Friday, January 3, 2014

Bits 'n Bobs around the Summer House

Hello Everyone...
here we are starting out with a brand new year...

I started this beautiful JANUARY day off with a cast iron skillet full of homemade biscuits.

...and, as always, I made ONE LITTLE one...

just like my mom always made for me.

2014 is going to be filled with the BEST memories of our lives...and we are all going to make a
LOT MORE MEMORIES to add to those in the past.

I'm excited ...!!!

After breakfast, I brought out my new calendar that is going to inspire me EVERY month...

"Choose joy...
it's the preferred method of travel in this universe ! "

...don't you love it..?
meee, too.

Then, I put away all the tubs of Christmas decorations,

dusted all the furniture in the living room....

vacuumed up all the glitter I kept seeing in the carpet...

Lit a few candles to get that yummy fragrance going throughout the house... 

I waxed a few pieces of furniture...

O, yes...I wanted to show you these neat bookends...

I was at Target just before Christmas and these were marked down to $7 for the pair...
They look good holding the western books that Mr. Sweet likes..

he likes those as much as I like my decorating magazines, I guess.

After taking all the Christmas decorations off the mantel,
it looks a little.....well......humdrum.

(I leave my FATHER CHRISTMAS out all year...he's waaay too good-lookin' to
hide away in a closet...)

I will ck on Pinterest and come up with something that looks smashing...
so many talented people over there


I tell you, I just LOVE my two cute pigs....

I smile every single time I go into the living room....

I do love things in a room that brings a smile.....

When we first moved here, I had the movers put the faux fireplace in the master bedroom...
I thought it was too country for this more modern house.

Then, at Christmas, I needed a place to hang stockings and a mantel to decorate
Mr. Sweet and I moved the fireplace into the living room.

Everyone that came in liked it so much in that room that we decided to leave it.

 We are so comfortable in this pretty house...
we love it and love being so close to family.

We still plan to paint the gold another color on the walls but not sure WHEN...
we have been in a constant RUSH since moving in November,
Thanksgiving right on top of the move...
then Christmas in December...
we both need time to catch our breath.

We are enjoying the new place just the way it is for now....

 and I think this black and white tile on a SINGER base table
that Mr. Sweet made for me would look good ANYwhere.
I still am totally in love with it and my black chairs.

We use it for games....eating....paying bills....drawing out more projects...
for most anything.

Changing the subject here but I wanted to share the following with you:

My sweet, sweet blogging friend, LV, sent me this darling birthday card...
and the CD....

I haven't been able to listen to it yet, but will do so this afternoon.

LV is such an inspiration to all her friends...80+, bloggin' to a 100,
and refusing to grow old...she is just going to "grow up".
hahhhaaa....I'm with YOU, my friend.

"Thank you so much, LV....I  am so blessed to have you for a friend."
love, bj


  1. The fireplace looks great in the room. Love your black and white table as well.

  2. Happy New Year, BJness! I love your fireplace in the your living room. Looks like it was supposed to be there. I just love your sweet summer house and you have it looking so pretty. Your little piggy picture is adorable too. I'm so glad you're so happy and so close to your family. I would be jealous if I didn't love you so! ;) Here's to another year of blogging.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet BJ. I love seeing these photos of your new home. Everything looks beautiful.

  4. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday, BJ! Those little piggies are too cute and don't you just love a fireplace you can move around! Would I ever love to have one of those biscuits smothered in butter and jam! Yum! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the weekend.


  5. I absolutely adore that black and white table and chairs BJ, and I think it looks just as fabulous in the new house as it did in the old one. It's beginning to look a lot like you now that you have a place for everything. Just beautiful!

  6. Your new home looks so warm & welcoming, BJ. I love all your table & chairs and the fireplace looks wonderful in the living room. Perfect place for it!

  7. Happy New Year BJ. I got already to send you a Christmas card and then realized I did not have your new address!!! Oh well, perhaps next year.

    God bless.

  8. I think the gold would be smashing painted white, everything would pop in there especially your black and the new place...your gonna love it, and those fun pigs will be in hog heaven...hehehehe

  9. BJ, your new home is so pretty. I know you are thrilled to be settled and to have enjoyed the holidays in this new place. Tell Mr. Sweet that table is fabulous! '-)
    Happy, Happy, my friend……..

  10. stopping by from Pink Saturday ... honestly after reading everything you did today I am EXHAUSTED ! your home is lovely and I hope you have many many happy years there.

  11. Love your pretty, cleaned up house! Beautiful, cheerful, and fun.... Hmmmm... Just like you, my dear!

  12. You have so many talents. You have done an excellent job on your home. Love it a all, especially the kitchen where all the good eats are. Glad you had a nice birthday and received my little gift. Not much but thought it would give you a happy face. Looking froward to visiting with you now and then on blog.

  13. BJ, I am so happy that you are settling into your new lovely home. I love the fireplace in the living room too. I took your side poll, but my favorite guy is Pierce Bronson...I settled for Denzel...he is a cutie.

  14. You have made your new home look beautiful BJ! I love all of the black and white!

  15. Love your fireplace there! I am still trying to downsize and figure out how I want my new home to look. You seem to have figured so much of it out already! Hugs!!

  16. Your home looks wonderful. Yes, you deserve time to just relax. Fun gift from your blogging buddy. She sounds like an inspiration!

  17. It all looks so wonderful, bj. What a blessing to be in your beautiful new home for Christmas. I love your fireplace there- it is perfect. You have done a great job making that house your home.

    I just found LV a bit ago. She is an AMAZING woman. Young at heart and such a good soul. Love what she sent you-xo Diana

  18. Your home looks very welcoming BJ! I agree with you, there will be plenty of time to paint... Those porkers would make me smile too and I love that fun calender, great advice:@)

  19. I love your new home, it has your personality already:) Great fireplace, love it that you can move it around! Enjoy your day dear friend, BIG HUGS from Chilly Georgia!

  20. Your new home is taking on your personal charm! It looks very nice! Best wishes to you all in this new year!

  21. Love what you have done with your new home. The fireplace looks great in the living room. Rest and get your second breath. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Your home looks so inviting! And I am seriously in love with those deer bookends!!!

  23. Oh... bj .... Loving how pretty your house is looking. I know you enjoy working everything in to suit your comfort. Love the fireplace where it is and you will have a lot of fun decorating it for the seasons. Your black and white is looking great in this house. I have a metal singer sewing machine base ... so maybe I can make a table.
    Audrey Z.

  24. BJ - I DO love your calendar inspiration! Happy New Year.


  25. I like the fireplace in the living room! And those deer bookends you got a steal of a deal!

  26. Oh those pigs - they ARE so adorable. And what a grand fireplace. I LOVE your black and white check table - are there the right amount of squares to play chess and checkers on? That would be so much fun. My grandkids would love that. We almost bought a table years ago with a smaller checker/chess board painted on it for just that reason. I still wish I'd bought it! :) Have a great new year with such a grand attitude. I'm with you - I choose God's joy always! :)

  27. Happy New Year dear Lady! You rock, and I hope to have half as much energy as you do this year. XO

  28. Happy 2014 and a belated happy birthday!
    14 deg here last night! Looong way till Spring!
    Your house looks great!

  29. Doesn't it feel good to get the Christmas packed away, and vacuum up all the glitter (who are we kidding? we never get it all!). Your home is very warm, I look forward to how it changes and evolves over time as you continue to settle in.

    I'd like to invite you to a new link party, called Happy Tuesday. We're sharing anything that makes us happy - we want to spread good vibes and positivity throughout blogland. You can find out more info at the link below. I hope you'll come and join us!


  30. Oh, I love your new are so gifted, and can decorate beautifully! I too would leave your fireplace right there, it looks wonderful! Especially with your him! Guess I could go on and on!

    Lucky you having your Christmas decor put away for another year! We hope to pack ours away this week!


  31. I'm impressed that all of your Christmas decor is away. Ours is still a work in progress. Love those bookends.

    Great to have you celebrating the New Year at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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