Tuesday, September 16, 2014


or should I say POTS....

THIS is such a worthless post and, in the midst of all the HORRIBLE things going on
in our world,
I should be out doing SOMEthing worthwhile but, NOOO...
I stay inside my COCOON WORLD.

I DO pray a lot...
for our country and for our president...praying for all our saftey
and praying our president will put on his big boy pants  and  LEAD.

We can't turn on the tv without bad news hitting us in the stomach...

I thought that this kind of spousal abuse
 was against the law whether the mate filed charges or not.
It dang well SHOULD be against the law.

Hitting her like that, I could almost promise that he will hit her again....
and again.....
and again.... until he kills her.
Of course, I pray he DOESN'T......but.......

ok...I'll get off THAT subject and move on to POT  POTS...

Some of you might remember that I bought these little pot holders and pots a few weeks back from WORLD MARKET...
my wall needed SOMEthing on either side of the tv in our dining area.

I PLANNED to have herbs in them...
HA HA on that notion.

 ...the pots are so small, the herbs die  won't do all that well.

Ivy does FAIR...but nothing to write home about.
Given a very little time, the pot will be too small for ivy, too.

 OK...I'm thinking here, "I might have made a BAD decision
on buying these little boards holding 4 pots each...."

and...besides all that..they aren't pretty !
They are too industrial looking for me.
"what the he**  heck  was I thinking that day I bought them?"

I've had them too long to return..
.and WHO KNOWS where that sales receipt could be !

What the heck to do...??

I have a roll of burlap ribbon...would it help, ya think ?

MAYbe I can live with these little pots awhile longer if they are softened up...
really, tho, i can't tell that it helps much.....*heavy sigh

The ribbon can come off at any time...
and MAYbe I'll just add fabulous fauxs to the little pots.
I can get some pretty color that way...like the little purple flowers there.

The thing is.....
I don't want fauxs....I want the real thing and WHAT can
grow for any length of time in a pot barely larger than 
tuna fish can...???

 Well, at least the
 burlap ribbon ties in a bit with the basket holding a 
fabulous faux plant (hiding tv cords handsomely)....

These little "do-dad" pots on either side of the tv and cabinet
make this large wall, between 2 windows, look fairly nice and I THINK
I might can live with them, now that they aren't NAKED anymore.
I'll give it a try for a few months and then, if I STILL don't like them,
I might can move them out of here on CRAIGS LIST.....
Tell me if you can think of a way to make these prettier.
paint the boards...?
paint the pots...?
put small burlap flowers on the burlap ribbon....?
they would look better sticking out the top of a dumpster...?
None of the above...????
I don't make too many mistakes on things I think I like and then,
once they are in the house, I don't like them....
but I've made a few since moving into this new home of ours...

Another big booboo and how we plan to fix it is lined up for another post...
another day.

How about you? 
What's the worst thing you've bought and felt like you had to live with it awhile
and JUST HATED IT...??


  1. BJ, I sort of like how the ivy and the burlap looks. I was thinking...I have something similar, it's supposed to hold letters or memos or something. I wish I could find another use for it. We need a party somewhere in Blogland called "What should I do?" Bloggers can post their quandaries, like yours and mine. People can leave comments with advice on the blogs. Hmmmm...now who can we get to volunteer? ;-)

    Jane xx

  2. Love Jane's idea of that party! How fun that could be. Maybe some succulents would grow in the pots?

  3. I have some Swedish ivy that has small leaves and trails nicely... Might work in your little pots. I think I might try painting them. I have some pots that are painted and have piano keys on them. Maybe you could do musical notes?

  4. Oh, I love them. And the plant you have, Pothos I believe, grows fantastic forever in just water, so you wouldn't have to worry about it getting to big for the pot in dirt.

  5. I think they look GREAT with the burlap in them. And philodendron will grow just about anywhere and doesn't mind bound roots much at all. My worst? When we added on to this house and put a kitchen in I had ordered a Stainless steel stove top (gas/JennAire). Well, it was installed and we moved in and only about 2 weeks after using it I realized I was cooking on a BLACK top instead of the stainless steel. It is horrible to keep clean. Still go it, too. ugh-

  6. Hi: I have made so many mistakes, I could write several books. We live and learn. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  7. Well, at least you know how to sell on Craig's list!! I think that is something I need to learn because I make a lot of mistakes, but somehow I usually work them into a tablescape so the house is definitely overcrowded. A move would be good for me! Especially to a warm climate!!!

  8. Reminds me of a Simpsons episode. They go to a store called pot palace, which has stuff all for the kitchen. The lazy rocker-wannabe bus driver character walks out and complains that he thought the store would be something else...

  9. Hmmm, what about painting them in Mackenzie Childs courtly checks like that fabulous shelf Mr. Sweet made you? That would perk them up! I think the idea for using succulents could work too. In the end if you don't love them you should get rid of them and move on. I have lived with w-a-y too many things I hated because I didn't want to "waste the money". My latest mistake? The living room rug. We put down hardwood floors and I needed a rug and I'm so cotton pickin' frugal I got a rug that fit the budget but not my style. I am currently trying to figure out how to use it in a different room so I can justify a new one. lol. I'll figure out a way to change it out, but it's time I learned my lesson and quit settling!

  10. I'm not sure but painting the boards white would probably be more your style.

  11. I actually think those little pots are adorable and with the burlap added, I love them even more. They even multi task by hiding the tv cords. If I saw them on Craig's List, I would buy them in a heart beat... :)

  12. I'm with Stacy above. I was going to suggest white paint and I really think that and the burlap will make it much prettier. I think the hyacinth looks great. Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following you too:)
    xo Kathleen

  13. Bj I really like the way you added the burlap to the pots. Another idea for you to think about you can use other ribbon for the different holidays. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. I LOVE these and am pinning !
    I SO get how you feel about the state of the world - a few weeks ago on a friday - I did nothing but cry - ( after the Jim Foley story - it was the straw for me )
    Think I'm going to turn into an ostrich and just keep my head in the sand - really - I can't stand what's happening ( and it's everywhere - it sometimes feels like the end of times to me )
    And that's MY happy thought for today
    BUT I really love your pots
    Off to pin lol
    Big hugs

  15. Oh man, I am going off on the plank with this one. I love the pots and racks. But, I think what you don't like is that when the TV is on, which at our home is almost always! It becomes too busy. Do you really need something there? If you do, what about white plates on each side...like 3 vertically. They would be a lot calmer. Don't hate me blog world!

  16. Very cute little pots and you have decorated them for Fall with the burlap. I see visualize herbs growing in them. Happy Wednesday.

  17. The pots look great with the burlap! Praying is doing a lot! What else can we do with what is going on?
    Hmmm...once I bought a couch at a thrift store that was so so uncomfortable. They would not let me return it. I felt horrible every time I looked at it so I ended up donating it to another thrift store...

  18. Liking all those pots and greenery . . . faux too!

  19. I like the pots with burlap, but if you feel unhappy with them, move them to the patio and maybe the herbs will grow. You may not like them because they are narrow.
    Good luck in solving this.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  20. I like them with the burlap, really pretty how you put them on either side of the TV! You are so gifted!

  21. First, I love Jane's suggestion in the first post. I thought that someone out there tossed this idea around a few years ago, but she never did it. I can't remember who it was, though...

    As for your adorable pots, I loved them with the burlap. I liked your original idea of using them for herb pots, too. Are you sure they are too small? Also, (and someone might have already suggested this, I stopped reading comments after Jane.) Why not seasonal cuteness like a little pumpkin each one? You could put them outside if you wanted. Isn't there a little covered porch on the cottage?

  22. And I'm back to say that I agree about the news. I have been pretty much bummed every day since we re elected the hopeless change.


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