Saturday, August 9, 2014

And, the

Hi, ya'll...

Do you eat soup in the hot summertime ?

We don't, too often, but every now and then, even in hot weather,
I crave a good

 So, when we got hungry for soup this week,
I used a package of frozen ITALIAN VEGGIES.

added a can of ROTEL TOMATOES...
beef stock...
salt, pepper and spices.

I don't know about ya'll but we HAVE to have


NO sugar...

but Sour Cream along with the other ingredients that make a good Southern Cornbread.

And, I don't know about ya'll, but WE have to have
when we have cornbread....
Is it just a southern thang ???

Oh, and fresh PECOS,TEXAS 

Pecos, Texas grows the sweetest and juiciest  cantaloupes on this planet.
Yes, ma'am !!

Just a good, old country dinner.


THE WINNER of the beautiful RAMSIGN house numbers sign is

I'd love it if you would go by to see Lynne...
and please tell her bj said hey.

"Congratulations, Lynne. I hope you will really enjoy the sign of your choice."

 LYNNE,  here's how it works...
I will email TEZZ of RAMSIGN. COM
and give her your name and email address.

She, in turn, will contact you for all the info needed to make YOUR sign.
It generally takes awhile before you will receive your sign as they are
a large company and make LOTS of custom signs.  Be patient. :)

My thanks to EVERYONE who left comments on this giveaway.
It was very successful and both RAMSIGN and I are very pleased.


  1. Hi,
    Soup looking good and yes.. green onions have great taste :)

  2. Veggie soup sounds good, as does the corn bread! Congrats to the winner, I'm sure she's thrilled:@)

  3. You are making me hungry (especially the cornbread!)

  4. I have been making a few soups recently..
    Chicken Noodle soup, Taco soup and Salmon soup.

    Congratulations to Lynne..enjoy the sign :)

  5. Good morning bj, Don't faint I am back and trying to catch up with my dearest blogging friends. I have missed you so much. I have been back for about a month but there was so much going on with grands etc. I haven't had time to visit. Finally a Pink Saturday that is quiet without company. I thought! Our daughter who lives about 3 hours away just called and is coming for the weekend. We are thrilled of course.

    We LOVE soup and yours looks delicious. We do eat a lot of soup in the winter. My cornbread has sugar in it like the Yankee way. We call it Johnny cake. My parents were Yankees but they raised us in the South. We also drink unsweet tea to the horror of many of our friends. HA! However, I do like the Southern way of making cornbread as well. Sour cream added sounds so good.

    It is so great to be saying hello this morning.

  6. Vegetable Soup looks yummy . . . and thanks again for drawing my name to be the Sign Winner . . .
    I will take pictures and post when it arrives . . .

  7. YUM to the country dinner and congrats to the lucky winner:) Have a really blessed weekend dear B.J. HUGS!

  8. Congratulating Lynne - she's a sweet one! I like soup in the summer too - yours looks good :-)

  9. How ironic, yes we're suppose to be in the middle of summer up here too. But has been rainy and humid...however we too had hamburger vegetable soup yesterday! It tasted oh, so good! Congrats to your winner!


  10. oh, that's awesome! love lynne and her irish garden house with her beautiful garden of trees, plants, ferns, blooms! yay for her!!!

  11. how about crab soup ~ yummo!! I love soups all year. Have a great weekend.

  12. Congratulations Lynn, enjoy your sig! Yumm that soup looked so delicious!

  13. Congrats to your winner! Have a beautiful weekend my friend! Hugs!

  14. Congratulations to the winner of the sign. Your soup and cornbread look delicious. I like my cornbread either way with or without sugar( I would use a sugar substitute.) Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. I am craving cantaloupe and any other fruit...

    Congrats to your winner Lynne!

  16. Lynne, congratulations! And, BJ, thank you for hosting this giveaway (even though I didn't win!). That's a lovely lunch. When a cantaloupe is so sweet and perfect, you don't need any other dessert.

  17. I'm not much of a soup person

  18. Hello bj! Yes, we do enjoy soup in the good ole hot summertime. It might be strange but probably since I grew up dirt poor soup was a good way to feed a large family summer or not and I didn't make the distinction that soup was for a particular time of year. Your soup and extras along with it would suit my fancy. Have a great weekend.

  19. We love homemade soups and stews here too bj. Usually I make vegetable soup once every summer with fresh veggies. Love the cornbread too and melons are a favorite always. Your soup is giving me an answer to the age old question “what’s for dinner”. Congratulations to Lynn for winning the gorgeous sign!

  20. How nice it would be to have a really good cantaloupe. Soup and cornbread, something I love together.

  21. Big congrats to Lynn!
    I'm a real 'seasonal eater', too, Seems soups and stews n' chili taste lots better after that first sweet COLD snap. That said, we just tried the new Rudy's Texas BBQ - and couldn't resist the green chili stew w/ Rotel tomatoes! I was sure surprised they didn't offer cornbread. (Well, that and fried okra ... another subject for another day!)

  22. Yes we do enjoy soup in the summer, but I make homemade cold soups. Like sweet peas with mint and creme Fraîche or watercress and one of my favorites gazpacho ... seriously though anytime is a great time to enjoy soup ;-) I love crab bisque in the summer with French sherry and cream. Gosh now you got me going... I love soup!
    Congrats to Lynn for her win.

  23. Your soup looks so good bj ... summer time or not ... nothing better with soup than cornbread. I need to make some like you do ... not sweet like Jiffy, but we love the ease of boxed Jiffy. Looking forward to some Pecos cantaloupe. So happy for Lynn that she won the nice sign.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  24. Well, I missed the giveaway, as always, a day late and a buck short! HOWSOME EVER just about the neatest woman ever won it and I am delighted! DE lighted!!! I've already been to visit my friend today.. :) now I must go back and congratulate her! always make the most deeelicious looking food! the heck are you, bj??? Big hugs,

  25. It's so funny you say that...I'm heading to the grocery store this morning to buy stuff to make chili. Even though you're not "supposed to" eat chili in hot weather, I miss it!

  26. Congrats to the lucky winner!

  27. Well, I'm hungry now! I love homemade vegetable soup- and cornbread, YUM! Congrats to the winner of your contest- and have a great Sunday!

  28. You c an have the cantelope. LOL. But I'll eat the rest up! Looks like a feast. I love soup anytime! Thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for coming by my edited Daisy post! She is a great subject. Most of the time!
    Have a good week,

  29. Looks like a yummy country supper.

  30. The foods you make always sound so delicious, BJ! Yes, we do have soup sometimes, even during our hot summers, and we like having cornbread with it!


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