Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Apple Fritter Bread Love...:)

Hi, everyone...

I hope you are having nice weather where you live.

We've  had lots of wind and sand....
Please pray for rain for all the dryness.

Come summertime, the winds usually die down ....we are in such a drought...need rain so much.

 I've posted about this amazing 
APPLE FRITTER BREAD from WALMART (of all places) before.

It is sooo good.

(I won that amazing CUTTING BOARD about 2 years ago on a blog that,
I'm ashamed to say, I can't remember the name of....
I sure do love it, too.

You might want to pick up a few loaves of this tasty bread to have during the holidays
 for guests breakfasts...
great served with orange juice, hot coffee and fruits of all kinds.

 I generally sprinkle a little more cinnamon
on each slice...after I butter it.

 (some of you might remember that I found this darling, POTTERY BARN
set in a thrift store last year.....
I danced so hard up to the cash register, I was totally out of breath...:)
and, yes, I got very strange looks....:)


 after I slice off what Mr. Sweet and I want for breakfast,

I love a jello fruit cup with my toasted Apple Fritter bread....
sooo good.


OCTOBER was Breast Cancer Awareness Month
but we should think about it all year long...
and pray for all victims of all kinds of cancer.

Prayers saved Mr. Sweet 4 times when he had cancers....
I know, FIRST HAND, that prayers WORK.
Thanks for joining me in prayer for cures of ALL cancer.

xo bj


  1. This is a good pray for others! I'm so happy to see you here tonight! I've missed you my friend! Hugs, Diane

  2. I am going to get some of that bread when I go shopping this weekend. Thanks for the tip.
    I know all about the drought - as we are in the same boat here in So CA. Our weather is 90+ and looks like it will be that way until Sunday. I dread the thought of how high groceries are going to go.
    Glad to see you are posting again - missed your great posts.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I haven't been able to find that bread anymore at my Walmart

  4. The bread looks and sounds delicious. Prayers!!!! xo

  5. I bet that bread would be delicious if you did it up French Toast style! I am going to have to find a loaf of that and give it a try!


  6. Your toast looks delicious but I can't imagine it with jello. I'll take your word for it because you always have yummy food. :)

    Always praying for someone who has cancer...always. Praying the wisdom of doctors and scientists who help us through when we need it.

  7. Amen! Prayer does work. Keep my sis Ann in your prayers. She to is fighting cancer.
    Heading to Walmart for some of that delicious looking bread!
    God bless.

  8. Thanks for sharing your secret toast source. Looks delicious! I have been loving raisin bread and cranberry orange jelly with my little slices of smoked turkey and white cheddar??? Sounds awful, but it's my new favorite. Glad to see your blog again!

  9. This looks absolutely divine!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. I wish I could share some of my excessive rain with you!

  11. My father passed away from lung cancer, I do hope that it will one day be cured.

    Though I figure it might actually be through nanomachines. The technology is here already but still in it's early stages. If perfected they could (because they're so small) find all the corrupted cells in a body and destroy them before they spread.

  12. Such a nice post, bj. I love that bread and I know you wrote about it before. Is till have not picked any up. Hope you had a really great day- xo Diana

  13. BJ, no one describes food better than you! This makes me want to run right out to find a loaf of this bread - or a great big apple fritter!

  14. I think I am going to look for some of that Apple Fritter Bread next time I make a Walmart run. It looks so delicious!

  15. Looks good and I bet it taste yummy. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I need to remember to get some of this bread for Mom and I to share! Love your Pottery Barn set~~I would have danced my way up to the check out also!!! So good to see you blogging again, I've missed you. Thanks for reminding others to pray for cancer victims. I just found out a good blogging friend has breast cancer so lots of prayers are needed for her! She is a real life friend also so when I get home I will be sure to see her!
    hugs, Linda

  17. Yum - sounds good! Have not been to WM in some time, but will try to remember to look for it next trip.

  18. I don't know if they have that bread at my closest WalMart, but I'm sure gonna look! I love my homemade apple bread, too, when I'm not too lazy to dice up the apples. Pathetic, isn't it? I'm gettin' lazy in my old age.
    It's good to see your post! I'll be praying for rain for you guys. Wish I could send you some of ours. We need warmer weather and sunshine back! Hopefully it'll be here tomorrow.

  19. Gosh, I hope to wander the bakery section when I next visit Wal*Mart. I think I need some of that bread!

  20. The knowledge that we can pray is a blessing and comfort that all can share.

    BJ, that looks so good. I am going to ask my son to check his WalMart. Thanks for the tip.

  21. Glad to see you back online, BJ.

  22. I have just got to remember to check for that bread at our Walmart. It looks so delicious. (And I agree about not limiting our cancer prayers and cares to a month a year.

  23. Hi bj ... good to see you back. Hope everything is going good now. The bread looks delicious. I do not shop WalMart very often, but hope I remember to look for it. Prayers are so important and hope someday for a cure.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  24. Yay! You're back! That bread looks so good, I love warm bread with butter and cinnamon! I had no idea Mr. Sweet had struggled with cancer! Prayer does work!

  25. I actually said "Thank God!" when I saw your comment! I had you on my favorites list on AOL but am now using Google. I cannot jump from there to AOL for some reason..I was about to go search on Facebook again.
    Howard just came from Walmart. I wish I had read this before he went. Is it in the cold case? I am going tomorrow and see if I can find it.
    It's just so good to see you! Not blogging much lately..but I'm trying to get back on track.
    Everyone is well in your family? I hope so.
    I am off to figure out how to get you new blog on my sidebar..or something. Have I miss pictures of your finished and settled new home? I am off to backtrack and see.
    big hugs to you, bj! I've missed you!!

  26. Not only cancer...but science and prayers can help in so many ways for everything!!!! mouth is watering for some bread like this for my breakfast 'bout now.


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xo bj