Thursday, June 25, 2015

a little building ~

Hello all...
Boy, has it been hot here on the Plains of West Texas.
90 plus ...

Today, I worked outside a big part of the day helping 
Mr. Sweet on the building of a shop, storage area and greenhouse.

They got it started and we are on GO..

Little by little,
walls are being constructed

The back of our house looks like a lumberyard....

The work is slow....

it's HOT..we are olden...and it seems we only have 2 speeds  and that's SLOW and NO.

We work awhile and sit awhile...lucky to be able to do this kind of work at 81 and 77 yrs of age, tho.

We come in for lunch, usually lie down for a nap and back out in the cooler evenings.

Son has a full time job and he helps his dad when he can.

 The cut-out you see is for a small air conditioner.. 
I ALMOST had a HISSIE FIT because I thought it was 
and that would be waaay too high and tiny for a WINDOW...
(and then I learned there would be NO window.....but by then,
I was too hot to throw ANY kind of fit.) 

This isn't going to be a very large shop/storage/greenhouse...
but big enuf.

I hate to mention it, now that CONCRETE is poured but...
it looks mighty small to me....
but I think we can raise veggies and a few flowers and have a blast doing it.

Something cool was in order for lunch.....

strawberries are always good...we love 'em and this years berries seem to be extra good.

 A pasta salad hits the spot with us on these hot summertime days.

No recipe...just add whatever you like.
Pink Sat. (using RED)


  1. I don't know...we can't do half that and we are about half the ages you mentioned. And in that heat? We wouldn't dare leave the house.
    You guys are admirable and you, gave me quite a few giggles seeing your baby about photo (why didn't I think of that? It's brilliant) and the 2 speeds (slow and no). :D

  2. hoping the greenhouse will be okay! ;)

  3. Love the two speeds. I can definitely relate to that. This heat is really affecting me this year. I don't think I could work out in it like you all are doing.

    Stay cool and hydrated!


  4. Take your time on getting that green house done. The weather has been hot here also, but we got a little rain this afternoon and it cooled down some. Be careful and post pictures as you continue your building. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  5. That is the only 2 speeds I have now. :-/ The strawberries and pasta salad looks so good.
    Y'all are stronger than me, as there is no way I could do anything outside in this heat.

  6. So jealous, I would love a greenhouse, but Harvey won't build me one. You take care, two speeds are just fine as far as I am concerned.

    God bless.

  7. Looks like a great project, BJ, but you two need to stay out of the heat. Fortunately it's continued to be mild here, but I know the heat is going to hit. '-)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. You guys take it easy -- it's too hot to work that hard! Sally

  9. Hope it gets a little cooler over your way, but of course that's just a pipe dream here in Texas. Will be rooting for you to get it finished and prettied up.

  10. Wowee, I'm anxious to watch it all come together!

  11. Cheering you both on and a HUGE WOW for the work you are doing, especially in that HEAT - early morning and maybe late evening (I try for that and IF I had a nap I might make the late evening to get some outside work done). Bless son for helping.

  12. I admire you working so hard, but wow, that is too hot for that kind of outdoor work! It will be fabulous when completed, I can see that from the photos.

  13. BJ you go girl, impressed with you and Mr. Sweets building talents. But please be careful out in the heat. Early mornings and early evenings are the best time but of course you know that already! Our renovation is slow too, little by little, bit by bit. I love Strawberries and pasta salads!

  14. The Garden House looks like it will be a wonderful addition . . .
    Be careful though working in all those high temperatures!

  15. It is going to be wonderful when it is done. It looks small because you are comparing it to the vastness of the area around it. Once it is framed in it will look different to you again. Can't wait to see it done! xo Diana

  16. Love those speeds, down here we have "Slow" " Slower' then maybe " Fallen Over", take care in that heat, a midday rest is an essential part of any builder's or builderesses' day. Hugs from down here.

  17. What a great project! I have always wished for a greenhouse, so I'll be interested to see the finished project :)

  18. I know you will enjoy the greenhouse. And, have fun growing stuff. Love them strawberries, yes, I do. Yours look so good. Keep cool. Have a good weekend.

  19. Oh wow, that weather is not to be working out in....

    But that's just me.

    Please don't "blow either of your gaskets", doing this.


  20. Your food always looks so yummy! I want some pasta salad - and it's not even lunch time. LOL And a storage area and green house will be really nice!

  21. Your Mr. Sweet is a guy of many talents. Looks like he is doing a great job on the "little house". You better hurry over and visit Nana Diana Takes A Break. You find it of interest to you.

  22. What admiration I have for you and your husband taking on this project. Can't wait to see the finished product. Be extra careful with the heat


  23. Bj,
    This is a big project but will be so worth it when it is done. I love that you work some and then nap some. Way to go!!!!
    Love the yummy looking pasta salad. Now I have a taste for a nice pasta salad. yum. Happy Friday and have a wonderful week end.

  24. I had to chuckle when reading this post. That sounds like me when I am working in the yard. Work a little and sit down, work at little and sit down. Have lunch and then take a nap. When you are turning 80 you have to pace yourself. I do much better in the am.
    The building is going to be great. once they get it framed it will be much bigger than looking at it now.
    That pasta salad looks so good - maybe I will make some.
    Have a great weekend and don't work to hard.

  25. Love doing projects with my dh, we have consultations too! You really don't need a lot of space for a greenhouse, just do a lot of stacking. ~smile~ pasta salad sounds good to me, enjoy your weekend, and stay cool!
    , Sue

  26. I got distracted by those Strawberry cupcakes! Your one lucky girl getting a green house. Can't wait to see it finished. I loved the pool party tablescape. I want some of those cupcakes! Stay in the shade and enjoy the weekend.

  27. I can relate, seems like we go wide open one day then it takes two days to slow down and do nothing... loving the construction photo's can't wait to see completion.... stay cool my bloggy friend.

  28. Look at the two of you go. I can hardly wait to see it finished. It will be wonderful.

    Strawberries always belong at Pink Saturday.♥

    1. BJ, I think you and your husband are doing very well to be working. Ted and I too. LOL .. I love your yummy strawberries. Yes, that's the way to make salads...just throw in whatever you have or want. Sounds good to me. Hope you get to relax some this weekend, xoxo, Susie

  29. Now that the concrete has already been poured...yup, I know the feeling. John has been moving slow or no, too. He kind of liked that description. It is going to be a cute little greenhouse and you can get a lot of plants and flowers packed in...

  30. I don't get here enough! Hello cutie! Take care and I do love the way you work! You have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you both!

  31. It's been hot here too in Northern California...over 100 degrees! A greenhouse should be a lot of fun! My late aunt who lived in Wisconsin had one and she had so many vegetables and flowers. It was amazing!

  32. A greenhouse sounds like fun:@)

  33. I wish I knew any level of carpentry, though in this heat, it's not so bad to be unskilled.

  34. Wow, yes, a greenhouse will be great to have. I can just see you out there using your green thumb! I'm sure you will know just how to organize it too.........Good for y'all.........

  35. So happy for you and Mr. Sweet ... getting a greenhouse and storage ... and good that you can do it yourselves. Strawberries and pasta salad look so good for lunch on a hot day. I have not made pasta salad in a long time ... now, maybe I will. I spent the afternoon making plum jam and that was a lot of work. Hope it is as good as it looks. Have a productive week-end and be careful in the heat.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  36. More power to you both! You've raised the bar for us 60-somethings who -- sometimes -- like to use age as a substitute for being lazy. Keep these reports coming. . .I am going out to dig in the garden and contemplate that letter from Social Security that tells me I've reached 'the age'!

  37. No worries; there's always the dining room for overflow plants.
    After four days of go, go, go with company, the RG and I have been napping off and on all day. He's says its recovery, hmmm.

  38. Better small this way you keep it up and enjoy the work and the next year try something different
    It is so fun to do this kind of thing

  39. Looks like everything is going along smoothly. That salad looked pretty tasty.

  40. Great job you two plus one! It will be a nice space when it's done. Good thinkin on adding the space for the air conditioning.


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