Thursday, November 21, 2013

A blank wall, a new lamp and PUMPKIN BREAD...aka TOTAL RANDOM

 Hi, all...

Please excuse the lack of quality of  photos of this

I need SOMEthing on that blank wall and have NO all.

SOOO, I need your help.

I've never had a large wall over a stairway before.

There's 3 "eyeball" lights to highlight
what I might put there.

I am THINKING of a large, colorful
canvas art....maybe of a French village....

or a beautiful grape vineyard.....

something lightweight as it seems to me that it will be hard to hang anything with stairs beneath your feet....
Son, DAVID, does have one of those ladders that makes a platform, using that will make it much easier.

After Thanksgiving, when you have time, would you let me know what YOU would put there...? Please and Thank you.

I bought that cute black, curvy lamp last month but didn't open it until after we moved.
I discovered the switch was broken and missing parts.
Of COURSE, I couldn't have found my receipt for it if someone tied a million dollar bill to it....

Took it back to WORLD MARKET anyway and they were awesome...
Said go right back there and pick out any lamp you want and we'll let you have it for the $50.00 
you paid for the broken one.

They so happened to have the same lamp, which is what I wanted,
so I got a new, UNbroken one....
and I love it.
...moving right along with this RANDOM post....

It's the time of year to make


and so I did that the other day...

Many, MANY mini muffins......

 I served them to my Bunco Babes...

put some in the freezer....

Into the freezer to keep nice and fresh along with my Cranberry Pecan Bread.

NOW...most of you know I am a SEMI HOMEMADE GIRL...
and if you PROMISE not to tell my sweet friend, MADDY,
I will tell you that THIS Pumpkin Bread mix is BETTER than any "from scratch" pumpkin bread
I've ever made. (Maddy is a much better cook than I...)

This mix IS very very good and makes a large batch for holiday eating.

It even has the creamy icing to drizzle.

MADDY just made her Pumpkin Bread and I am pretty sure her's are FROM SCRATCH...!!
She is freezing it and giving for Christmas lady.

OOO, I can tell it's gonna be a very



  1. BJ,
    Love your lamp, dear friend!!!
    Thank goodness for Customer Service @ World Market!!!
    I agree that wall could use something l a r g e, but sorry that I'm not much help!
    You're going to be out~and~about and you'll find the perfect piece for an amazing solution!!!
    May you have a blessed Thanksgiving in your new home, dear one!!!

  2. BJ, I love all things pumpkin! I will have to try that pumpkin bread. Thank you for the recommendation. That lamp is precious!

  3. glad you were able to do a lamp exchange w/o receipt.

  4. Itr is going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving, bj. Love your pumpkin bread-I have not seen that mix here will have to look for it. Just a thought for you on the stairway. If it is narrow don't hang anything that sticks out very far-it will be bumped every time someone goes up or down. I have had two stairwells similar to that and I purchased a "scene" that went on like wallpaper- yeah- you will need help but it is a one time only thing. Because it was completely FLAT to the wall and the "scene" was one that had depth it made the stairwell feel a LOT wider. Here is a link but there are several places that sell them-including Home Depot from a book. Make sure you order PRE pasted though-and they run sales on them all the time. Just a thought-

  5. Yummy! And I adore the lamp. Very retro and chic! And to put over the stairs? An antique quilt! Having the right ladder is the hardest part, I think, LOL.

  6. Loving that lamp, and yeah world market for being a great customer service company! I love the ideas you have for that wall....

  7. Great lamp! Great store! That's just the kind of customer service that I like to hear about.

    Gosh your stairwell looks remarkably like mine, only better. I use mine as a gallery wall for lots of family photos. I hang a mirror at the bottom because it's a great place to check out hemlines. Inspiring, say what?!

  8. I really like that lamp and I love pumpkin bread. I tried the Libby pumpkin bread kit last year. It is very good.

  9. BJ, your pumpkin muffins look festive and scrumptious. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Love your lamp. Very nice of WM not to give you any hassle. Your muffins look delish.

  11. I really like the lamp. I used that Libby Pumpkin bread mix all the time. I even made it into a Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese frosting and it was so yummy. Better than the one I make from scratch. Muffins look so good also.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. My first thought for your wall would be a gallery wall. The next thing that came to mind would be hanging a pretty quilt.
    I haven't seen the Libby pumpkin bread, I'll have to look for it. The muffins look very tasty!
    Happy Friday to you!

  13. The bread looks yummy! Love the lamp and glad that they made it good! As for the wall, I hung family pictures on the wall going up the stairs. The reader above suggested a quilt, that would be pretty! So many lovely possibilites there!

  14. WOW! The bread looks yummy. I bet the smell is intoxicating. I wish I had some right now with my coffee. I would possibly install a gallery wall of family photos or hang a vintage quilt. xo

  15. Love the lamp and I am so glad the store was able to replace the broken one. Yes BJ I do make my pumpkin breads for scratch a recipe my mother gave me. As for your blank wall a pretty tapestry, pictures of your family or a lovely quilt which ever you think is best. Have a blessed day. Madelline

  16. Love the Lamp! Thanks for recommending the Pumpkin Bread mix, I've seen it in the store but didn't buy it cause I wasn't sure it would be good. Now I'll try it.

  17. Oh My!! I can smell that pumpkin bread all the way to Canada!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Your lamp is exactly the one I would have chosen too. I have used that pumpkin bread mix before and love it too! We had a wall like that once which was in our foyer and we had a light hanging from the ceiling right there. We hung a nice painting of a mountain, Fall trees and a duck flying. It looked perfect on the large, wall. I could also see a gallery of family pictures also.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. I used to make everything home made. It's cheaper and it's good. But, in recent years I bake mostly when the grand kids are here. Out of the box can be just as delicious - and it allows me more time to play. So now, I'm happy to use mixes. The kiddos won't remember or care how I made their meals special. But - if I were always in the kitchen and had no time to play with them, they might remember that. Play time, story time and tea party time are just too important. So - boxes are family friendly. They allow us more family time. I love that.

  20. Love the lamp and glad you got a new unbroken one!! I might think about a photo gallery on that wall with pics of all your wonderful family. Yummy pumpkin muffins, I might have to check out that mix as I'm not a bake from scratch lady at all! Have a wonderful week BJ!

  21. Happy Thanksgiving, BJ! I was surprised to see a stairway - do you have a basement? I didn't think homes in TX usually had basements. By the way, I do love your new home. I love what you're doing to it to make it truly yours, too!

  22. I made pumpkin-banana bread the other day that was soooooo stinkin' good. New to me recipe and it's a keeper!
    If I had a blank wall that big, I'd turn it into a gallery wall of either my flower photographs or my three kiddos. Or maybe a mix of both! :)

  23. Walls are one of my weak areas Bj, (along with vignettes, keeping my mind on what I'm doing for more than 5 minutes, and keeping the house spotless!) so I am clearly no help at all. In fact I have a blank wall above my sofa that I just try not to look at. I don't know what to do there and I'm tired of thinking about it. :>{
    I'm glad to hear of a company that gives good customer service, it is rare as hens teeth anymore. Sadly World Market near us closed a few years ago. :>{
    I think I need one of your pumpkin muffins, can you pass one over?

  24. Gorgeous looking little muffins - who would ever guess that they've been made from a box mix?!


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