Friday, May 23, 2014


Know what this photo is of....???

thankfulness !

happiness !   

joyfulness !   ♥ 

WETNESS  !!      ♥♥♥♥ !!!

Yes sir ree bob....
we are getting a bit of RAIN....!!!

AND that photo above is rain hitting the water in the swimming pool....

♪♪ Raindrops keep fallin' on my head.....♫♫♪

I can't get away from our windows, watching the rain fall so so softly...
and the dining room and kitchen is where we have the most windows

that's where I've been all morning.

 I baked Mr. Sweet's favorite...


This time, I'd found this Beef Smoked Sausage in the market and,'s sooo good...
or, at least WE really like it....even better than those little Smokies...

...these are very large so I just cut them in chunks and wrapped the crescent rolls around them.

We like to dip them in mustard..
Mr. Sweet likes the Brown Spicy Mustard while I like the regular French Mustard...

and, I've been known to dip mine in

Speaking of PRESERVES.....

I had several emails asking if cherry preserves
had many whole cherries in it...

YES, MA'AM....I must say SMUCKERS
is loaded with cherries....whole...and some halves....and LOTS OF TASTE !!

I would never endorse any other brand other than SMUCKER'S.... and that's a fact. :)

....there's 3 BIG ONES
 in that one little bit of
goodness..... beautiful is THAT !!

Taking a turn to

One of my favorite plants is ENGLISH IVY...

and the plant that son and family gave me last year has done sooo well in
this bright dining room that I wanted some more....

I bought 3 little pots of it and will transplant them today, while it's raining....
(not that rain has any thing to do with repotting plants...I just like saying RAIN...:)

 Yep, I'll cut this 
Folgers Coffee container down a bit,
punch a few drainage holes and fill it full of 
and it will work for awhile....

(I think I heard someone say, 
"I thought she only drinks
I also like FOLGERS Breakfast Blend occasionally....:)


OOO, NOOO...the SUN is coming out...
booo hooo
I wanted it to rain the rest of the day, on into the night.

BUT....I am thankful for every drop HE sends us...

XOXO, bj


  1. Love that you love the rain. The picture of your Daughter and her family is such a great and happy picture. I love stickers too. It's made in Ohio. I love their commercials. Hope you get more rain. Xxx

  2. i'm hoping that rain comes east to us soon. and maybe more will come back for you!

  3. It sounds like you haven't had any rain for a glad you are getting some. I LOVE to watch it rain too :) And I thought of you today in the grocery store as I was looking at the jams and jellies. I was at our local Walmart and they didn't have Smucker's Cherry Preserves but I did see the cherry Polaner All Fruit. I will keep looking...the pics of it here look SO yummy! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  4. well I am so glad you got some rain, simple pleasures!! Those pigs in a blanket look sooo goo but the cherry preserves have my name all over them, yummo!


  5. Oh I hope another gray cloud finds its way to your place. Good to know that it was a gentle rain. Rain really does look nice at your place. (It is getting pretty old at mine.)

  6. Glad you at least were blessed with a little rain. We are still in need so badly. Loved seeing your daughter and family. You are something else. Just take anything and turn into a grand and tasty treat.

  7. BJ, the rain moved on this way. We had a nice shower late this afternoon. I was out grocery shopping, and it was steadily coming down. Yipee! Hope we get more this Memorial Day Weekend. I'd be happy if it rains on our picnic. Ha!
    Thanks for sending it this way…………Happy Weekend!

  8. You wouldn't have liked the rain we got early yesterday morning with the lightening, wind and hail. It came through fast. I hate the lightening. I don't mind the nice easy rains. Smuckers is the best jelly whether regular or sugar free. I have enjoyed catching up with you and seeing what you have been doing. Take care and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  9. So happy that you are getting rain! We had so much last summer, I would have been happy to import it to you in Texas!

  10. We had a strange storm today we three quick but powerful rainfalls

  11. Oh Joy! We just got some rain as well. It was wonderful. I was outside painting some wood clothespins for my inside patio clothesline, when something hit my was water..I looked up and the sun was shining beautifully..but there were a few clouds and with in a few minutes it turned dark and began to rain. I love rain like you do. Rainy days are my favorites I think.
    I have never made those "Pigs in a blanket" and I don't know why not. Such a simple thing to make..
    My favorite mustard is Grey Poupon. Is that how you spell it.
    Gorgeous photo's bj. As for my style will never change. Just old fashioned..and not getting any younger.

  12. I love rain too and was praying that we would get some the last couple of days, but no rain. If we would get some I would dance in the back yard in my nightgown, but I am afraid we won't be getting any until November.
    Love pigs in a blanket ... yum

  13. I LOVE rain and am so happy for YOU!!! I can see you in my mind's eye doing a happy rain dance!!
    English ivy is my favorite!!

  14. We have so much rain in the winter that we pray for a spot of blue sky, but as soon as summer comes this island dries up in a matter of under a week and we begin to pray for rain again. I truly understand your joy in seeing the rain come down. I don't think there's a nicer night's sleep than the one on a rainy night.

  15. An occasional rainy day is a pleasant thing. It poured rain here this morning, which will help slow down the drying up of our Island that Pondside referred to. This afternoon was sunny and warm again, so no complaints.

  16. As happy and joyful as you are about rain that's exactly how I felt because it finally STOPPED raining here. Funny, isn't it?

    I laughed out loud at the eyeballs "seeing" the big cherry in the preserves. You are such a fun goofus!

    Have a fun and safe holiday weekend. Hugs.

  17. So happy you got a little rain. Predicted here, but nothing yet. Maybe tomorrow. The three-inches we got several weeks ago sure helped. Those little pigs in a blanket look so good.
    Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  18. "Rain is a good THANG":) I am happy you got to enjoy some raindrops! Loving that ivy! One of my faves! Have a blessed and beautiful weekend dear B.J.! HUGS!

  19. Yay for the rain! I know in Texas you are grateful for those drops of rain for sure. Love English Ivy, when I return from moving Mom I think I might get some for my apt. Hugs to you!!


  20. I love Smuckers preserves too!

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend!

  21. No wonder every time I drop by your blog I get hungry! Send some of that rain over here to NE Texas girlfriend.

  22. So glad to hear that you got some rain. The pigs in a blanket look so good. Enjoy and have a blessed weekend. Madeline

  23. Living in Oregon, I know how much the rain means to you! We have had a drier-than-usual year - but we've still had enough! I'd love to stop by and do a rain dance with you and taste those little piggies in their blankets. I have to find me some Smucker's Cherry Jam!

  24. Glad y'all got some much needed rain.
    Love pigs in the blanket - have not had them in a long time. Make note: put ingredients on shopping list. :D
    Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Weekend!

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  26. So glad you all are getting rain. My mother lives in Amarillo, and she was just giddy telling me how wonderful the rain sounded. That area needs rain so much!

  27. I love rain! The jam looks yummy. I love cherry jam or preserves, and I will have to look for it. Enjoy your weekend. xoxo

  28. Dear bj, please send your rain our way! Not even June and we already need showers forr the flowers! Nothing like the fragrance after it rains. I'm sitting here wih my morning coffee and see your delicious biscuits and cherry jam. Oh my how I wish I had one! Ivy is found throughout my home, I think is is so pretty. My momma's favorite plant too........
    Happy Memorial Day!

  29. BJ, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you're back to make me smile with every post, honest. You also make me go SHOPPING!! I now have Smuckers Cherry Preserves on my grocery list. Did you know they are located in Ohio?

    I also want to try to find those yummy looking smoked sausages. I know my DH would ♥ them as much as yours does.

    I've never made such "pigs in a blanket" like that. Around here, if you say "pigs in a blanket" you get the seasoned beef/rice mixture, rolled in cabbage & cooking in a tomato broth (we prefer V8).

    I'm glad you're getting rain...ours finally stopped! My sister's grass was so high, they could not cut it with the heavy riding mower.
    I hope you have a blessed & thoughtful Memorial Day weekend.



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