Monday, October 6, 2014


I'm not sure just how much rain Lubbock has received this fall....
a LOT...

Water level in THE POOL rises every day with all the rain falling.
Son put chemicals in it today to stop the bacteria and such from growing.

 I'm a huge fan of 
and some of these photos are from her 2013 calendar...
I never EVER throw her calendars away...

I once got in trouble with her because I misunderstood her FREEBIES...
I thought I could use them on my blog but........oops
Actually, she very nicely told me they weren't to be used on blogs.

I can, however, use the photos of her calendars...
because the calendars are mine....and I love them...never EVER throw them away.

Her adorable art is so worth framing....
I just don't have enuf wall space to hang all I would like.

 I tape a few of them to the inside of my kitchen cabinets..
so does my friend, VEE. 
In fact, that GLAZED HAM in the upper right corner hung on my
cabinet door in the olden house for 15 years before I even knew who

I am wanting to make this APPLE CRISP...
it sounds so good and so.....FALLISH

I don't have all the ingredients of this luscious dish and...
I'm hungry....

I love an afternoon snack and usually have a piece of fruit or a glass of fruit juice or a cup of tea...
TODAY, tho, I had just finished reading my blogging friend, GLENDA's 
post about TOAST...
and she mentioned
so you can GUESS what I wanted with my cup of hot, sweet tea....
Well...I wanted

A best friend in high school (a hundred years ago) taught me how to
make skillet toast
and I've enjoyed it ever since......

I like BOTH sides of my bread buttered..
..just put the bread in the skillet..
let one side get to a golden brown..
flip over and brown the other side.
(I can't get that CRANBERRY APPLE CRISP out of my mind) soon as I can,
I'll be off to the market to buy a fat pig  to get apples and fresh cranberries...

I KNOW this crisp will be good...
Susan has never steered us wrong before.

 I am also going to order my 2015 calendar
from her site right this minute.

P.S. It's been several weeks now since the rains stopped. (I don't publish all posts in REAL time)
  I miss the rains...
and sure enjoyed them hanging around for a few days.
We are back to normal weather...a little cooler now that it's October. sure to make an appointment for your mammogram....
I made mine today.  


  1. well, for once, i'm not jealous of you talking about rain. it finally got here to ne tx and we got over 3 inches this morning. badly needed. but tomorrow we're supposed to hit 95 so the cool down is gone again. :)

  2. I like Susan Branch also - she does wonderful work. Stop, your making me hungry - everything sounds so good.
    Have a great week.

  3. I always forget October is Susan G Komen month. It's amazing how much support it really gets. Everything turns pink, even the straws at Bojangles.

  4. Yum - Your skillet toast looks delish. Makes me want a grilled cheese sandwich to go with my soup tonight.
    Enjoy your evening.

  5. Yummy. That's how we made toast for breakfast when we went camping.

    That is a beautiful calendar. I've never heard of her before.

  6. Bj, Now I want some apple crisp...To me that is one of the best fall desserts. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Enough of the yummy food already....LOL I love fall and the wonderful food for the season. Susan Branch has some lovely art. Happy Monday.

  8. Oh, how fun! I've never heard of her! I do like the sound of that Cranberry Apple Crisp -- thank you so much for planting that seed!

  9. Yikes! Time for 2015 already??? Boy how time flies. I've never been one to turn down any kind of crisp...

  10. I love love love susan Branch calendars and for the past few years my blog friend in NJ sends me one...Of course I save them too and thought about buying cheap frames at IKEA (they are very nice for the money) but I have no where to hang them so I love your idea of putting them inside your kitchen cabinets...My first thought when I saw your picture was that you made placemats out of the,,,Which would be a great idea wouldn't it....for cheap you could have them laminated at an office supply store...How cute would they be for a ladies lunch...

  11. Well - I don't know who Susan Branch is. But, I like the idea of decorating the inside of your cabinets. We used to have a helpful list of who to call if we needed a plumber, and appliance repairman, a handy man and what not in our old house. When we moved we left it because a new house doesn't need constant repair. LOL

  12. BJ,
    Never saw Susan Branch's art before. She has a real sweet country look to her designs. I can see her graphics on towels and kitchen accessories, wonder if she ever considered that. Apple crisp sounds so yummy.

  13. I think of you as our Texas-style Susan Branch, bj! Oh, how I'd love to make that cranberry apple crisp, too.

  14. LOL- I was reading and thinking- WOW---it's STILL RAINING in Texas. lol Glad to hear it let up or I'd expect to see you building an ark down there.
    I love Susan Branch ,too. She is one of my favorites. Let us know how the cranberry apple crisp turns out. xo Diana

  15. It's rain, rain and more rain here. My well will be glad of it but it sure wasn't the best summer for growing veggies.

  16. All seems so yummy, not sure I want to be so hungry right now. Rain is good, but just like everything in excess is not all that nice right...

  17. Now I want grilled cheese after seeing your skillet toast and apple crisp. I love her art too!

  18. What a great idea to tape those pretty pages to the inside of your cabinets! I will have to try your skillet toast!

  19. Your mammogram reminder....our subdivision is having a style show luncheon "Hats off to Fashion" and $10 of each ticket will go to our Relay for Life kitty. We are excited about this project, so I'll show some pictures later. Yum, grilled cheese, apple crisp with cranberries. Making me hungry.

  20. I have my mammograms in February, but thanks for reminding everyone! Your apple crisp sounds so good makes me want some right NOW!

  21. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful goodies with us and reminding us to get a mammogram. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Love Susan Branch and Apple Crisp.....I will have to try skillet toast!

  23. Oh, that apple cranberry crisp does sound good! Your toast sounds like a grilled cheese sandwich without the cheese...gotta alove that! When I was a little girl, my mom would make us "fried bread" too. Let us know how that apple crisp turn out! And I had my mammogram back in the summer :)

  24. You are so clever bj.. even the inside of the cabinet doors are prettied up. I've never made skillet toast.. but I'm gonna try it for sure.
    Happy tuesday

  25. Hello bj, glad yall got some rain, we did and we are thankful. I've saw you mention these great calendars before, I need to check them out, I do enjoy the recipes. Make us some apple crisp please. Skillet toast, that's all we ever knew, mama didn't have a toaster, so growing up that's how she fixed toast. I can remember her buttering and putting cheese on light bread(don't know why we called loaf bread light bread-did yall) on a sheet pan and into the oven broiler.

  26. Now look what you did! I'm hungry and it's too late to start raiding the fridge ;).

    One week from today I'm going to see Susan Branch in person! Her art is so whimsical and joyful!

  27. bj ... if you have too much rain ... send some this way. Hot and dry here. Love your calendar and the good recipes.
    That cranberry apple crisp looks so easy, I believe I can make it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  28. Another great recipe.

    I am spending my afternoon catching up.
    Enjoying such a peaceful afternoon!


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