Tuesday, July 7, 2015

...and our flag was still there....

I hope your 4th of July was filled with family, friends, love and fun.
I also hope you will do a post showing us YOUR day. :)

We had a marvelous time at the lake with our daughter and her family.
I have lots of photos....of course. :)
but I will share a few at a time so you won't have to see them all at one time.

 a view from behind of one of 3 decks at their 
beautiful, new lake house.
Well, actually there's 2 decks and a large porch.
I love her brightly colored chairs.

I LOVE her buntings on the rail, beneath the beautiful American flag.

Isn't their lake house just awesome...
I didn't take photos inside...just so many people around.
I'll do that later, tho.

 ...down the steps....
walk the plank...
to the boat house...
and out on the water for PURE FUN.

The food was out of this world.
Jent smoked brisket..
beef and pork ribs...O HONEY

So busy eating, I didn't get photos of all the other sides...beans...more veggies..
fresh fruits of all kinds...
I didn't get pictures of any of it...nor of the cakes, pies,
Cantaloupe that was juicy and sweet
 and served with the most darling OAR salad thingys.

The best EVER potato salad served in an adorable paper bowl...
Her paper dishes and bowls ......just absolutely perfect.
(excuse me while I say SHE is absolutely perfect, that girl of mine)

Some of the guys were drinking beer out of these adorable, patriotic cans and nothing would do but for me to bring one back.

"What in the world are you going to do with a beer can..?"

and my sweet son in law, JENT, said...
"Put flowers in it....what else ! "

GOD love him....
That's just what I did....L♥L


  1. What a wonderful lake house! Love those decks. Your menu sounded perfect and I'm glad you re-used that patriotic can!
    I'm realizing I haven't had homemade potato salad yet this summer...

  2. You're so cute! Flowers in a beer can..you are a true Texan my friend. :)

    That lake house is awesome! You'll have so much fun there. I'm jealous!

  3. What a gorgeous place!!!!

    What a place for making family memories!!!!

    Just super fabulous...

    Lucky all of you... To be able to share this, and all the fun, and memory making.


  4. Brings back memories, of before we were married, and after we were married. His relatives had lake houses on Lake George. And family was always welcome. Many Sundays we enjoyed up there.

    Uncle Ray always had Happy Hour, with Manhattans! -grin-

    Long ago memories... -smiles- Thank you for bringing them back.


  5. This was simply a picture-perfect Fourth of July - loved your photos!

  6. Beautiful post! We spent the day with family at their lake house too! I was too busy having fun to take photos though.

  7. Wonderful celebration! Well of course, flowers in a beer can ... I thought everyone knew that! ;) ;) ;)

  8. That is a fabulous place your daughter and son-in-law have! It's just perfect for summertime celebrations. Loved seeing your photos...everything looks just wonderful and I know a good time was had by all!

  9. Is it far from your house? Any chance of moving in for the summer? What a place! Sounds as if you all enjoyed an amazing time!

  10. What a beautiful and perfect place to celebrate the Fourth of July! Your daughter and family have a gorgeous home, can't wait to see more pics. What a grand feast, looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your holiday.........

  11. You all had a great 4th beautiful place and lots of delicious food. Glad you are home safe. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Being with family, having fun, food, the flag, and a beautiful lake house as well. Do they live there all year round? Too lovely to leave empty at all.

  13. What a wonderful celebration. You made me hungry with all the foods you mentioned. Love the can, our flag and our country


  14. What a gorgeous, gorgeous lake house, bj. Your family is so blessed...and they have the perfect Mom & Pop to share it all with. Great place and I love the water shots. What a perfect 4th. xo Diana

  15. My friend in middle school had a lake house (or should I say his parents) but not that nice.

  16. Oh, looks like a great place, and a great time! Sheila

  17. BJ, That house is so nice. I would love to see inside. LOL. You know in a few years that beer can will be a collectable. The deck on top of the boat house, what a perfect place to enjoy the views. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  18. That is one fancy lake house. No mater where you are, you have fun and good eats. You are blessed with such a great family.

  19. What a lovely place to have some family together time!

  20. Oh I love it what a great post. I want to live on a house boat. I love the lake. I love the flowers in the beer can.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday. I love the mosaics. You did a great job. XXOO

  21. That looks like a happy, happy 4th of July! Her lake house looks like a fabulous place to relax... Such a fun day! :)

  22. What a charmed place that looks like . . .
    Great summer times ahead!
    And the food . . . oh my . . .

  23. Your celebration looked wonderful . . . some very yummy food there.
    I love that deck, right at the water . . . so nice!
    Keep smiling.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  24. Sounds like lots of fun. Love your flowers in the beer can!! Cute!


  25. So nice, you had a wonderful time.

  26. And isn't it WONDERFUL that the lake was full???? Or at least nearly full!!! All that rain was indeed a HUGE blessing here in Texas! Despite the flooding.....it was worth it!

  27. BJ,
    What a lovely celebration, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for sharing your daughter's lake home!!!
    The paper goods are charming!!! Great idea!!!
    Love you newest "vase" on Sweet Nothings!!!

  28. I grew up in a lake house so your photos bring back a lot of memories. It looks like you and your family had a great day with lots of good food!

  29. What a beautiful home, BJ! Looks like a fantastic place to relax. Thanks for sharing photos of your holiday - looks like you had a good one!

  30. We did have a great 4th🇺🇸! So glad you & Dad could be there! Xoxo


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