Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Glimpse of my New Year's Eve Birthday

We woke up hungry for


but then I remembered how some smart blogger put HER cinnamon rolls in her waffle maker...
What could be better than

 ..while the waffle maker did it's thing...
I fried up the last of the Christmas Eve ham...

When you put that ORANGE ICING on those
Cinnamon Roll Waffles, it's like the SUN comes out and shines sooo bright....

So we had our great birthday breakfast and then got ready to go watch our twin granddaughters play in a BASKETBALL GAME....

...and don't 'cha know...
I HAD to wear my new black BOOTS....:)

Bailey and Andrea....

it was an awesome game but our girls lost by ONE POINT.....:(

 Cate and her Grandma Kathy.....

Then it was back to the house for
pizza, salad, birthday cake and ice cream.

Mr. Sweet found these PAPA MURPHY
 $5.00 PIZZAS....and they were so thin, we couldn't believe it....

HUGE mistake and we won't be buying their SPECIALS again...

They DO have delicious pizzas....the thicker crust, more ingredients......

A few of the family here...

by the time the rest of the family arrived, I forgot to take more photos.

Our girl, STACY LEIGH...
and our boy, DAVID KEITH

I love it when I can get a photo of them together....

our beautiful Deeds.....

always with a big, sweet smile...

Photos not great but Cate's Granddad put the headphones on Cate
and she was jammin' out....

(thanks, Dave and Kathy)

OH BOY.....

 I do believe this is my new favorite ICE CREAM...

It is wonderful...

especially if you love PEPPERMINT
as much as I do.

Thanks, Stac.....

I had to show you these two cute cards.....

 Many thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes...

Thrifty Thursday (cheap pizza)
Vintage Thingy Thurs...(I am now 76....the epitome of VINTAGE)
Time Travel (I must have climbed  into a TIME TRAVELING MACHINE to reach THIS age)
Full Plate Thurs. (my plate was TOTALLY full of BIRTHDAY CAKE)
Thurs. Favorite Things  (being with my family ...MY FAVORITE THING)
Open House....( my house is ALWAYS open to my family and friends)
Home and Garden ( Home is where my Heart is...)
Share Your Cup  (MY cup overflows with blessings)


I hope you have a 



  1. the ice cream and cake looks delicious! glad you had a great family day - even if the pizzas were wafer-thin. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a fun filled family day. Love peppermint ice cream!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Happy New Year's Day! J loves peppermint, so we will try it. xo

  4. Happy Birthday, BJ! You look fabulous! Party on...

  5. Happy Birthday! Your cake and peppermint ice cream look "oh, so yummy!" I love peppermint ice cream too!

    Happy New Years !

  6. BJ you look great in your sweater and boots! I'm so glad you had a Happy Birthday. :)

    We've been eating lots of peppermint ice cream too. My stores have had Blue Bell on sale lately and we've bought lots of it. Time to stop now though...

  7. Happy Birthday BJ. You look beautiful!

  8. Sounds like you got older in style. However, age is just a number to us. I refuse to get old, just growing up. Glad you had a nice, special day with family and friends. It looked like the cake was a few candles short tho. Depp said he was sorry he missed you party but his schedule just did not fit in.

  9. Happy (belated) birthday, BJ!
    ... I'm so anxious to become vintage, too. (No kidding!) Excepting "stuff" I can't control, seems every year's been getting better since 60 ... or maybe, I'm growing more comfortable in my own skin.

    Yours is a beautiful family!

  10. Well, first off- You look just beautiful, bj..and no one would EVER guess your age in a million years. You are such an inspiration to all of us that are coming up behind you age-wise!

    Love the family photos- and hope your New Year is bright and beautiful and filled with all things wonderful- xo Diana

  11. You look like a million bucks!! You wear 76 so well! Looks like it was a fun way to celebrate your special day - lucky you!!

  12. Happy Birthday BJ, We never think about our age, but we sure do enjoy watching those grandkids and I think it helps keep us young. I would love to try your peppermint ice cream. It looked like you had a wonderful day. Enjoy seeing your family pictures and trying to catch up with my friends while it is bitter cold outside and snowing again. Have a wonderful New Year. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  13. Belated Happy Birthday, BJ. Looks like you were celebrated with a lot of love! Your family is beautiful.

  14. Looks like you had a great day BJ! Lovin' your boots and that first card is hilarious! Happy B-Day:@)

  15. Happy Belated Birthday BJ. Sounds like you had a wonderful Bday. That cake and ice cream look yummy.

  16. I sounds wonderful! (Well, all but the scrawny pizzas.) Still, the cake and peppermint ice cream surely made up for it. My daughter (Miss Whimsy) adores peppermint. I need to get her to try that one. Usually, she stick to chocolate mint. (Blue Bell makes the best).

    And I'm loving the boots. I got a pair for my birthday this year too. I love them! Haven't had a new pair in years. Really.

  17. Looks like an exciting party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! We celebrated an anniversary over the holidays and it seems like anything but CHRISTmas gets sort of lost in the mix. LOL After CHRISTmas when the kids were little we were always broke so we never REALLY celebrated our anniversary and I guess we just sort of got used to treating it like any other day. This year, will be our 35th, so maybe we should do something for a change.

  18. You had a great birthday. I hope you get to celebrate a lot more with your lovely family. Wishing you all the best in this new year. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. Looks like you had a FABulous birthday and you look FABulous, too! Wishing you many more wonderful birthdays and a FABulous 2014!!

  20. Looks like a great birthday celebration ... nothing better than being with family. Love your new look with the black boots. You look great and happy. Wish you many more happy birthdays.
    May 2014 be the best ever year.
    Audrey Z.

  21. Girl, you make 76 look "quite hot"!!!♥♥♥

  22. You look fabulous BJ! It looks like you had another wonderful Birthday full of fun times with family and good food:>)

  23. BJ, wishing you a Happy Birthday (just a bit late). You look fabulous!!!!
    Peppermint ice cream is a favorite for me. Since it's only available at Christmas, I sometimes make my own. Vanilla ice cream with crushed peppermint. Yummy!
    All the best for the new year, my friend.

  24. Happy Birthday girl. You look fabulous! The twins are cuties. I love watching family participate in sports. Win or lose it's just family fun! The ice cream sounds yummy and I am so trying those waffles!

  25. A slightly belated, but no less sincere "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" wish to the sassiest blogger I know! You sure don't look 76. You look FABULOUS!!! In fact, you look very thin...all that work & stress of moving, I bet.
    Lovely birthday celebration...may you have many, many more, BJ.

    p.s. We've been enjoying peppermint ice cream almost every night since Christmas Eve. Yum!!

  26. Looks, like you had a great day!! Thanks for stopping over at my blog!

  27. Happy Birthday, you cute thing! You sure look gorgeous in your new boots! What a fun day for you, bj, from breakfast to peppermint ice cream. My son that's living with me has a NYE birthday, too. I had Blue Bell peppermint ice cream for him, too. Goodness, is it ever good with hot fudge sauce on top.

  28. Happy Birthday, BJ!
    You look simply smashing in your new boots! I was surprised with a pair for Christmas, and am feeling so stylish these days!

  29. Happy Birthday! You look wonderful! Love how your cake looked! Peppermint ice cream is just wonderful!

  30. Happy belated birthday, bj! You look fantastic and you have been blessed with such a wonderful family. Happy and healthy 2014!

  31. Hi BJ!!! Your birthday celebration looks to have been a fantastic day all around!!!
    My sister by the way has a birthday on the 31st of December.

    Happy new year to you also.

    And by the way, I just went out on IE to see if your comment form opened from your blog...and all I got was a blank page!! But of course I use Firefox faithfully, other bloggers use IE.

  32. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great celebration!! Happy Vintage Thingie Thursday!

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  34. BJ,
    Sorry...keyboarding in the dark while "Mr.Ed" sleeps = multiple errors.
    Take two:
    You're one classy Lady, indeed!!!
    YOU look amazing...and those boots are quite stylist, dear friend!!!
    Glad you enJOYed the love of family gathered around your table for your celebration!!!
    Here's to another amazing year in your life!!!

  35. Beautiful lady, whatever the age:) Looks like you had the perfect time with the family! Have a blessed New Year! BIG HUGS!

  36. Happy Birthday B.J.!
    You are looking so fine on your birthday, and just look at that breakfast. We just did the same thing with some of our left over ham and I wish I had know about your special waffles. We are going to just love these little waffles made like that. Thanks so much for bringing this awesome recipe to Full Plate Thursday today and have a great weekend!
    Miz Helen

  37. Happy belated Birthday!!! Looks like it was a wonderful peppermint kind of day! Happy New Year. I hope that 2014 brings you time to breath and enjoy. : )

  38. What a wonderful birthday celebration, It was our grandson's birthday too. Happy birthday my friend, I hope you get your birthday wish. Thank you for sharing and joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I am leaving some hugs on your sweet blog


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