Thursday, December 18, 2014

An Apple Cake to Write Home About....

 Hello, all...

I FINALLY got a nice, new, RED,

And, nooo, I am not baking a Christmas Candle Ring here..hahha...

just makin' the pan look Christmasy.

(the things we do to make bloggers smile)
One of our grandgirls,
Lacey Jean, learned to make Chicken & Dumplings and invited us over to give them a taste test..

I asked if  I could bring a cake
and Lacey said "you can bring a cake ANYtime, Memaw",  so I made this CARAMEL APPLE...

It turned out really good...
I chopped up an apple to add to it...
I always add Vanilla...
(some of you might remember that I told you my
Aunt Lillian always dabbed a drop of vanilla behind ea ear when she was baking...)


The added fresh apple really made this moist and light...

I'm not real fond of the canned frosting but I like keeping a can on hand..
I added quite a bit of SOUR CREAM to this CREAM CHEESE frosting and
it was soooo good. I think there was more sour cream than frosting and
it really went well with the apples.

 I really meant for it to be a thin glaze but once I got it mixed together, it was so good, I didn't want to make it any thinner.

This pretty cake stand belonged to my mama...and it makes every single cake
I put on it taste 10 times better than on any other plate. !!
The Apple Caramel cake was delicious...
but no where NEARLY as good as those CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS...

Lacey J. is becoming a fantastic cook...
when she was about 8 or 9, give or take a yr or two...
she wanted to learn how to make herself a scrambled egg..
so we had a tiny cooking lesson on making creamy, cheesy scrambled eggs and she's been making them ever since...:)
I love you, LJ.


  1. BJ, No wonder yur granddaughter didn't mind you bringing a cake..wowwee, it's so tasty looking..I like your little secret tips. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. love your tea kettle.

  2. that frosting does look yummy. save a piece for me.

  3. I'm smiling to think that the beat goes on in the kitchen. Of course! Chicken and Dumplings sounds delicious and that cake...yummo. My sister and I were trying to make canned frosting taste like something this week. I decided it wasn't possible. I'll tell her about this. Merry On!

  4. Oh my, that looks so good. Love how you do your pictures.

  5. She has a great example to follow. Chicken and dumplings one of my favorite thing. I go to Cracker Barrel and enjoy theirs often.

  6. I love it, bj. That cake LOOKS delicious and I can almost smell it from here. Oh My! What fun that you used to teach that little girl to cook and now she is cooking for you. I know you love her to the moon and back. xo Diana

  7. I love that your grand girl invited you for one of my favorite meals, bj. The cake looks so good and I'm sure the sour cream added a special deliciousness to the frosting. Fun times!

  8. Your cake looks delicious and the cake holder that was your mother's enhances it.

  9. Evening BJ,
    Love your photo props and I bet this cake is extremely moist. A recipe I will try for sure!
    Elf kisses,

  10. Lovin' that snazzy red cake pan BJ! Sounds like you had a great dinner and I love it when young folks enjoy cooking:@)

  11. Hi b j i follow your blog n would like to have the apple cake reciepe.

  12. That cake looks so good! Isn't it fun to start grandchildren off cooking and to the heart and Soul ! I need a new bundt pan too,,maybe that will be a Christmas gift to myself.

  13. Looks really delicious. I pulled my bundt pan out last week thinking I might whip up a rum cake for the holidays, but as I've not accomplished that yet with so much going on, I may try your cake instead. Love using apples in baking anything - but hardly ever eat them raw as I have trouble swallowing them.

    Lovely bright pics here dear - you are such a cheerful addition to blogland every day!
    Thank you.
    Hugs - Mary

  14. Oh that looks delicious! I would love a slice with my coffee:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  15. The chicken and dumplins' sound so good....I need to make some! Happy holidays my friend!

  16. Oh yeah I'll have a large slice with extra creamy frosting with a large mug of coffee, hot cocoa, or milk....this cake would be good with anything...and of course chicken and dumplings. Have fun weekend my friend bj

  17. The cake looks delicious. I know since you baked it, it was. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. BJ, your cake is scrumptious! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  19. Looks good enough to it ahahahah
    And I bet it is over by now. I love all the scents I could feel coming from it 'till this side of Atlantic.
    Enjoy these magical days,

    PS - And yes, when I saw the thumb in my blog I thought "what's BJ cooking now?" so decided to stop by and now leave with a bigger smile in my face. You're a magical person, BJ!

  20. everything looks so pretty....I like your frosting idea!!!!!

  21. Everything looks delicious at your house bj!

  22. I wish we had smell-o-vision on our computers!! The cake looks SO good! It is a good thing I don't live near you or I would be there all the time, "sampling" all your goodies!!!

  23. bj,

    Your cake looks wonderful and the frosting is just right.
    I do remember you mentioning your Aunt Lillian putting vanilla behind each ear.
    Chicken and dumplins' is one of my favorite meals.

    Merry Christmas!! xoxo

  24. Hello my dear sister friend, Your cake looks beyond delicious. YUM!!! Adding an apple is so smart. You are a wonder at baking and taking these gorgeous photos. I bet your granddaughter's chicken and dumplings was delicious too. You ar blessed with a wonderful family bj.

    Have a wonderful Christmas filed with laughter and love.
    Love and hugs,

  25. YUM . . . and love you in the Santa hat!

  26. What a beautiful cake...and cake stand. I will have to remember to add sour cream to my canned frosting. The things you learn on blogs! Merry Christmas...Janey

  27. BJ! Not only are your photos gorgeous, but I believe you outdid yourself on the glorious apple cake! I need to try this! Love, love, love this post!!!!

  28. BJ, you need to write a book! I love all of your posts! This one was no exception! How clever to add sour cream to the canned frosting.....I will try that one day! I have several cake stands I've collected over the years and I agree, nothing makes a cake taste better than putting it on one!

    Happy PS to YOU!! L, Dana

  29. OK, BJ, I know I'm a real computer dufus, but I've been trying to leave comments on your posts for ages and could never figure out how to do it....finally, I signed up on Google somewhere/somehow and now it works! I've always had Google Issues! No one else seems I do blame it totally on my dufus-ness! Anyway HPS!!!

  30. Ohhh, this is such a pretty and festive post! Perfect for this time of year. And your cake!!!! It looks soooo good. Great idea to add a fresh apple. And the icing!!!!! I usually don't like icing because it's too sweat. But yours sounds delicious. Merry Christmas BJ

  31. Looks good enough to eat. :)
    I made an apple cake in a Bundt pan a couple days ago, too. I dumped caramel sauce all over it. Mmmmm, mmmmmmm.

  32. Scrumptious looking cake! Merry Christmas, BJ to you and your family. xoox

  33. Looks yummy-and the frosting...oh wow! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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