Thursday, July 23, 2015

Color me loving breakfast....

I love natural colors...
you the blues in the sky or the turquoise blues of the water...

I like the natural oranges, pinks and reds of  sunrises and sunsets.

I LOVE the natural colors of fruits...

I think all of the above colors are so pretty.
They are also a great way to start your just can't help but feel HAPPY
with all this color around.

I also want to give my review on this BUTTER...
O MY GOSH  ♥ ♥
Ya' is so good, I could eat it with a spoon...
now, I know there's lots of folks that don't care for the taste of BUTTER...
but let it be known right here....
I  LOVE  IT  !!

Put a small spreadable amount on your favorite kind of bread...
mine being Sesame Seed French..
.(not counting biscuits....and SHHHH...don't let 'em know they have a rival)
slide it under that broiler...

while you get the APRICOT JAM out of the fridge...

and, of COURSE, pour yourself your favorite morning hot drink...
mine being DUNKIN DONUTS coffee,


It's all so good, no wonder I love 
breakfast for dinner. 

Yep...I'm pretty sure I've linked 
to the best part of my whole, entire day.
I do enjoy a good breakfast and prefer it SUNNY, even in winter,
with beautiful color.

If you like BUTTER, give this one with CANOLA OIL a try...
...just don't eat as much as you would like .....*BUMMER
  (my Shadow Shot for Sunday)
I'm saving all my SMUCKER jelly jars and colorful lids for a cute little project.

I just need a few more.....
and I'll be good to go....and....we eat a LOT of jelly, so it won't be long.

Shadow Shot Sun.

HOLY COW...I just realized that June is  over and we are knee-deep in July....
I can't believe it....

This delicious butter comes in 3 sizes and I save a few of the containers
for food storage.


  1. I love colours, too. They make me happy.

  2. BJ, I know what you mean. I still can't believe that August is the end of next week... yikes! The summer is getting away from me and I haven't had nearly enough fun. No fair! I love all the cool colors in your post. Happy colors really do make you smile. Have a wonderful weekend... :)

  3. I love that butter and use it all the time! It also makes the perfect butter container for stick butter - I just kinda soften it and force it down in the container - have had my original container for a long time, it washes and reuses well. But the original stuff inside was the best.

    Love your colorful breakfast. Are you really always this happy? : - ) I ♥ that about you, bj!!!!

    Do you still have those colorful china teacup measuring cups you won a long time ago from a giveaway? I knew you loved color and was happy your name was chosen out of the hat! They would go very well with this colorful breakfast!!

  4. I know what you mean about June, I just turned one of my calendars over today - in time for July to end :( Where has it gone?
    Your breakfast looks delish, I usually just have tea and toast unless I am on holiday and treat myself to something a bit different, like a bowl of fruit. Your post is such a happy one.


  5. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Breakfast for dinner happens here too!

  6. I'll be right over, I haven't had breakfast yet and I love Land of Lakes butter with anything!

  7. you always have a happy happy uplifting post to make our day, this was a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!!!!

  8. I love butter and I love Smucker jam too. Added to toasted a cup of hot coffee....hmmm.... yummy!!!

  9. I love your "Color Me" . . .
    I liked your idea of saving the Smuckers lids . . .
    I can't wait to see what you create . . .
    What kind of jam will you be enjoying today!?

  10. Ohhh, I love 'shadow shots'!!!

    I must plan for my breakfast, in a better way. I end up with something,like goat cheese, just to get me on my way. Not wise.

    Here we use real butter. 'Cause we have come to the conclusion, that pure, natural things, don't hurt us. We have been "conned" by many sources, says my reading. But that's just me, us.

    Did I say I love shadow shots??? -grin-

    And that I use Bonne Mamon jelly jars, for drinking glasses and keep 'em, with their red check tops, for storage. And sometimes, just for window ledge decoration. Because like you, I love-them-to-pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Breakfast hugs,

  11. Great reviews and really beautiful colors, BJ! I also love breakfast, especially in a unique little restaurant.

  12. I've just purchased butter with olive oil and absolutely love it as well. Yesterday I made homemade peach jam and if I lived close enough I'd bring you a jar as its colors would fit right in with your beautiful post and breakfast!

  13. Land of Lakes better be sending you a coupon! =D

    Beautiful colors, scrumptious really.

  14. When I used to work produce, we learned that some fruits were dyed on the outside to look better at the farm/factory they were made. Isn't that weird?

  15. I do not use butter. The one you posted about was my husband favorite. Your photos are great love the colors. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I love butter. Butter on warm bread is utter perfection. Your colorful breakfast looks like a great way to start out the day. Making apricot jam is on my list of things to do today - it's just so delicious!

  17. I love breakfast! Looking forward to your jam jar project!

  18. You made breakfast look so yummy with all the cheery colors.

  19. Hi bj! Here I am struggling to keep up just blogging and you are over rousting around on facebook!! As soon as I can get out of these crutches and walker, I'll catch up with you!
    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I haven't had apricot jam in ages. Good old Smuckers! I'm hooked on their strawberry jam...but I do love apricot. Now I'm all inspired.. :)
    Hugs to you.

  20. BJ, I love your new header picture. You and Deeds look so sweet. Your breakfast looks tasty to me. I save my smucker jars too. I like butter ...but only a little. Blessings for a fun filled weekend, xoxo,Susie

  21. I use that brand of butter but different. It comes in a green trimmed container. Breakfast is my favorite meal. If I have a good one, can go all day without anything else. Love your header.

  22. Gorgeous colors and I'm right there with you on that specific butter. It is SOOOO good AND so easy to spread. YAY :) Happy Pink Saturday!

    Kaye :)

  23. You and Deeds looks so cute in the pool. Bet you are enjoying that. Your breakfast meals always look so good. Mr. Z. loves Smuckers cherry preserves, but my plumb jam that I made this year is much better. Stay cool.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  24. I am saddened that the Smucker's jams have so much sugar in them. Unfortunately, Land-O-Lakes butter is not available in my part of the world...Montreal, Canada. I love butter, and it is healthier than margarine, so I only buy and use butter. Your photos are lovely.

  25. I can't wait to see what you are going to do with all those jelly lids!!!

  26. I am on my way to your house for buttered toast right now. Oh, and a cup of coffee, too, pretty please.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear BJ.♥

  27. Fun post. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Sundayl BTW I love the swimming pool photo.

  28. Fun post. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Sundayl BTW I love the swimming pool photo.


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