Monday, June 22, 2015

Copy Cat Mantel

Several friends emailed me to see if I had any more copy cats to post...
(hmmm, seems I'm not the only one that LOOOVES seeing a good copy cat post.
Well...I have several...I played in Debbie's challenge every time so I do have several
I can share again....and I love seeing them again, myself. :>)

Some of you that's been friends with my blog and I for several years will have already seen the copies...
Please just skip on thru if you like...
just be sure to say HOWDY. :)

Once upon a time....

(in the olden house before SUMMER HOUSE)

 the mantel in the dining room needed some CHANGE.
I was so ready for something NEW...
something AWESOME...
something that I would keep going back into the room to LOOK AT.
and then I found THIS !
Isn't it just the most awesome thing, ever !
I had everything shown here....
I KNEW this would be my inspiration for
the monthly challenge.

I've done another copy cat from her delightful blog...
for another time.

The first thing I had to do was to spray paint my olden, golden frame.....
I had this large frame and had made a chalk board for it last year.

I had some white spray  paint left from another project and just enuf to cover this large frame.

 I have lots of little white pitchers and a few larger ones...
I've had the square plate (Dollar Tree, I think) for a long time...
and the vinyl number was from another project.

Next, I started adding the items I had that would make
my dining room mantel look very much like the top photo.
At this point, I had the frame painted but not the chalk board writing and
I  KNEW I would need help here.
I just put the frame up so I could place the other objects on the mantel.
 I'm getting there.....
and haven't had to buy one single thing to make my mantel as pretty as
My sweet Mr. Sweet came through once more with his artistic talent.
Didn't he do a GREAT job on the chalk board.?

I love it.
I realize that some of you would shabby up the frame to tone down the white...
I just happen to like the white so will leave it as is.

 This is just another way for me to use my collection of
and I am going to really enjoy the mantel with it's NEW LOOK.

 I really like her bright greenery.....

 Maybe a little later I can add the taller, lime green arrangements to my pitchers...
and as the seasons change, Mr. Sweet can re-do the chalk board with
new quotes.

 In the meantime, I am gonna enjoy it all....
I just LOOOOOVE   IT. 
The ONLY thing I purchased to make my DREAM MANTEL
was a CHALK PEN.
THIS is why I love inspiration pictures...
Here, all this time, I have had the MAKINGS OF A GREAT MANTEL
but without someone SHOWING me what to do, I was left with a
all rolled up into ONE.   

If YOU have done a fun COPY CAT, would you post it for all to see ? SO FUN...

Tweak it Tues.
Inspire me Tues.
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  1. Imitation is the best compliment! Yours looks just as great, as does Layla's and I love her, too! I love everything, the chalkboard and sentiment Mr. Sweet made is precious. I think every mantel should have some sort of greenery. Great job.

    I'm bad,,. I did a copy cat, too. I literally went back to last summer in my blog archives as I totally forgot what I had on the mantel. Surprise!! And I duplicated it! I'm so lame! Ha!

    Jane x

  2. Fantastic!! Love it!! Great job!!

    Thanks so much for dropping by and for your kind words!!


  3. Awesome! LOVE your copy cat as well as Layla's.
    It's fun to play along. I'll have to back into the archives and see what copy cats I have done in the past.

  4. I remember this one fondly! You nailed it!

    Yes! I am having troubles. It is such a challenge to know if the problem is my computer, my server, the browser, *logger or whatever it might be.

  5. I remember this one!! Your copy cats are truly lovely.

    I haven't done a post today, so I don't know if blogger will be acting up or not. Will let you know when I do if I have had any problems.

    God bless.

  6. Your copy-cats are awesome:) I think you may just be the best copy catter:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. I think I remember this from your old house. It's lovely. You really should be a decorator. :-) You've got such a talent.

  8. What a fantastic copy cat idea...especially since it was practically free. I'm enjoying these so keep em coming!! :)

  9. A great copy . You and your husband did a good job. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Wonderful and fun. I'd say you both did a great job. Copy cat is fun!

  11. Always fun to see old posts. I participated in a couple of copy cat challenges - I'll have to dig in the archives. Say hello to Mr. Sweet - I never knew a man with that nice of handwriting!!! Sally

  12. I love your mantel and I love white. I have some white items if only I had a mantel to put them on I could be a copy cat!

  13. I almost thought the last one was identical at first glance

  14. Great. I love it. I wish I had white dishes. I have four cheap, cheap, cheap plates I bought for .50 each at Tom Thumb. Someday maybe I'll get a decent set. Waiting to inherit my mothers. She is 88 and doesn't cook and won't give them to me. LOL. You've inspired me. I think I need to go over there and talk her out of them! If she takes them out of the cabinet she could buy more stuff! Have a great week.

  15. Ha - you have truly inspired me, I have just realised that my mantle is the same as the day I moved in seven years ago... the only changes I make is when I dust it and move things slightly! What a great idea... time for a copy cat change :)
    Wren x

  16. Love it! Yes copying is the best form of flattery...if you give credit where credit is due ;-) Love both yours and Layla's.

  17. Oh- You did such a great job, bj. It looked absolutely wonderful! I loved those copy-cat challenges. Those were really fun, weren't they? xo Diana

  18. Way to go, I love this, bj! Love the frame and all! And, white pitchers, they're the best, my kitchen is filled with them. Take care.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous, BJ! I love how you used inspiration for your mantle and then made it your own :) Thanks for taking the time to link up with Roses of Inspiration this week. Hugs!

  20. So pretty, BJ! Isn't it fun to see what you can do with what you have to make these copy cats?!

  21. Inspired me to change up my mantle . . .
    Not to copy, just make a change . . .
    (I think . . . maybe!)
    I liked your copy catting!

  22. I'm catching up - again! We were behind for a bit without internet so I couldn't check in. I loved your dining room fireplace and it's fun to see it again. I would love to have a fireplace in my dining room but it's a bit too small! Your white ironstone and chalkboard inspire me to dig through my stuff and do something fun. I'll be back again to catch up with you and hope to stay in touch a bit better.

  23. BJ,
    Love your "Copy Cat" Mantle. . .
    and your chalkboard sign. . .
    Hold hands at dinner and say a prayer. . .we do that!!! (Wink!)


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