Monday, November 18, 2013

Difference between REDNECK and CLASSY

Hi, Everyone...

I found this cute little wooden calender a few years ago 
and I've always liked it.....a lot.

I use it on my wicker desk sometimes.....

 Sometimes, I add a little lace under it....

Sometimes, I take it's photo with my red ribboned vintage LOVE LETTERS...

I've always thought it was so cute.....



I saw this ........


Roses and pearls and a beautiful brass antique desk calender
makes me want to toss MINE in the fireplace....

I really loved seeing such a beauty...
and, I'm just teasing....I'd never burn MINE.


  1. Well, I like them BOTH, bj. Hubby's grandmother used to have one of those brass ones. Who knows WHERE that went- xo Diana

  2. no, i really like yours. simple and classic. :)

  3. They're both cute, I'm kinda partial to redneck myself:@)

  4. I have a similar calendar but I always forget to change the date. :-)

  5. Oh yours looks so at home at your house. I love it! I used to have a country one on my teacher's desk at school and the children loved changing the days. Happy little memory...

  6. I like them both, just different... mine is a vintage tin piece that hangs on the wall about 1'x15" with three stacks of cards that are rotated, one set for the months, one for the days of the weeks, and one for the dates. It was from a bank in Tacoma WA that hasn't been around for fifty or sixty years... I love it. My hubby is the one who moved the cards every morning when he gets up...

  7. There's a different style for everyone - yours looks just fine!

  8. I used to have one when I was young like the brass one. It sat on my desk and was given to me by an older neighbor. I wish I had it today. I like both. xo

  9. I like them both. I don't see anything redneckish about yours at all!

  10. Hey, BJ, I happen to really like yours!! And besides, don't toss it in the fireplace because it wouldn't throw much heat. ;-) I say that because we've started burning wood...the long winter you know... But really, I LIKE the one you have. And I've probably thrown out stuff like the second one before anyone ever called it lovely or vintage. :-(( sigh.

  11. Hi bj ... I think your little wooden calendar looks great on your wicker table. Perfect for your style of decorating. Patti's is a nice vintage piece and looks lovely as she has it displayed. That would be a real fun piece to have too.
    Take care.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Love them both! Knowing myself as I do, I would forget to change the date each day!

  13. I like them both! You can toss yours to me instead of into the fireplace, LOL.

  14. I have a desk calendar like the last one in your post but mine has a place to keep paper. Keep them both. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Love them both, what fun. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  16. Hi BJ, nice to meet you! My grandparents ahead a similar brass calandra, fun memories, but I am guessing my rowdy cousins broke that one.

  17. I think they are both so cute! Keep yours!! :) Have a great day!

  18. Just beautiful . I loved both of them actually. Beautiful

  19. Well, I love them both and think they're both very classy!!

  20. Patti and Paula's blog is a feast for the eyes, I tell ya! Your vignette is sweet, too, BJ. It's just a different style!
    You always make me giggle, and you made me smile by linking-up. :D


  21. LOL BJ - that little vintage date changer in the weathered bronze look that you laughed at transported me to my grandmother's house where I would get in trouble all the time because I wanted to play with it - turn the dials and the numbers changed was too cool to this '60's kid. Love them both - but, maybe keep the lace with the former.

  22. BJ,
    You're one classy lady in my mind's eye, dear friend!!!
    Cute post!!!


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