Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Biscuit and A Flower

I get a little bit tickled every single time I open a can of BISCUITS... 

I think it was about 1951 when my mama bought the first CAN of BISCUITS.

(I THINK these canned biscuits were invented in 1930....which makes them 

She always told me to "turn the biscuits so that that round indention won't show"...
Did she think other people would think THESE biscuits were........gulp......homemade....????

Surely not ! ...but she sure didn't want that CAN mark showing....

Mr. Sweet and I happen to LIKE canned biscuits.....

O...not nearly as much as we like

but.....there's nothing wrong with baking up a batch can of biscuits.

and, I am a little weird in the fact that

I think a biscuit is PRETTY....!!

I mean....a faux flour flower...
a "sorta faux" biscuit...
and a big ole jar of beautiful SMUCKER'S CHERRY PERSERVES...

P.R.E.T.T.Y.  !!!!

...I understand if you think "the light's on but no one's home...."

and....not only do I think a biscuit is pretty....

I can't bring myself to throw away many
SMUCKER'S jars because of that adorable red and white plaid LID.

tell me this photo isn't PRETTY....!!

is a better word  than PRETTY.....??



 XOXO, bj
festive fri fiesta   (not sure she still has this party going...but go see her anyway..:0)


  1. A perfect breakfast for me. I see you like your bacon the way I do. Well done and crisp.

  2. Oh- That looks absolutely wonderful, bj. I don't make many canned biscuits but we like them when I do. Your breakfast looks DELICIOUS! xo Diana

  3. Yes, it is pretty! Mr. Jim can make scratch biscuits, but if it is left up to me, the popping-fresh little dough boy does the work for me. I've always like the thwack sound of hitting the side of the can on the counter, LOL.

  4. I saw some canned biscuits at the grocery store with blueberries in them? Have you tried them? Yes, your biscuits are beautiful. Sally

  5. I remember when my mother started buying canned biscuits instead of making them from scratch. I liked them better but I never told her. :) I like the convenience and buy them once in a while. You and I think alike about the Smucker's lids!

  6. Canned biscuits are just fine . Your photos are great I really like the one of the biscuits and preserves. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  7. You are so cute, BJ. I've never thought about the can mark showing. I usually make Bisquick biscuits. They are really easy and delicious.

  8. I love Grands biscuits and cherry preserves!

  9. My goodness....where do you keep all the empty jars and what do you use them for....cuz, I have thrown a lot of them away....I love that brand!!

  10. Oh my goodness it’s almost bedtime and you’ve make he hungry for any kind of biscuits! Looks delicious.......

  11. Pretty and delicious! That would be a good desert for one of our upcoming cold, snowy evenings. When my little dog sees me get a biscuit roll out of the refrigerator, he keeps a close eye on me and that container. He can never tell exactly what it is going to take to make the can pop open.-- sometimes as soon as you peel off the paper, sometimes when I hit it on the table edge, or sometimes I have to pry into it with some utensil. Fuzzy pup paces around and waits nervously for the "Pop". He worries about me and "explosive" food containers I guess.

  12. I used to love those biscuits when my mom would make them. I love the frozen biscuits I buy at the market. I am the only one who likes biscuits so it is nice that I can just take out one and bake it. But, I have to fit into my ski pants next week so no flour for me. It has been 2 weeks since I had any bread - oh, I miss it. But, I can tell things are fitting better.

  13. Looks yummy to me... and for some reason I'm craving bacon now:@)

  14. Now you've got me wanting biscuits and jam! Those look so good!

  15. Love me a biscuit anytime, yours look yummy.
    Visiting from Common Ground.

  16. BJ,
    My beloved Mother~in~law made "yeast raised" biscuits...delicious!!!
    My MoMa made "from scratch" biscuits!!! YuMMy!!!
    Me, I make "Bisquick" biscuits...tasty!!!
    I seldom have canned biscuits.
    However, when I worked in a Pre~School / Daycare...we had canned biscuits often.
    Only the director made the highest, lightest canned biscuits EVER!!!
    She shared her secret with me...
    she had to put so~o~o many in the pan that she squeezed them tightly together.
    They can't spread out, so they PUFF UP!!! I so~o~o loved them that if I do make
    canned biscuits...I squeeze them in tight!!!
    LOVED your breakfast photos!!!

  17. Love your posts! My husband likes canned biscuits because they get crunchy on the outside (if you leave space between them). I grew up on homemade biscuits. We did use biscuits for other cooking: toppings for meat pie, dumplin's, donuts, and fried pies. I love the red gingham too! Wonder how long it has been used to trap homemakers into purchases? I know I had the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook with red gingham on the cover when I married! Thanks for the fun post!

  18. My mom made these too, quick and easy after a busy day! And they are beautiful and oh so good! I love those jars too!


  19. Pretty is the perfect word. But, you must include yummy, too.

  20. My mother didn't have a problem with canned biscuits so much as spending money on them when she could make her own. I loved those biscuits, but canned were so exotic I grabbed them when visiting others. I still think of them as a treat and not a typical thing. Few bother to make their own, but I do! Thanks to mom, I feel canned is cheating, or a luxury, even if I like em'.

  21. BJ, I had NO IDEA that Smuckers made cherry preserves!! And they are made right here in Ohio, not that far from me, either!!! I MUST try some! Strawberry is my favorite, followed by grape JAM...not jelly, JAM!! DH only want orange marmalade.
    Thanks for opening my eyes when you opened this can! LOL

  22. We love canned buscuits too! A lot! Canned cinnamon rolls are favorites too. All that lovely frosting! My very favorite buscuits that I don't make but buy are KFC's. I would not mind a bit buying those for a dinner if I didn't have the time or inclination to bake them myself. With the canned buscuits and some delicious have more time to enjoy and not all the cleanup, which is the part I really don't like. You have the knack of making everything look so delicious, bj!! Cherry preserves? Really? I'm ON it! :)

  23. BJ, you make me laugh every time!! Only you could have all of blogdom drooling over their keyboards!

  24. No, you are not odd. It's actually pretty. And now, thanks a lot friend, I will be wanting to save the red checked Smuckers jars for some useful purpose. They will probably join all the other jars waiting for a useful purpose, but I'll want to save them anyway.

  25. This reminds me of how my mom would always stir up the canned jellied cranberries at Thanksgiving so the rims of the can wouldn't show! Lol! I love those lids on the Smuckers jars too. I'm going to enjoy following you! Have a great weekend!

  26. No wonder I haven't found you ~ new blog! :) I didn't have a computer for the longest time but now I'm back. Your new blog is so pretty and yes, the biscuits are too! I'm so hungry right now...would love to have some. I love Smucker's products and the plaid lids.


  27. I remember that 'rap' on the edge of the counter! And I love biscuits, too....any of them! I remember cutting a hole in the center and frying them like doughnuts. Makes me hungry just to think of it! Hugs!

  28. bj ... your photos are beautiful and always leave my hungry. Love biscuits but love a crispy bottom and top. Mr. Z. can have the middle. Canned or frozen ... we love the convenience, quickness and less mess in the kitchen.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. Yummy biscuits! and I love Cherry preserves..what a great combo!

  30. I love biscuits! Biscuits with bacon and cherry jam? yes please:>)


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