Wednesday, May 27, 2015

♪♪ Raindrops keep falling on my head...♪

Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated —that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity. Rain is a major component of the water cycle and is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on the Earth.
We are enjoying the wettest spring in a long, long, time...
but our hearts, prayers and well wishes go out to all those in the flood zones.


It was cloudy but it didn't look like it was going to rain any time soon.
So he gets all ready to grill...'s raining straight down...
he was determined to grill his boneless PORK CHOPS..
actually, he sliced one chop in half for MOI...
(I like my meat thin and cooked really well done takes awhile to cook MINE)

bj...." we need a bigger porch overhang.."
Mr. Sweet..."it's problem"
*at this point, getting wetter by the minute, I thought I heard
him talking to himself.....

bj..."but...but...your cowboy hat is getting soaked..."
(I'm thinking...he is staying out here longer to cook MINE...)
Mr. Sweet..." it's hat's made out of pure beaver."
bj..."ooo, (rolling eyes)  ok...whatever...but the rain is falling straight down on the grill"
Mr Sweet...."why don't you go on back in the house and bake us a potato !"

What I REALLY wanted to say was "aren't your wet legs getting cold ?"
but, at that point, I decided I'd better keep my mouth shut and go bake a potato...


I "catch" rain water any time it rains out here in West Texas...

it's so good for my flowers and plants that I keep inside the Summer House.

I've been wishing for an old-fashioned

If it keeps raining like it has, I may need to go shopping for an 

(i wish i could look that cute in a swim suit..:>)
don't let Mr. Sweet know that I told you he had to bring the pork chops
inside before they were totally done...
it started raining harder before they finished cooking.
*he's talking a little bit louder to himself by now

SOOOO, we finished cooking them problem...and, boy, were they
smelling goood by this time.

They turned out delicious...
...whew.....THANK GOODNESS

We decided on Hash Brown potato patties and a little salad.

We finished this rainy day, delicious meal with a glass of our favorite wine,

Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot

"I love everything that's old...
old friends...
old times...
old manners...
old books...
old wine."
Oliver Goldsmith

Lot of love to all ....
X0X0  bj

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  1. I have had a VERY long day that started at 4 a.m. and I didn't get back to sleep. I was tired, cross, and so ready for bed, but thought I would just check all the posts today. Mr Sweet, you darling, I have had such a huge smile, and seeing you out there, knowing you are both safe, makes me happy beyond words, but knowing of all that has been lost, flooded away, lives, homes, vehicles, roads and buildings, nature's force cannot be reckoned with., tempers that happiness with sadness and worry for so many. Take care, as my thoughts are with all those in other areas.p.s. Hope the chop and rest of your meal was as delish as the photos showing the cooking.

  2. Enjoy the climate with wonderful dish...

  3. I'm glad to hear you're all doing well, a little wet, but ok:@) Dinner looks good!

  4. Glad to hear you aren't in the worst area of the rain.
    I catch rainwater also, to water my plants.
    Keep dry!

  5. Love the rain gauge. 'bake a potato'-hahaha.
    Glad you are safe.

  6. Just noticed our column edges have changed to ribbons - nice touch.

  7. I do the same with rainwater. I catch all I can in a couple buckets. I learned that from my Me-Me. I am happy your drought is finally broken and pray for those who are in harms way. Great post:)

  8. BJ, so funny that he was doing that grilling in the hubby will at least grab an umbrella. We are installing a 500 gal water retention tank at our new home to catch that wonderful rain water. The gutter guys will run a downspout right into it. As for this constant rain...Wimberly is just about an hour east of us, so we really feel connected to all those folks there. I posted a blog about Wimberly some time back, as the shopping there is so unique.

  9. glad you were able to get the bbq flavor and finish cooking them inside. :) i am grateful our drought has broken, but feel so bad for so many flooded, destroyed by water or tornado, etc., etc. just wave after wave of it.

  10. Love it!! Thank goodness we are married to determined men. Sally

  11. Poor Mr. Sweet out there grilling in that downpour! I've seen on the news of the terrible flooding in Texas and feel so badly for everyone affected. I'm glad you are safe! Take care. Hugs. Pam

  12. My hubby cooks outdoors in all weather - especially the snow! Everything tastes better grilled!! Happy to hear the floods aren't affecting you! Love your polka dot dishes :-)

  13. I know you have been getting a ton of rain out there. But, wasn't it sweet of Mr. Sweet to grill for you two. Hope he doesn't get a cold from getting wet. Those pork chops look more than yummy.

  14. I love anything grilled. When I am at my sons, they still grill, but not me. My husband did that and did it very well. Of course, we did not have the rain back then. It is terrible here every night and sometimes during the day. The sun is shining just now, but it want last. I may have to start sleeping during the day as I cannot at night.

  15. Poor water-logged Mr. Sweet! He tried valiantly! :-)))) And he looks so CUTE, grilling, in the rain...

  16. Oh my! LOL. He is one tenacious BBQ King! It's fun to see the rain gauge overflow, but so sad to see the stories coming from Texas these days. Heartbreaking.

  17. Glad the floods are not affecting you in your area. My thoughts and prayer go out to the ones that have lost homes and loved ones in the flood areas. Those pork chops look delicious. Hope your husband does not catch a cold for being out in the rain and getting all wet. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. Get that poor man inside! Haha, the pork chops look great!

  19. LOL- Give a man a grill and he will use it come Hell or High Water (unless you are in MY house-where I do all the grilling) Gotta love a man that loves you that much, bj, to grill out just for the two of you! Your meal, as always, looks just delicious. Hope you have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

  20. Someday I am seriously drivin' west. You two are so fun. Half way through I wanted to comment and ask how the potato was. LOL. I've never had hash brown patties. We love our potatos too (even if we/I can't spell it) I like my pork done too. My Cowboy is just like the Mr. Ya'll stay dry.
    Last night we had some lightening! I had to come inside! Enjoyed visiting. Smiles,Sherry

    1. BJ, you got to love a die hard grill man like that. Bless his wet legs. Your supper looked just right to me. See it takes you both. That's the way things should be. I think you need to get that rain barrel. I am praying for all you Texans. You do not need that much rain in that short a time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  21. I agree ~ we need the rain here in Texas, just not all at once! Your hubby is adorable. He reminds me of my own ~ so serious about his grill!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  22. Ha. I've been collecting rain with big pans too. We could build one or we could buy one. The prices have come down. Cute photo of your spouse. What a sweetie out there cooking in the rain. xoxo Su

  23. How sweet! I remember the rain barrel, my Aunt used the rain water to wash our hair. Many prayers for those affected by the flood waters.

  24. My heart goes out to everyone suffering from this horrible weather. I don't even think there are words.


  25. I hope you stay safe with all those floods going on.

  26. BJ,
    This is a very sweet post, you know I simply adore you. Dinner looks yummy. We too are getting a solid rain in Philadelphia, a welcome rain. I am praying for the folks in Texas because of the flood, Mother Nature sure can show her fury at times. I've been following on CNN watching what's occuring and I hold all the folks in my thoughts and prayers,

  27. Your dinner looks yummy! Have had a lot of rain here also. Thankfully nothing like the flooding in some areas.
    Enjoy your evening.

  28. Hi bj and Mr. Sweet ... your chops look so good and Mr. Sweet deserves an extra dessert or glass of wine for braving the weather to get the grilling done. Yes ... glad Texas finally got some measurable rain to help the drought. Sorry that floods, destruction and loss of lives are part of it. We pray for those people that were effected. Collecting rain water is smart. It is amazing how much water one can collect with just 1/4" of rain. We have several methods of catchment and one summer saved our young trees with what we collected. Enjoyed your post.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. Yours is overflowing, and we've had less than an inch for the entire month of May!
    Best wishes to you - be safe.
    Please link up at

  30. Griller extraordinaire, indeed! Now, THAT's true love :) Sure enjoyed these images. Heck, maybe Mr. Sweet will, too -- someday.

  31. If that's not the cutest post, bj! Mr. Sweet is adorable! I was invited to my oldest son's in-law's for Memorial Day and my son was out there grilling under an umbrella. We sure have had the rain! Yesterday I actually had lunch with a girlfriend and we ate outdoors, in the sunshine.

  32. We know all about grilling in the rain around here but it's not too often we have rain as hard as I see in your photos. Boy Texas really is getting more than their fair share but I'm happy you are done with your drought! That is quite a cute grill master you have!

  33. So glad your family is safe, my prayers are with those families in that flood area. However..your poor hubby...I could just see my Tom doing the same Must be a man Your chops and potatoes look so yummy!!


  34. Fun watching mister bj dodge the rain drop deluge . . .
    Pork chops look yummy on those new plates . . .
    I am happy you aren't in the flood plain . . .
    So very sad for all the loss, devastation . . . little children . . .

  35. I had to laugh as I read your 'conversation'. I could hear my sweetheart saying the same things. On grilling days we need to sing, 'Rain, rain - go away. Come again some other day.' Your dinner looked delicious. I'm sure it was even better because of the rain!


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