Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snacks, anyone...??

I LOVE snacks...
I'd rather eat SNACKS than a full course meal.
Even as a kiddo, my mom used to worry about me wanting
to just snack instead of eating healthy.

  It's only natural that I'd have a
handy place for snacks.
 I've shared my COFFEE BAR in this pretty new kitchen of ours....

and a cool tray at that.
I snagged this cutiePie tray at PIER 1 at the end of summer SALE.

The neat jar holding PEANUTS was a 1/2 price item at Pier 1..

The large jar with "eat" on it came from Walmart...

The other 3 awesome jar canisters were bought at our local
flea market....$7.00 for the set of 3 and in PERFECT condition.

....don't ya love a GOOD DEAL...???

...amd speaking of PEANUTS..
my daddy's favorite treat...especially when we were traveling.
We would stop for gas, he would buy cokes and peanuts for us.
We'd fill our coke bottle up with salted peanuts and take off on our trip...
we wouldn't get far down the road until my daddy would have to pull over
to let me throw up.
It was peanuts, coke and riding in the back seat of the car that made me sick.
I could eat those peanuts and drink that coke just fine and never get sick...
unless I did it in the back seat of a moving car.
♥ ahhh...childhood memories

I thought I might not like using this yellow green ALLIGATOR tray
for fall and winter...
but...WHY NOT..?......I dearly love bright colors in wintertime so I'm thinking
I'll use it all year long.

I've had this pumpkin plate for several years now...
and the plate holder is one of my favorites.
The cute little boutique where I bought it, and a lot of other
special things, closed their doors and I MISS THEM !

 I decided the plate looked cute on my rooster cabinet..

I bought this box of KLEENEX back in the summer...
love it and when the Kleenex are all gone...what can I use the cute box for...
I have an idea...

HAHHAA....Mr. Sweet was in the background there, warming up our dinner...
♥ ♥ ♥
Since I am such a SEMI-HOMEMADE kind of gal,


We dearly LOVE bread pudding...

These sure sound like FALL FOODS
to me...

Thanks for coming by....
are you all ready for fall...?
all decorated up
and good COMFORT
FOODS on your fall menu..?

Here at Sweet Nothings, it is raining and the air smells sooo good...and fresh..

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We have 2 grandgirls that had birthdays this month:




  1. Wonderful post bj. Love your canisters with all the goodies in them. I have heard of putting peanuts in coke but have never tried it. I will be putting my sunflower decorations up and getting my fall and Halloween decorations out soon. The mornings are fall like here but it does warm up in the afternoon. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Love snacks, I can make a meal off of snacks, bahahahahahaha. Loving this tray loaded up with my favorite foodies....all of your photo's are cutie-puhtootie, even when Mr Sweet does a "photo-bomb".

  3. Love snacks. Makes me think of Sonny Boy's man cave. He always has jars of snacks for his guests. Beautiful picks. We love bread pudding. Now that it's fall, must make some!

  4. BJ, this is a wonderful and very dangerous idea. LOL Love, love your snack bar. Beautiful glass containers. I love junk food. It gets me in trouble every time! Have a great weekend! Maria

  5. BJ, I had to laugh as I was our family's carsick person; every family has to have one! I remember when I was little, my teenage sister used to do the peanuts in the coke thing. I can make a meal of snacks if the snacks have protein -- like raw vegetables dipped in hummus or tortilla chips with bean dip. We love bread pudding, too. And I'll be making sticky toffee pudding a lot through fall and winter. Love your tray! There are two kinds of people in the world, people who don't have even one tray and people (like you and me) who probably have too many!

  6. I have enjoyed many peanuts out of a coke . Some of the old ways were not bad.

  7. I really liked that rich, beautiful photos!

  8. Hi bj, Love the snacks and the yellow tray. You sure know how to find a bargain. I am sitting here with Beverly tonight and we laughed when we saw the peanuts in the coke. I remember doing that. BTW, I could never eat or drink in the back seat of a car either.

    It has been so much fun visiting Beverly for a couple of days. We are running the roads and shopping. We only get to see each other once a year.

    Happy birthday to your grandgirls. :)

    Love, Jeanne

  9. Fun post BJ ... I try not to keep snacks out except for nuts. My daughter has her bar lined with jars of snacks and everybody is always coming by to grab something. I love how you use boxed goods and make them your own.
    Happy birthdays to your lovely granddaughters. They grow up so quick. Treasure the moments now.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Bj,
    Thanks for stopping by!! I do love my "Stained Glass Window"!!
    LOVE your Candy bar!! So would my hubby!! LOL!!


  11. Oh...I want to come to your house!! But, I fear your snack bar would soon be empty!! I LOVE SNACKS too.... I also remember the road trips in the back seat....and....doing the same thing! What sure bring them out in me...thank you! smile! Youmm, those mixes look yummy.


  12. Oh what a fun post with some vivid hard to describe memories! I don't like peanuts so I wouldn't have had that experience. Or maybe I did and don't remember and that's why I don't like peanuts! LOL! I love your snack bar. I have been looking for jars and haven't found what I want. I forgot about Pier One and I drive by one twice a day! Duh. I'll be going by there Monday. I used to always find bargains! I love the green tray. In fact I think it is Fabulous with the other Fallish decorations. Come by the linky party there is a link with a post with Blue it is great with the Fall. Come by and link up! Hope your weekend is Sassy!

  13. Oh, Hon! You had me at the snacks, and then all those glorious cannisters and jars, and then the crème de la crème---Peanuts in a COKE!!

    Your G.R.I.T.S. Girl credentials would be solid, even if you were from Alaska.

    Wonderful decorating.


  14. You are the snack queen....LOL lots of tempting goodies and your Fall plate is lovely. I love Pier1... Happy Saturday.

  15. Ha, BJ! I've got my three littlest in here with me and they're all very excited about all those treats you're showing off! Thanks for sharing your fall stuff with us...I love those owls!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  16. Love the tray, love the plate and plate rack..and all your goodies. I want to try that bread pudding neat that would be. Oh..and Mr. SWEET..Love him too! Any man that can make the marvelous things he can make..heavens! Gotta love a man like that!! :)

  17. What a fun fall visit. And don't feel bad. We used to go salmon fishing on a boat for HOURS at a time. I'd huddle down in the cabin that reeked of fish and gas and read - Got totally seasick - don't know that I threw up, but definitely felt like it -you have my total empathy! :)


Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.
xo bj