have a new respect for nurses!!! XO

  19. I love all your quilts, your mom was an artist and so are you, (don't argue with me now!) I bet your grands TREASURE those quilts you made :)

  20. All these quilts are just lovely. I can't sew and I can't quilt. My patience level on seeing a finished product is just too low...
    I'm sure your grands will treasure the quilts you made them!

  21. Oh how gorgeous! I"m so impressed. I had to laugh at your story about the pants. I had a similar revelation when I hit about the 15th time for tearing out the stitches in a blouse a friend was helping me with. She said, "You really CAN'T Sew!" I grinned big with great relief and never tried again! Now I have some local friends who do a great job quilting and I enjoy admiring their creative work - and yours :)

    Kaye Swain

  22. oh I love your quilts! special to have your mothers. I just received one from my mother-in-law that was made by a group of her relatives who had a sewing circle and each wrote their name in stitches. It is too precious. I will love it forever as your daughter is sure to love the one she received.

  23. Forgot to add that I decided to learn to use a sewing machine around age 40. I made a simple pattern of pajamas with feet in them. When I finished and held them up, the feet went out to each side (instead of forward) like the person wearing them couldn't decide which way to go!!! My daughters and husband and I laughed all night about them. Last time I tried to sew anything.

  24. I think you do a wonderful job on those quilts. Each one is a treasure. I think it's just wonderful of your mom to have a quilt all ready for your daughter's future wedding, she must have really enjoyed making that, thinking of her with each stitch.

  25. BJ you did an awesome job on those quilts. I think you could do almost anything you put your mind to.

    God bless.

  26. Wow! You did an amazing job for not being an experienced quilter!! I was blessed to have a grandmother who was a beautiful quilter!! My mother did really jive embroidery work. That is what I learnt the best.

    Blessings to your SONday!

  27. My mom was a quilter and so are many of my friends. I've sadly not acquired the skill nor the desire to acquire the skill but then I am lucky enough to be surrounded by the beautiful works of art she left me and friends have given me. I tell those talented ones in my circle of life, that I am a 'weaver of words' and will let the 'handiwork' efforts stop there. Happy week ahead, BJ! xxJ.

  28. hey missy, YOU CAN SEW!!!!!! beautifully, it looks like you have inherited your mom's talent!!! the quilts are gorgeous, precious treasures, scraps of memories and life.....sewn together by very special hands!!!

  29. I think you did a fabulous job making quilts for someone who doesn't sew! :) I love quilts and have one that my grandmother made that I treasure. My mother was an excellent seamstress, but never made a quilt. I keep thinking I'll try to make a simple quilt some day, but I never seem to get around to it.

  30. My Great Grandmother used to do "Quilting" when I was a small child....

  31. I loved seeing all your beautiful things! My quilts are mostly crafted ones. Not the works of art that real quilters produce. Still I love quilts no matter what and have found a few beautiful hand made and sewn quilts at thrift stores and one even at a garage sale. A HAND MADE quilt for $4!!!! I love it still. ALL my children and grandchildren have a denim quilt from me. Now I have one for myself!!

  32. Hello BJ, I love your mother's quilts and yours looks just as beautiful. Well done! Happy Monday, have a great new week ahead!

  33. Quilts always make us feel loved....and feel better about our life! I've never tried to quilt but would love to try. You are a treasure my friend. I'm just glad to know you and be your friend. You always inspire me! Sweet hugs, Diane

  34. Hi BJ,

    You'll never convince me that you can't sew! I have never TRIED to quilt! Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  35. Well you have my tears flowing again! Those are two of my most prized possessions! If my house was burning down, I'd grab them first. I think I better learn how to make quilts!

  36. Your Mother's quilt is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful heirloom for your daughter to have. Your quilts are also beautiful--for someone who says she does not sew you did a fabulous job making them.

  37. I cannot quilt even tho my mother and family were some of the best. I love them and have waaaaaay too many, vintage and new. Not sure what will become of them when I am gone as some are expensive. You did very well for someone that did not know how to quilt.

  38. For someone who said she couldn't sew, you've made a lot of lovely quilts! Your mother's work is stunning. What a treasure her gift was for your daughter!


  39. What an amazing story that you're mother still made an impression during the wedding shower! You made me tear up also.

  40. I'm WAY behind on my reading, but had to say that these are simply stunning. I'm so amazed at the great artistry and talent shown in all the piecing and stitching, and the colours! Just splendid. What a wonderful family heritage.


  41. You're to be credited for attempting and achieving the creation of quilts BJ. I used to buy Debbie Mum calendars so can only imagine how lovely it would be to have a quilt made of her designs.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  42. I never was very good at sewing and I doubt I would be able to quilt but admire anyone who does and admire those who try. Your treasures are so beautiful here. lt is always my pleasure to stop by and say hi. Enjoy your week.Hugs, Anne

  43. You may not be able to see pants (who cares...that's what Nordstrom is for) but you can put together a mean quilt!

    Your mother was an unbelievable quilter bj!! I'm super impressed, and how special that your daughter received one of her quilts after she passed away.

  44. I love handmade quilts. It is such an art. I still have the one my grandmother made and gave to me when I graduated high school...37 years ago! It has been loved on and is wearing in so many places. I wouldn't trade that quilt for anything and I hope that I can pass it down to my granddaughter. It is not a pretty grandmother was very poor and used pieces of anything that she could find to make it. But the love she put into that quilt makes it the most beautiful quilt I've ever seen!

  45. Oh, you made me cry!!!! How touching that your Mom made that quilt for her grand-daughter's wedding. And it's gorgeous! The stained glass is also so beautiful....and I love the quilts you made for your kids yourself! Made with lots of love. I know...I quilt! I am not a quilting rock star either, but I get a little better with each finish. I loved the birthday quilt for your daughter. It's gorgeous! What a great post!

  46. bj,
    I love this post. It reminds me of my mom who passed in May.
    She was quite the seamstress. God rest her soul.
    I didn't inherit any of her talents :(


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