Wednesday, August 13, 2014

♥ ♥ ♥ Hearts ♥ ♥ ♥ Thursday

HI, YA'LL....

Some people don't care for HEART shaped items... I happen to love 'em... 

I have a few hearts around Sweet Nothings...

This heart banner is one of my absolute favorite things on the planet.
My adorable and generous blogging friend, 
sent this to me a few years ago.

She incorporated my LOVE OF BLACK AND WHITE and I love it all so much.
"Thank you again, Kathy girl."

This is a little
COUNTRY FRENCH wooden sign a friend made for me ...

I dropped it and  it broke in several places ...might be able to glue it back but....I doubt it.

A crystal heart shaped vintage dish that belonged to my mama.

I love my red, polka dot heart dish...
ESPECIALLY when it's full of something goood to eat.
Yes, I do love HEARTS...

When I was eating chips the other day, I looked down at my plate and lying there...


yep...a beautifully shaped

"...don't eat your heart out...!"


  1. too cute. glad you're linking to guest heart thursday with this. :)

  2. BJ, I love your mom's heart shaped dish. How sweet you have it. xoxo,Susie

  3. Very cute..I love the heart shaped dish- that's pretty.

  4. I remember that heart-shaped banner Kathy made for you! It's nice to see it again. I have a few heart-shaped items around the house. I like them, too.

  5. No one could ever say you did not have heart. I have gained weight just viewing your good eats. You serve everything so fancy. I sometimes just eat out of the post and pans. No, Suzanne is not physical sick, just lost her head over some silly chickens. If you have Facebook, she has been putting it all on there and not having time to blog. I have fussed at her, but maybe she will get back soon.

  6. How fun to find the heart shaped chip! Didn't know about Lauren Bacall, love the pic you put up top, I was a huge Bogie fan growing up:@)

  7. That is the sweetest, BJ. Only you could find a heart shaped potato chip! Amazing!

  8. I don't have a lot of 'heart' but I'm working on it!!

  9. I love hearts too. A chip how neat! Lovely post as usual. My link opens on Tues. and runs all week. Link any day, any Christmas related post! Come and link!

  10. I'm never that lucky all my chips are chip shaped

  11. I've never found a heart-shaped chip, but then I don't usually take time to look at them before I eat them. New perspective!

  12. I especially love the dish that belonged to your Mother. I know you treasure that. Wishing you a wonderful, heart-filled day!

  13. Big smile right now at the way this one ended! I loved that. Count me in as another one who likes heart shaped things. In fact, I decided a few years ago that Valentines in Debbie Land did not have to be red or pink. It was the shape that I liked.

  14. Love your heart dish a treasure from your Mother.

  15. Haha, love the perfect potato chip heart! I am so glad you like the banner too. I have things all through my home that were sent tome by my blog friends and I remember each one as I see them every day. The crystal heart shaped dish is beautiful!

  16. Love it. As kids we used to fight over who got the biggest chip in the bag, and we too would look for shapes!

  17. So cute - I love hearts too! And I want what's on that plate!

  18. Your mothers crystal heart shaped dish is just beautiful. The food in the red with white polka dots dish looks delicious. You know how much I enjoy visiting your blog. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. Love your hearts, BJ, especially the potato chip :) Enjoy your day! Hugs to you!

  20. Fun collection of hearts! That potato chip is awesome!

  21. And I sent you heart shaped measuring spoons. I use mine all the time.

  22. ♥♥♥ Lots and lots of hearts to you from me. ♥♥♥

  23. Hearts always capture my attention! I love your heart banner. I bought the pattern from Kathleen so I can make one - or more. Need to get busy and do that! Thank you for sharing your hearts with us. Always remember to keep a grateful heart, my friend!

  24. CUTE!

    So, did you end up eating it after all?

    I grew up on an island of high cliffs, and the beaches are rocky, but the rocks are rounded because of the waves.....and I remember a sibling found a heart shaped rock and gave it to my Mom. I think it may still be on her grave stone. ♥


  25. A special salty heart just for you bj. For the gal who is ever so sweet, but a little bit salty! lol! Love it!! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Love the garland too.

  26. Good luck to Rick Perry!!

    Hearts are awesome!!


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