Monday, September 15, 2014


My sign there pretty much tells it all....

"Given enough COFFEE
            I could  
     Rule the WORLD"
I've made myself a really fun and convenient
COFFEE BAR in one corner of our kitchen counters...

the cutie pie MUG RUG was made and sent to me by 
my good blogging friend, KATHY.
I use it all the time....THANKS AGAIN, KATHY.

 I like it convenient....
but, like everything else....
( girl gave me that cute pot and plant... )

My little ceramic bunny lamp came from our local CRACKER BARREL.
I met my girlfriend there for lunch one day
and didn't have buying a lamp in mind AT ALL. know how it is....I walked by and saw something hopping out of the
corner of my eye and it was this adorable bunny
and he hopped right into my arms.  (into my pocketbook, really)

...havin' ourselves some more of those
and if they ever stop making them,
I don't know what we'll do...

we feel really mistreated if we don't have them at least once a month...
hahhaaa...ain't life grand !!

...and, see, I also have a cute little colander filled with TEA BAGS.

I even have 

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  1. Wish I could drop in for coffee! Have a great day. Sally

  2. Love your pretty coffee bar! I love the teabags in the colander...great idea!

  3. Lovely coffee bar,
    Greeting from Belgium "with a diner in Blue Sky Mons"
    with "Monday Blue", "Skywatch Friday "

  4. OMGosh BJ ... I never believed I was much of a coffee lover, made French press everyday for John. W-E-L-L back in Spring my brother Kevin was up for a visit from Palm Beach. He is a neuropsychologist who is a coffee nut!!! So Kevin comes for a visit (not a short comment) and is speaking in glowing terms of his Nespresso machine and he's making his coffees in my failing Kerig telling me I need to upgrade. So long story short ... My brother likes to break the ice with his patients making them a cappuccino or espresso from his Nespresso which for humor comments " Hello my name is Kevin and I'm a coffee-holic and friend to Juan Valdez".

    So I went and took the expensive leap - purchased a Nespresso Citiz in Platinum with the frothier on the base. Purchased an introductory pod offer - unbelievable coffee, Lungo size Grand Crus ... Suddenly every morning starts with a Cappuccino with not milk but half and half frothed and I will never turn back. Stunningly handsome machine and makes me feel like an Italian Barista every day.

    One thing I absolutely love and admire in your posts is your beautifully appointed photo shoots with your pretty dishes, cups and place settings. So you got me going with this newest love of such a sexy machine that makes the best Cappuccino I've ever had.

    Oh BJ I wish Texas to Philly wasn't so far away to share a cup or two. Your photos in your posts are "chock full" - old coffee commercial reference, of beauty. The bunny lamp? Oh be still my heart - Love it. never been to a Cracker Barrel to eat. I hear they have a unique concept with a store within their restaurant.
    Sending a big hug, you rock with your posts!

  5. Awww, I am so glad you like the mug rug! What a cute coffee corner, and for those of us who LOVE coffee a coffee corner is essential! This little area is so you, and I really like the bunny lamp. Right now I am enjoying hot chai tea, so good and spicy in the fall:>)

  6. Marty thoroughly approved of the rabbit lamp, LOL!

  7. BJ, You have a lovely little coffee corner in your kitchen. I love the black and white set and the rooster cup. It looks like a French cafe. Thank you for visiting my blog. Fall is my favorite time of the year I will be decorating the patio again over the next two weeks. Henry is a all day adventure to go down to Amish country find the perfect pumpkins.

  8. This is so lovely! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I LOVE tea, and have a similar tea corner on a counter (and I did catch those tea bags in that cute little colander.) I think I need a plant now - and a lamp - and a cute little bunny! :)
    Thanks for sharing. It was lovely visiting your coffee bar.

  9. I love that pretty mug rug! I sure need to make a new one soon. We take our coffee serious around here! Now I 'need' a cup! Hugs!

  10. I take my coffee black and hot. Go perfectly with those orange rolls. Have not seen them here or I could have overlooked them.

  11. I'm in love with your mug rug, love that design - might have to pin it and copy! Thanks for sharing, saw your link at Tweak it Tuesday.

  12. Hi bj, those orange cinnamon rolls look great!

  13. Gosh but you're singing my song. (What's that old fable about the Lorelei?)
    Actually, your mention of having a dedicated 'coffee corner' is giving me ideas. But top of the list is finding an adorable colander for my K-cups!

  14. I like your coffee corner BJ. We aren't coffee drinkers and my coffee maker was a wedding gift to us 37 years ago that gets used when we have guests. :) However, we do like tea and sweets.

  15. You have quite the cozy setup. Nice photographs.

  16. We love our coffee here, too!!!! I have a coffee trolley with all the fixin's on it. Louis Dean drinks truck driver coffee. MAkes my eyes water when I pour him a cup! I drink gourmet coffee on the weak side with plenty of creamer!!! We have TWO pots! He has a big black one and I have a small red one. WHAT would life be without COFFEE!!!! I shudder at the thought!

  17. Hmmm......isn't just about everything better with Baileys? Cute coffee bar!

  18. Oh, that is sooo cute! I just would dearly love to drop in for coffee.... You have such style! Love the little colander with tea bags! I drink a coffee and a tea at least a day! Love it!

  19. Hi bj, I too love my coffee. Mr Donut House is my fave. (K cups) Your photos are always brilliant and I mean it. We do have coffee central too. This morning bill made my coffee while I try to get unpacked from our trip to Fl. We were there for two Gator football weekends. We stayed with our daughter Christina. Her oldest son is a sophomore at UF and he is in the Gator marching band. He is an honor student as well. We have a granddaughter there too, also an honor student. (I get in some bragging whenever I can.) HA!

    I commented on the grill master too, What a guy. I also saw the photos of the necklace. You are both beautiful and I adore the two photos together. Guess I am as caught up as I have time for.
    Love you much,

  20. I love your coffer corner . . , Inviting, warm, colorful and those cinnamon rolls would cinch the moment for me!

  21. I made me a smile above seeing I typed coffer instead of coffee . . .

  22. I like going to cracker barrel just for the little store, The guy who thought of the idea was a genius.

  23. Everything looks so wonderful at your cottage! Love your bunny lamp and the plant/pot is beautiful.

  24. Really like the idea of a coffee corner. Your bunny lamp is adorable. Oh heck your whole post is wonderful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  25. really nice; have a good Tuesday

    much love...

  26. I so agree with your coffee sign! I just love the coffee bar too, especially the Baileys --yum! :)

  27. I'm a coffee lover and enjoy your coffee corner.

  28. I chuckled right out loud at the comment that you didn't have buying a lamp in mind at all when you went into Cracker Barrel. That's exactly what happens to me at the place. I get sucked into the whimsy of it very easily.

  29. Adorable little coffe nook you have created! I wish my kitchen counters were big enough to accomodate that!

  30. Really cute coffee bar, BJ. I am in love with your little French pot and plant, and the bunny lamp. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the sweet comment. I love your blog and am now a follower. xxx ~ Nancy @ A Joyful Cottage

  31. Some sweet pictures with lovely designs and beautiful atmosphere!

  32. bj- you sure know how to live, girlfriend.

    Love your new coffee station - convenient and pretty? You nailed it, per usual! Hugs!

  33. ALL so cute / my favorite is that hand made mug rug! :)


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