Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Mantel Luv

Hello, everyone...
you would think, that after being sick for 5 weeks, and the house
LOOKING like I've been sick for 5 weeks,
I would be cleaning...
vacuuming... (is it 1 C and 2 U's or.....)
but NOOOOO...
I wanna decorate...

Don't you just love decorating the top of a mantel...
or a piano...

book shelves or shelves of ANY kind..

actually, don't we just LOOOVE to decorate.....period....?

It's just so much fun.
I love changing things up a bit every season...

After looking at photos, I really haven't changed my fall/winter mantel
 (except thru Christmas)
very much to my spring/summer mantel.

Most of the fall and winter, my mantel looked like this..
before I got the black and white mantel scarf.

Really, the only thing it had going for it were those cutie-pie piggies..

Then, the mantel took on a whole new look...

...that scarf...O, Honey...
just gave the whole scene a grounded, classy and tons of
personality to that olden, vintage, pine mantel.

I wonder, if somehow, I can be buried in that mantel..??
I sure do love it.

Like most of you, I especially LOVE decorating the mantel at Christmas.
I had so much fun with these little people, parading across that
pretty black and white mantel scarf that my girl gave me.
She SO knows what her mama will love.

 I really hated to put them all away for a whole year...

and was tempted to leave them out awhile...

Mr. Sweet rolled his eyes and said,
"you'll get tired of them and not like them as much at Christmas if you leave them out all year.."

Well, of COURSE he was right... so into the closet they went...
for a whole year......

Back to the spring/summer mantel...

 I'm sticking with my aquas and turquoises....
I just LOVE those colors.....
O, and that's the little ceramic covered dish that the sweet,
gave me at Christmas time...
I look thru and read them so often...just love them both
but no where COMPARED to how much I love HER. :>)

 These cute girls will hang with us all thru the summer, I think...
almost every single person that comes into the Summer House
just LUVS my piggies...

I AM adding a bit of lime green..
gosh, it looks so good with black and whites....
and with turquoise...

I've hung more white ironstone plates and platters around the mantel area.
I have a few more but need to buy hangers for them.

 I always like using my white ironstone...
so versatile, clean and sharp looking. thoughts exactly...!!]

I know in my heart of hearts that it all may be TOO whimsical for some people....
but...."Jimmy Crack Corn......and I don't care....
 every time I glance that way,
I smile...and think, "I just LUV my mantel."'s too short not to enjoy it along the way...even thru little things.


  1. Love your mantle and love that there are people like you who change things up and inspire me.
    I seem to "get a look" and stay with it, I do add a few seasonal things along the way.
    Keep on with the inspiration, love the piggies centered above the mantel
    and the mix of black and white mantle scarf, ironstone and aqua and turquoise.
    Very nice bj . . .

  2. Well I haven't been sick for 5 weeks and my house still needs all that stuff you talked about. Fun mantel!!

  3. It's awfully cute. The lime green really adds a pop! I haven't done a thing to my mantel for months either. And it won't happen for a few more weeks at least. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  4. Oh BJ it isn such a JOY to come over and read your gorgeous happy fun filled posts!
    I agree with the quote on decoration - our houses should send us happy vibes.
    Everything on your mantle is divine and you've inspired me to change mine which is full of family photos (which I love as all my family are overseas) but it could do with some ZING here and there!!
    Have a JOYOUS weekend my dear friend.
    Much love

  5. I personally am I love with it, and not because i am obsessed with pigs or anything. Hahaha I spy several things you have mentioned before like your crystal clock... hehehe I am starting to be on a first name basis with your trinkets. :)

  6. You have a delightful decorating flare!

  7. i just don't decorate. once and that's it. and i hardly dust. :)

  8. i wuv it too!! i LOVE to decorate for the holiday's and seasons, but i must admit, i have been doing less and less. i don't love to clean but i love a clean house, so i do it!! i do adore an organizing project!!! pretty, pretty!!!!!

  9. Loving your spring/summer mantel BJ! You "cracked" me up with your Jimmy Crack Corn...I have not heard that song in years!

  10. bj- I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your mantle. It is so YOU and that is what makes it so special. I LOVE the pigs--you know that and the addition of the black and white checks and turquoise and green...well...what could be more perfect than that?
    Glad you are feeling well enough to do something like that to begin with. Pneumonia REALLY takes it toll, doesn't it? xo Diana

  11. BJ,
    Yup you are correct, life to too short not to enjoy it along the way. I love the sign about a book is a garden carried in the pocket. I also agree about having fun in your decor style, never take anything so seriously that you forget the joy of adding fun and whimsy into your daily life. Pretty pictures!

  12. Well it may be too whimsical for some, but I love it! It looks so fresh and crisp with the black and white checks and it is so you :) Very pretty, and I find a pretty house spurs me on to do the rest of the cleaning. Glad you are finally feeling a bit better.

  13. I am SO happy to hear that you are on the mend. I just adore that sweet picture of those darling pigs.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear one!

  14. Your mantle is very nice. Love the colors you have chosen. Everything looks so nice. Glad you are feeling better. Hope you husband is too. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. BJ, Decorate like you want, you know you will be looking at it more than anyone else. We try to hard to copy or please others. When it's our own homes, let's do what we like. I am loving all your pops of green and aqua. You know I am crazy for the black and white checks. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  16. Hi BJ! Oh, I just love everything you do! Those little piggies are adorable! Hope you're feeling much better by now.
    Be a sweetie,

  17. I just love your mantle throughout the seasons, bj. The pretty scarf just ties in the darling dish that Mr. Sweet gave you. I especially love the little lamp on the mantle. I can't do that because I don't have an outlet nearby. Wah!! Your touches of lime green and turquoise are so summery and fun!

  18. It looks fabulous to me! I really like the mantel cloth...very classy. I imagine that Jimmy's still out there cracking corn.

  19. I truly do hope you are well....decorating is a good sign that you are, cleaning not so much, I don't want to do it and I'm not sick. You are so right about white being clean and sharp looking.

  20. The soft shades of turquoise work so well with black and white! It's beautiful and that makes us happy, doesn't it? Happy weekend! Hugs!

  21. Glad you are feeling like decorating again. I am not into it, but if you like enjoy, go for it. It is your home dress it your way. We just went through a terrible storm. Parts really damaged, but fortunately I did not get anything serious.

  22. Love how the black-n-white adds such a dash of class to everything ... and still, you've not lost that 'welcome' atmosphere.
    So glad to learn you're feeling better!

  23. I just love reading your posts.

  24. Oh my, I love whimsical!! That black and white is an accent I love to use! It's perfect for your mantel! Just lovely and little piggies, pure love!

    Happy Saturday~


  25. I like whimsy! So I love your decorations.

  26. Love the pigs, You have done great job again

  27. Hi BJ! Love your blog and your fun posting style! I really enjoyed seeing your mantel changes with the seasons.
    It really looks great and makes me smile too!
    Glad to become a follower!
    Best wishes

  28. I do join in on all the piggy love here! That is a great piece to build your decor around. I love how it all works!

  29. I do love decorating and hubby asked me yesterday when the Easter Rabbits were going to get put away. Guess it's time! (Sigh).
    Your "Piggies" are adorable and you do a lovely job decorating your home.

  30. #1 ~ I don't see the aqua borders. :/

    Love your mantel and the piggies are adorable! Did someone paint them for you? The black & white always makes me happy! Who cares if someone doesn't like your decor?? They don't live there and I have to have whimsy too.


  31.   Wonderful pictures, I really like the picture of the two little pigs!

  32. Luv your pig pic!! Thanks for joining HSH!

  33. Love, love, love it! I would never tire of those sweet piggies. How that you are feeling better. Glad to see you at Pink Saturday!


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