Monday, June 1, 2015

My Secret Garden...

Don't you just love the idea of a secret garden ? 
I do...!

I play-like my dining/sun room is a Secret Garden...
it's so sunshiny bright and much like a garden.....of sorts...
boy....this one room seems to be able to rise to any dreams I might have at the time...
dining room
bunco playin' room
board game room
secret garden room 
Just to add a pinch of SASS, I have this little fairy....
every Secret Garden needs a fairy or two.

"Spread your wings and let the fairy in you fly!" ~Author Unknown

See the tall plant on your right....
a good friend gave it to me, I re-potted it right away...
after a few days, I noticed little tiny WEBS all over the little tree..
I picked all the webs off...sprayed the tree with RAID
and haven't noticed any more UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR going on....
I mean, ya can't have spider mites in a secret garden....

 I am filling the bottom of the pot with ENGLISH IVY,
and hoping those little critters aren't in the ivy....
or the plants beside it.
I put the tree outside, by the pool....
I told Mr. Sweet that I would make us a fluffy LEMON PIE
with the first lemons this little tree produces...
wonder if it will REALLY have lemons on it someday...???
(p.s. hail on Thurs night made us move the little lemon tree back inside)

Secret Gardens..
a fun thing in life...

Every garden needs a beautiful, lacy fern....or two..

While this blue pot of English Ivy is pretty...

 It's more mystical  and dreamy now, for the Secret Garden.

I have a hard time throwing away ANYthing that has cute graphics..
even cottage cheese cartons...
(is this how HOARDERS get started ?)

This one is great to get a starter plant going....

Pretty pink geraniums ....
one of my favorite flowering plants.

 ...little buds getting all ready to bloom.....
(sometimes I wonder if I'll ever grow up................I hope not)

Come by and I'll serve you
on the Dollar Tree tray I created a couple summers ago.... 

The winner of the GOOSE CREEK CANDLE COMPANY giveaway...
at Twisty Lane

CONGRATULATIONS,'s always fun to win something and
fun to get that package in the mail. 

Thanks to all for leaving comments and maybe next time,
YOU will be the winner.
I have another fabulous giveaway on the back burner..
so STAY TUNED for that one.....especially if you like COFFEE...:)  


  1. your flower garden is a pretty pick-me-up this grumpy Monday morning. Especially love your pink geraniums. Happy Monday!

  2. Your secret garden is wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. With all those plants in one room you'll never lack for oxygen.
    Love the ivy mosaic. Waiting to see the other 6 baskets (#7 tag ;).

  4. Your secret garden is a sunshiny, happy spot, bj! I hope you never grow up, either. What fun would that be?
    Yea for Snap in winning the candle. She's going to love it!!

  5. Your secret garden room is so pretty. I hope the lemon tree survives. Congrats to Snap on winning the candle giveaway! Lovely images and mosaics! Enjoy your Monday and the week ahead!

  6. Yay for Snap! Yes, I do love Secret Gardens. I'm trying to talk John into helping me create one now, but he is not so keen. A bit of edible diatomaceous earth would be great to sprinkle on the leaves of your plants that have any little bugs. Because it's edible, it won't harm anything you wish to eat, but it will harm bees so that's why I don't put it on flowers. All the special effects are wonderful. I enjoyed seeing them and trying to figure out how you did them! Happy June, BJ!

  7. Your secret garden is beautiful. I don't keep many plants indoors - and my outdoor garden looks like a jungle due to all of these heavy rains.... and a bit of a marsh in places. I thing some plants may actually be drowning. I am hoping it will dry out and look pretty very soon.

  8. BJ,
    Sweet photos of your secret garden room. Enjoyed your description of sunshiny bright. I think I read somewhere lemon trees like my Olive tree need around 3 years to start to produce fruit. Pretty tree - sans spider mites!
    Rainy in Philly today I got my dose of sunshine from your post.

  9. Love your secret garden! I've been washing my indoor lemon with a dish soap mixture - didn't have the courage to try Raid. Sounds like I have a new attack plan! I am signing up to follow you today!

  10. Nice having your little "greenhouse" right at your finger tips. I have a lot of plants on the back patio. Well one night last week mother nature did her number. They look a little sick, but think with the sun they will survive. Yes, if it lives, you should have a lemon.

  11. Hey BJ,

    You are the female Peter Pan--never growing up! I'm glad you're showing that Blue pot. Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  12. Beautiful plants - you definitely have a green thumb bj!

  13. Ohhhh yes!!!! "Secret Garden" Such lovely images and feelings, those words conjure up. So sweet that you have a place, to think of as _your_ "Secret Garden".

    Hey, imagination is one of the most wonderful things, a human being can possess.

    We still live in a two story Dutch Colonial, with 4 bedrooms upstairs. A family home. We do not, not, not need all this room anymore. But being as it is right next door to a son and a daughter... We are not moving.

    Sooooooooo, imagination comes to my rescue! I picture the rooms we use, as a lovely cottage. And thus, in my mind's eye, we live in the perfect cottage, which we would both like, at this time in our lives.

    Again! Imagination at work. Love it!!!!!!!!

    Let's never, never, never let our vivid imaginations go!!!! :-))))))

    "Auntie" Tessa ,-))))

  14. Love your secret garden. All the plants look good. Great photos. Wish I could have won the candle but I am sure the winner will enjoy it. Have a blessed day and a wonderful month of June. Madeline

  15. I'm a little jealous of your secret garden! A lemon tree?? Inside?? Eep!! I hope it does produce lemons because that would be just so much fun! Not only could you make pie, but they are just so pretty, that you can put them on display in a nice bowl. :)

  16. Whoppeee and a big YeeHaw! Thank you, BJ and Goose Creek Candle. Love your secret garden and all your photos!

  17. BJ, I guess I need to start to plan a secret garden, although I'm not especially a green thumb person. I love plants, but get absent minded and forget to care for them as they should be. Lovely pictures on your post today.

  18. How charming and lovely!! And that green garden will be perfect and serene, despite any weather outside---a sublime retreat to or from anything.

    We've just got the Living Room ready for Summer, but it's more of a Garden Room, at least in my mind, and in Winter---the plants are all outside now, but the beautiful little white column between the wicker chairs in the wide window---you knew I wanted a fern for that, before I did!


  19. Hi bj :)

    Congratulations to Snap!

    Personally I hope you never grow up either, because you are so much fun. I'd love to have pink lemonade and cookies on your porch with you :)


  20. Twisty Lane, Congrats, and you have a lovely blog, as I visited. I didn't comment, will do next time, still early morning here. Beautiful pics today, bj, how did you do the heart overlaying the background? Down here, a warmish morning, 2nd June, some rain forecast with warnings for many places.

  21. That is an all purpose wonderful amazing room! I love it in all its identities.

  22. It is amazing how you do change that room and now how lovely as a secret garden....I love the photo effects you used...making it so dreamy!

  23. Very clever to create a secret garden indoors BJ and you've acquired a number of great plants. Fairies do like secret gardens and I wouldn't be surprised if this one invites some of her friends to join her.
    Pink lemonade is such a colourful summer drink, wish I could join you by the pool for a cold glass of it.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  24. BJ, your secret garden is wonderful! We get really good light in our dining room; and the plants seem to thrive in there! Your lemon tree is awesome. I want to try one outside; but, I think it may get too hot here. I see them at the nursery; but, never take the plunge.

  25. Your secret garden is a charmer of a room, and I can see why the fairy moved in, to lend a note of mystery.

  26. Lovely shots and mosaics. A secret garden sounds like such fun. Let us know if the fairies move in... (I suggest you keep a close eye on your ivies.. I have had spider mites on ivies more than a few times... just sayin'...)

  27. I love the idea of creating a secret garden indoors! I also adore your white wicker tea cart/plant stand. Here's to never growing up!

  28. Your plants look lovely. I have always had plants in the house, but not so much in this house ... not enough light. Love your room with lots of light.
    You should be able to grow lemons outside. We have a Meyer lemon tree which has produced really nice lemons. Also a orange tree for pollination. The orange has produced one beautiful navel orange and has several coming on this year. Hope they hang in there. Enjoy your indoor Secret Garden. What fun !!!
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. nice pictures of your garden

  30. I love it! Is it warm enough for the lemon tree during the winter, because it might do better in the ground. xoox Su

  31. Pink lemonade and lime sounds divine -- as divine as all these beautiful flowers and plant. Your secret garden is no secret anymore!

  32. I love those ferns in your secret garden. But you can never go wrong with a geranium.
    Thank you for sharing your secret garden with us.

  33. I really love fairies and especially love this one you have here. Sigh! I keep a lil fairy by my bedside. She is so pretty and precious! I just shot down a nickel size wasp nest trying to build their home on the inside door of my little shed! No!No!No! I am not a fan of bugs. LOL! Have a great week my friend. Loved this share.

  34. BJ,
    Love, LOVE, L O V E your "Secret Garden", dear friend!!!
    Lovely plants!!!
    My favorite part (since I'm not an out~of~doors person) is that your Garden is in the Sunroom!!!
    Your refreshments sound simply divine!!!


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