Monday, March 9, 2015

~ TEA ~ A Spring Touch

Hello, all.

I am a huge fan of TEA...
and altho our weather certainly isn't near SPRING WEATHER,
I am soooooooo ready for it.
let's PLAY-LIKE... 

(remember we are doing PLAY-LIKE...i don't REALLY have a
southern plantation living room...:) bummer...

Iced...with sugar and lemon...yes, ma'am and a slice of that cake, if you please....

We have another table set for those of you that prefer
Hot...2 lumps, please and thank you.
I don't mind if I DO have a sliced biscuit and a tiny spoon full of that homemade STRAWBERRY JAM....

 This  beautiful blue and white  large tea pot belonged to my mom...

With it being so large, I wonder if it could be a coffee pot...??

Can you believe this beautiful red and white set came from 
and cost $7.00 for the 3 piece set (well, 5 pieces if you count the lids)
Such a score !

I bought this beautiful lacy TEA CLOTH
at a local boutique years ago.

Seems silver goes along with TEA so well.

I think tea pots are so regal...
their graceful spouts and handles....
 My mother gave this beautiful wicker tea cart to me
one year for Christmas.....I think the year was 1976 and
it is one of my most favorite and loved treasures
and I use it for many different things.
I sure would rather have my mother than this ole tea cart.....:(

And, of course, CAKE is always so good with tea.


  1. i like your saucy friend's limerick. :)

  2. Pretty fancy, smancy, I'd say. I love the red and white set. My mother had a white porcelain pot like the one you have that has blue on it, and it was really a coffee pot. But who is being choosy with all these yummies.

  3. Beautiful tea party! You could style photos for any major decorating got the eye. I especially like the red tea set, though the tall tea pot (I think probably coffee pot) is very charming.

    Now that Diana wrote me a limerick, too, and I wasn't smart enough to use it for blog fodder. It was just a little naughty. Not as naughty as yours. Ha!

  4. Very funny limerick! I love your pretty setting. I love the blue and white especially! The red set was a great find! The cake looks wonderful and I love your lace cloth! So pretty!

  5. That was a funny limerick and I love the blue and white teapot from your mom-what a treasure!

  6. That Diana! She is one poet isn't she? She wrote me one too! Now you know I love my tea too, peach tea being my favorite. Your little cart is so pretty and you really set up a lovely vignette on it. Love the pretty tea pot sets too.
    Cake! You know how I love cake!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I've never been a fan of tea. That and root beer.

  8. LOL- Can I have coffee instead of tea if I come to visit? But I WILL take one of your good biscuits.
    Oh-sure- get me in trouble with all the preachers out made limericks for several people and yours is THE ONLY ONE I said a Naughty word in....(I think) Would it help you to know that the 2-1/2 year old calls me Naughty Nana? xo Diana

  9. Your tea looks fun and festive. I think you and Nana are two peas in a pod

  10. I love all your goodies that you make. All the gifts from your mother are so special. That Diana is a hoot, isn't she. So glad she is feeling better.

  11. Oh BJ what a beautifully photographed post. It was fun playing tea time with you! Your Moms tea pot is very pretty, I'm sure it is precious to you.

  12. Everything looks so pretty, the large tea pot is just beautiful! Nana Diana is so funny, love her blog! Thanks for sharing tea time!

  13. You take the best pictures! I love your Mom's blue and white tea/coffee pot. It is gorgeous. Your red and white tea set is very pretty, too. You were lucky to find it in such great condition at such a good price. The other day I was in a thrift store when they were putting glass and china on the shelf. There was so much clinking and clanking I couldn't bear to look. Now I know why things I find there are almost always chipped. You really have a talent for styling settings for your photos. The way you have done your tea cart looks like it should be on the cover of a national decorating magazine.

    I got a good chuckle out of Nana Diana's limerick for you.

  14. I enjoyed the fancy tea and isn't it nice to be rich and have those servants clean it all up for us afterwards while we just languish.

  15. I think a big part of why we love tea is the beautiful accoutrements that we can use for it! Your tea cart, cups and pots are so pretty together and really make a cup of tea and a slice of cake into a party. Such pretty photos BJ!

  16. How beautiful! Love the photograpy and your display! So enjoyable! Wishing you a marvelous week ahead BJ!

  17. Great tea party, Bj ! Love the tea cart.I go to Goodwill every chance I get....I say one woman's junk is another woman's treasure!

  18. Thank you for the tea party on a rainy day here in Ohio. I enjoyed the cake and biscuits! :-) I enjoy a good thrift store find as well; the tea set you found was a great "score". Have a blessed day, Heather

  19. Hi BJ! It's always so much fun visiting you and you take the best pictures. I do love tea and your tea party looks so lovely. Your mother's tea pot is so beautiful and so is that pretty set you found at the thrift store. For whatever reason, I never seem to find wonderful treasures like that when I go. Maybe one of these days, I'll get lucky.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week... :)

  20. So pretty, all of it. I love the red tea set, but that blue and white pot is beautiful. This post makes me think that Spring WILL get here one day soon...

  21. I really like the blue and white tea or coffee pot and the red and white set is very nice also. The tea card your mother gave you is just beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Tea is even better from a beautiful teapot for sure.

  23. Your table looks beautiful. I love the lace.

  24. Beautiful tea cart bj ... and such a fancy tea party which I am sure makes everything taste better. You have some beautiful tea and coffee pots. Love the one that belonged to your Mother.
    Looking forward to some sunshine and Spring weather.
    Audrey Z.

  25. What a lovely tea party you have set before us, bj! It has felt like spring around here the past few days...but will changing back to winter in another couple of days :( The red and white tea set is so gorgeous....what a great find!

  26. Looks like we both played pretend today. I have been so sick of boots, that I PRETENDED it was nice out and wore spring clothes. It was silly because all day my toes were cold and my coach SUEDE pumps got salt on them. Now, please pass me a nice hot cup of southern tea. (Is southern tea a real thing???) Lol

  27. I am not sure, but possibly your tea pot is a chocolate pot. It depends on the spikot?? whatever that is called. higher or lower. I can't remember which. But you could google it. Either way it is lovely!

  28. Oh my! I need your background paper for my kitchen. PERFECT! I'm in a papering mode! :)
    I would say your pretty tea pot is a coffee pot. I think chocolate pots are very tall and slender. Yep. I vote for COFFEE POT. I wrote that in caps because..I think I are right as rain! Ohhh..probably not. I'm just guessing but I've looked at hundreds, maybe thousands oc chocolate pots and that's because I WANT one. Yep. Coffee pot. :) I know how you feel..I just want to call my mom. Just for a minute. You know?

  29. Awww now this setting is just my cup of tea, bj! I adore the tea wagon that your sweet mom gave you. Isn't it a beauty??!! I'd tove to stay for tea, and I'll have a cup of hot tea, please. I am swooning over the deal you got at Goodwill with the red and white service. Happy Tea Day!

  30. Beautiful settings! The lace is so pretty...your cart from your mother is a treasure.


  31. your tablescapes are really beautiful and so are your images!!!!!

  32. Hi sweet BJ! First I must apologize for just now getting around to visit your lovely blog. I have been dealing with computer issues for the last 4 days. Thankfully everthing seems to be back to normal.

    Your Spring Tea is simply beautiful and so romantic. I love the lace and the tea pot, creamer, and sugar dish is a delightful set. Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I would love to have you join us again on Tuesday. Hugs!

  33. Good morning, BJ! Just wanted to pop in and let you know this post has been featured at Roses of Inspiration :) Thank you for linking up last week! Hugs!


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